Are You a Bully?

December 13, 2017
By Lily Clemmer-Gillum BRONZE, Modesto, California
Lily Clemmer-Gillum BRONZE, Modesto, California
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Are you a bully? Bullying isn’t just physical torment but also mental degrading is another form. Everyday I witness people being bullied and teased but do nothing about it. The only thing that can change that are people from our own generation.


One day I was walking through the hallways of my high school and one of my close friends, “Jessica”, ran past me to hug another girl in my class, “Ella”, who had been in Hawaii for a week. The rest of my friend group hates “Ella” so naturally they were furious at “Jessica” for even speaking to her let alone hugging her.


“Jessica” was shamed for two weeks by the rest of my friends. She told me that every night she would cry herself to sleep and she didn’t even want to wake up in the morning. My friends would call her a snake and tell her she was fake and didn’t belong. They would patronize her for having friends other than them and would ignore her when she was trying to talk to them.


Eventually my friends got over what she did and they started talking to her like she was a real human again. After the whole incident, “Jessica” hasn’t been the same. She has been more distant and  has stopped sitting with our friend group.


“Jessica” should not have had to go through what she went through. People could have helped her but she had to go through it alone because our friends are the most popular people in the class so everyone follows every word they say.


This article proves that mental bullying is just as cruel as physical bullying and can be just as harmful. It also proves that when people say things, they hurt and even if you don’t mean everything you say, they can have a big impact on someone else. You should always watch the things you say so you don’t offend anyone or make them hurt and do something that will make you regret saying anything to them in the first place.

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