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what media says about drugs and drinking

March 7, 2012
By goth_girl12 BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
goth_girl12 BRONZE, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Lying in a bed in a room that isn’t yours in a place you have only been in for since three that afternoon. My whole body was sore all over the slightest touch was like putting your hand on a hot stove. My thoughts were all mixed up I was having cold sweats I clenched my jaw so tight cause of how much pain I was in withdrawals can be so painful even just lying there made you want to scream. Everything seemed so far and distant like I was in a fog or asleep and though it was quite the softest sound felt like nails on a clack board to me. I felt like just lying there and napping but my body wouldn’t let me sit still my legs even they hurt it felt like I had to move them. There was a knock on the door “groups in five minutes,” said Paige. It was my first group at Libertas in other words rehab.

I had never been more scared in my whole entire life it was like figuring out how to live life all over. Imagine you couldn’t live the way you are now you have to change friends, what you do all day, the way you think most people wouldn’t even know how to it. In the past year 11,618 people ages 16 – 24 have reported being in inpatient treatment facilities says Simon Rogers. Each year the number gets higher. Researches have many ideas as to what could be causing the numbers to keep going up. There looking into how much kids and teens are exposed to these things. It makes you wonder about how much the media has to do with teen drug use and underage drinking.

The media tends to glamorize drug use and drinking. And even to without breaking the law market to teens. One of the reasons the drink Four Lokos were band was because the bright colors and price were believed to marketed toward teens. They had the caffeine of an energy drink and the look of one. Many teens have been reported of almost dyeing due to this deadly caffeine and alcohol mixture. I know this from personal experience ware I chugged to and blacked out and according to my friends stopped breathing for a while. About 5000 underage drinking deaths are reported each year. According to Media Awareness Network we will see 100,000 alcohol commercials by the time we are 18. We see a lot of these during sporting events on TV suck as the Super Bowl, bass ball and things like that. According to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that 81% of adolescents have tried alcohol and 27.8% of that tried it before they were 13. I was at one of my friend’s house once and her dad made her 6 year old sister go in the fridge and get him a beer. It’s crazy about how many advertisements’ we see for alcohol.
Music plays the biggest part on advertising and promoting drinking and drug usage. Rappers like Lil Wayne, Eminem, MGK and Wiz Khalifa are some of the more known rappers to talk about such things. Rap has the highest amount of references out of all types of music to be exact 77% do. They talk about how much fun there having smoking weed and drinking and going to parties. They are basically sending the message if you drink do drugs you can be like me. They make it look like all fun and games. The music industry makes life look like one big party after another and that there’s no consciences. Music tends to go for what people want to hear mainly teens. They see that kids like watching and hearing and warring stuff that has to do with drugs, partying, drinking, sex violence. So there of cores going to give us what we want and make it look as fun as they possibly can.
The truth is that even though it may look like all fun it’s not. May stars have been arrested for drug position, DUIs, and in and out of rehab. The media talks about this you hear about it but you never really hear about it often enough to make you stop and think. Over 55 celebrities have died from drug over does. Also about 15000 – 18000 kids between the ages of 15 and 21 die each year due to alcohol poisoning. The media never really shows us that now do they? You will hear about it on the news but it basically stops there. The media never shows you really the negative effects of drinking or drug use. When I see all the ads on TV and hear all the songs I think it’s only true at that time till you’re sober. They don’t show us hang overs or ditching your friends to go drink or get high how bad you feel once you come down from it all. I know for a fact when I did all that I never expected to end up ware I was. They rarely show us any of that. They show us as much as they are willing to. If we really understood how badly these things affect are lives and the lives of others it might make us think twice. If we think twice we might not drink as much and then they lose money. If no one likes hearing songs about drugs no one’s going to buy music with that in it.
When I heard and seen on TV and in songs how good drinking and doing drugs was I never once expected that it could all get so out of control. I remember sitting in rehab lessoning to the radio and thinking how all the songs made it all sound so fun when the realty it’s not. I skipped class woke up not remembering what happened to me didn’t eat for days and the media says that’s so fun? When I talk to adults about this kind of stuff they said kids were doing it but it wasn’t as out in the open and so excepted as it is now. I remember lessoning to music and thinking how cool all that stuff was and seeing ads and being like this stuff looks so cool. Now I still look at the ads look at the songs and like them but I can also determine what’s fake and what’s not.

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