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What About Earth?

March 13, 2011
By boklenhle GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
boklenhle GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
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For those of us who bother to watch the news or listen to our parents; you know a lot about global warming and how we are destroying our planet. America is roughly 5% of the world's population. But, did you know that while we are only 5% of the entirre world's population, we use 25% of the world's energy? We obviously don't care about what's happening.
America depends A LOT on foreign nations. For gas and oil, and other various things. As many experts have said, gas prices will be up to $5.00 per gallon by this summer. That's really bad news for those of us who are driving. But, this is because we depend so much on eastern countries.
Did you know we can prevent those prices with so many different solutions? We have the first and probably worst solution, to use the oil we have IN OUR OWN COUNTRY. We have, (according to expert's estimations), nearly five billion barrels of oil IN our borders!! So then why are wasting of time buying it from other countries? Experts say that this oil, that lies under the Rocky Mountains, in Montana, and up into Canada, could completely replace our dependance on other countries. But, that would only lower our gas prices, it would still cause global warming and we would still be toast.
There are other options, of course. We could use natural, renewable resources, such as wind, and solar engery. There are so many other options for our gas prices. Why do we have to suffer?
But, then, the irreverseable damages of global warming that we've already caused won't get fixed, either.
There is no fix it to global warming. It's going to take time. We have to stop doing what we've been doing. Obviously we're doing something wrong. By recycling simple, everyday things we use and mindlessly throw away, we can start doing something about global warming.
Especially those of you who like polar bears and other animals who are facing the same, and very real chance of extinction, should pay attention.
By recycling small things we can even make a difference. Don't throw away your daily newspaper, your tests your teacher just handed back. Is it really that hard to find a recycling box?
There are just so many ways to help the enviroment, to help ourselves. By not stopping global warming we are going to not only cause the extinction of many of our favorite animals; polar bears, tigers, ect., we are also leading ourselves, and future generations to extinction.
Why? Why are we continuously chopping down forests for paper when we've already got it? We need to help ourselves by helping our planet.

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