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I Believe

March 25, 2009
By graciela torres BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
graciela torres BRONZE, Palm Desert, California
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I Believe

I believe tolerance can be a reality, but do you believe what i believe, do you think that many people not just in America, but all around the world are going to change their thoughts to make my opinion a fact? During the holocaust 6 millions of Jewish people were killed, in America there has been many terrorist acts that have killed thousands of people and yesterday, today and tomorrow the number of people killed by intolerance has and can increase. People naturally good at heart. with current general education and the strong powerful sense of forgiveness we can do this!

First of all, "In spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart" is the phrase that Anne Frank wrote. During her, her family and other people were hiding in the secret annex, she would write in a diary were the phrase was taken from which i think is a way to show that even though they had to hide or else they would be killed in concentration camp, she thought that Hitler and other Germans were still good at hearts, as in what i think she referred to. People in school, their work and other places get along with other people no matter what raze or believe they have is a way to proof that they are naturally good at heart and also help me make my opinion a fact in one way. Being naturally good at heart is something not that you should be but should believe if you agree with the point that tolerant can be a reality in today’s society.

Secondly, current general education, something that not everybody has but can and should learn is a great way to be tolerant like in the hatred video called "Truth about Hate". In this video teens from a High School that don’t get along, that feel like if they were surrounded and about to get tackled, a way that no body should be feeling, are offered to meet. They except, first start learning about each other, then they start to get along better now that they know a bit more about each other, they learn about their different cultures, what they eat, how they dress, what type of church do they go to, what they do at church, Finally in this video they meet more of their families and at the end be friends. Then they meet the next day they meet with their old friends and with the new one and talk about what they learned. also that they could of been like really good friends and notice that they could of been tolerant to each other sense the beginning.

Finally, when you say sorry, forgive someone or any other thing that is familiar, you are showing that you like other millions of people have THE POWER OF FORGIVENESS. Like Goldie and George Jacoby, no matter what happen in their life because of the racism of Hitler they don’t walk around somewhere saying stuff about people that they know, that were involved with Hitler. They said that no matter what happen they didn’t regret them because even though they past threw many things and pain they learned the true meaning of life.

In conclusion, if you think that people are going to change to make what i believe true your wrong, but us that are naturally good at heart have to try, learn, help and teach with our current general education how to be tolerant and have the power of forgiveness to everybody no matter what color or raze they are and that’s why I believe that tolerance can be a reality in today’s society. Being naturally good of heart like Anne Frank, current education to learn how good it is to learn about how to be tolerant and the power of forgiveness like Goldie and George Jacoby forgave the Germans and forgot all about what happen even though it still is in their present are many arguments of how tolerant can be a reality.

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