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The Symbol of Childhood

April 11, 2010
By heykathy09 BRONZE, Commack, New York
heykathy09 BRONZE, Commack, New York
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I remember when I was younger and every Christmas Eve I would wait up all night, looking out my bedroom window, awaiting Santa Claus’ arrival. This happened every Christmas until one year; I realized Santa was only a made-up character.
About a month before Christmas in the year 2002, I found out that Santa was not real. In class, when we were having a holiday party, I went to go get a coloring page from the front of the room. I could choose from a Christmas tree, teddy bear, snowman, or Santa. I chose Santa and was very excited. I was going to leave him this coloring page along with a note saying thank you. I had my entire page planned out until a friend of mine walked over to me and said, “You’re coloring a Santa picture?” I replied, “Yes, and I am going to give it to him along with a note.” My friend then went into how his big brother told him that Santa was not real. Parents are the ones that buy all the presents and leave them under the tree. I did not believe this for one minute. I asked a few of my other friends and some adults. Some said that he was real, others said he was not. It made sense of how parents could leave the presents under the tree so I stuck to that story for a while. A few days later, when I was shopping with my dad, we went down a Christmas decoration aisle. He grabbed a Santa stuffed animal off the shelf and asked if I wanted it. I looked down and said no, Santa is not real. My dad was speechless for a few minutes until he tried to recover from the sudden Santa denial coming out of an eight year olds mouth. He couldn’t and from then on, I knew for a fact Santa was merely an imaginary figure that all children believe in during Christmas time.
The year I discovered Santa was not real, Christmas did not seem the same. It felt as if I lost a member of my family. I sent letter after letter to Santa every year. I waited up for him at night. I left reindeer food out on my front lawn. And, I made sure he got the largest cookies and the biggest glass of milk. Now that I do not believe in Santa anymore, it is hard to be in the Christmas spirit. Santa was the only thing I looked forward to during the holidays, besides the gifts. I have been asked by younger children if I believe in Santa. I have always replied yes and will continue to reply yes. Santa is a symbol of childhood that will live with me forever.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this piece because the holiday season is now over and I was remembering how much fun I had during this time when I was younger and still believed in Santa.

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on Apr. 21 2010 at 9:49 pm
songofheaven BRONZE, East Amherst, New York
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I used to put out reindeer food and cards to Santa, too. I used to wait up all night, looking skyward in search of his golden sleigh. I'd be deathly quiet, waiting for the slight sound of his bells. I don't even feel like Christmas anymore, when it rolls around. I think it's too bad. I dread the day when I'll have to tell a little expectant face that Santa isn't real!

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