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Why Shouldn't Homosexuals be Allowed to Marry?

July 16, 2013
By boklenhle GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
boklenhle GOLD, North Platte, Nebraska
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There's absolutely no reason gay people shouldn't allowed to be married. The only thing holding back the law from being passed is religion.
Because the Christian God says that two people of the same gender shouldn't sleep together, being gay has become taboo. But last I checked, The United States of America supports separation of church and state.
And, if you're Christian, think about this, you believe they're going to hell, well so are people who cheat. Does their going to hell change your life in any way? No. Is it your problem? No. So let them go to hell. It's their decision. Stop trying to rule other people's lives.
If you think that I'm wrong and this isn't the only reason, riddle me this: why do you care? How does their marriage, their happiness, have anything to do with you? Is it polluting the environment? Is it giving you cancer? No.
It doesn't effect you. So tell me, why do you care what they do in the bedroom? You can't stop them from dating, you can't stop them from kissing. Marriage is basically the same thing, except their finances are combined. If churches don't let them get married, then so what? But the legal standpoint is important. It's proven that married couples make more individually than they did when they were single.
Are you against it because you think it's gross, or unnatural? If it were unnatural they wouldn't be able to do it. It doesn't harm their health in any way. So you think it's gross? I can just about bet you money that they think straights are gross.
This is just an equal rights issue. Can I just remind you this country was founded for freedom and equal rights. So what's changed? Suddenly our entire standpoint on the issue has twisted into something completely different, just because a few over-dedicated religious nuts threw a hissy fit.
Their marriage doesn't hurt anybody. Oh, does it destroy the sanctity of marriage? Homosexuals didn't destroy the sanctity of marriage, heterosexuals did. Think I'm wrong? Oh, sure, you probably think Brittany Spears's 55 hour marriage was real sacred.
Homosexuals should be able to get married, it does not harm anyone, and it's just a simple matter of equal rights, which seems to be an ongoing battle for the U.S.

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