A Transcedentalist Inquiry

November 27, 2009
Human beings have a tendency to either bustle about or take life at a carefree pace that signifies laziness or some sort of leisurely lifestyle. There is no middle ground when concerning the everyday habits of the general population. Whether it is the need to study, go to work, or run a race, nobody seems to have the time, or even consider their time, frolicking in the gardens or just pausing to enjoy the beautiful spectacles arranged around us, called Nature. At Bear Mountain, for example, everybody was in a speedy sort of mood, as the League meet was taking place, and of course, the primary concern of the time was to do your best, and hopefully place (or merely just obtain a personal record). After the buzz of running around a lake and then up and down a mountain was finished, nobody deemed it to be worth his or her time to remark, “Hey! Isn’t it just really cool how the water seems to shimmer as the light penetrates into its depths?” Thus, even after a planned event had taken place smoothly, and free time was allowed, no one paused from the hustle to just to take in the exquisiteness displayed each and every one of us.

While I, myself, was running around the lake on the cool down, I was surprised by the antics of the gulls as they flew around in their circles, how the sound of the wind made the trees look as if they were dancing, how different shades of color stood out, how stress free and peaceful the mind could become! Here I stood, surrounded by teens panting, coaches screaming, and teammates yelling encouragement, and yet…only I was able to take in the beauty of the outside world that added to my own beauty, internally? Wow! And then as soon as this activity terminated, there I was, heading back to the hubbub, expecting the expected—the sense of uplifting that came with a meet!

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