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June 22, 2010
By h3yth3r3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
h3yth3r3 BRONZE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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What do you see when you turn on the radio news station, or most news channels on your TV? Do you usually on a daily basis hear or see things happening around the world, important things that many people don't ever pay attention to?
Do most of you say no? I thought so.

What do you hear and see? Do you know a guy crashed his motorcycle on the high way or another person stole from a bank and that person is going to jail for a few years? Or maybe some gang shot up a few people or gang raped a girl? How about what sports teams won in the world cup, super bowl, etc? Oh and my favorite: Do you hear about the few familiar faces we all call stars and celebrities? Did you hear that some star is having a baby and is calling it blanket? Yeah? Isn't that interesting to hear?

It probably is to the many thoughtless americans here in America. Do you honestly think that people in America give a damn about what's happening outside our borders or even outside of our homes? I don't think so and it's pitiful. I love the movie Hotel Rwanda because they say something very true about America: "I think that when people turn on their TVs and see this footage, they'll say, "Oh my God, that's horrible," and then they'll go back to eating their dinners." Do you know how true that is about the wealthy countries around the globe, especially America? 100% true. No one has the guts to call up their government and say "We should get in there and help those people!" No, because they know that their government will laugh in their face or they just don't care. America's government being the biggest, most greedy of them all would do just that.

Yeah, the U.S. goes in and helps countries when we want to or usually when we want money or a certain resource that's being disrupted because of a countries problem(s). Yeah, that's when we go in and help because we're greedy. That's all we are is greedy. And yes, you'll probably start and argument about how we helped Haiti and Chile. Now, I know that I'm not the government... oh wait, I pretty much am since we are a democracy, right? And since we are a democracy we have a say on what we do with our military, right? Wrong. I bet you that we only went into those countries to keep a good rep. Why? Because we are failing as a country in every way possible. Isn't it pitiful? Yes it is indeed.

We hear that we fixed the oil disruption in Iraq and everyone cheers because we can now buy cheap gas for our cars because we're lazy and we don't care about the earth we live on.

We hear and see the good things that America does and we feel glad to be in our country and we say "We're number one!." But then I think to myself, what's the catch behind it all?

Isn't it weird how we all were told that Japan was going to attack us so we went and used our new toys called Atomic bombs on them? Then after our "victory" we found out that really Japan was going to surrender and we used our atomic bombs as an experiment on those innocent civilians like they were lab rats?

Or how about when we thought that Iran (correct me if I am mistaken about the country) had WMD's hidden so we had someone go in their for a few years and find no evidence of WMD's, but then Bush decided to switch it around and tell the people of america that there was WMD's and that they were going to use them on us so we went into that country and started a war that wasn't necessary what so ever? And we killed many innocent people as we still are doing so today.

Isn't it wonderful how our leaders and media keep things from us? Are we really free if we really don't know what's really going on? I don't think so.

Now tell me about America's media. Am I right? Am I right about you and most americans? Am I right that it is a pitiful sight? Am I right that they keep the bad things from us because they don't want us to rebel against them and get rid of the fat, greedy disgusting pigs we call our government? Enlighten me.

The author's comments:
This is something I wrote for a current event essay for history class, and my history teacher loved it so I figured I'd put it up.

I was inspired by what I was learning throughout the year about our country and the things that go on around the world. I hope people understand and start rising up. I hope that my generation of teens can change our WORLD for the better.

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