January 27, 2018
By nevaeh16 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
nevaeh16 SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Have you ever noticed how some people don’t think twice before criticizing someone else’s personality or character ? Criticism is destructive to relationships. People walk around and talk badly about somebody else’s hair,shoes,clothing,intelligence, and even people cooking.  Critical people were often criticized in early childhood by friends,siblings, or even people you don’t know, at an age when criticism can be especially painful. Many people in the world sometimes hurt themselves when people judge them.

When you throw negative energy at another human being, you are hurting him or her, whether you realize it or not. People think they are better than others because they have the newest Jordan’s or an Iphone 8+. Nobody’s perfect, everybody have their own way of living, and not a lot of people can afford those kind of things.

Criticism isn’t always negative, it’s the way people say it. You can tell rather the criticism is positive or negative by that person expression or body language. Some people may criticise other people cooking, buhh what they don’t realize is that they should be thankful that they have something to eat. A lot of people are going to criticise everything they might not like or see.

Even in school, people will criticism you. Somebody may not be sure about the lesson that’s being taught, and instantly somebody will criticism them and call them names like, stupid, dumb, or and idiot. It’s crazy for other people to sit here and criticise one another because not everybody is born perfect.

Criticism isn’t the best way to try to get a job by always saying mean things about people or you can’t make any friends because nobody would wanna be around you if you just talk about how somebody dresses or how they character is. I prefer myself not to talk bad about people because I know how hard it is to get what you want in life. I’m not perfect myself.

I can relate my peace to Rosa Parks and how she didn’t give up her seat to a white man who was judging her by her skin color.  Nobody should ever have that feeling where’s though they feel unwanted or feels though they are nothing.

The In Conclusion to my peace is, that without criticism I think the world would be great, nobody have to worry about other people judging them. Or worry about what other people think of them.

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