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Should NATO, the US and the EU get involved in the Ukraine-Russia war?

April 21, 2022
By ktwitty SILVER, Tirana, Other
ktwitty SILVER, Tirana, Other
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Recently, we have seen Russia invade into Ukraine, hoping to regain the territory they once had in 1991. February 24, 2022 was a horrific day, Putin had claimed to have sent a “special military operation” into Ukraine. This was not the case as he launched missiles and set up an estimated 130,000 troops surrounding Ukraine. There are many controversies about whether the US, NATO or other countries should get involved. I believe that these countries should continue to help by providing supplies rather than having their military join the fight.  

The US congress banned any trade with Russia, other countries are following the example. Many flights traveling to Russia have been suspended, and sanctions have been created. Sanctions applied by the European Union, US, UK and Canada have banned SWIFT, communication connecting financial systems. Japan has removed transactions with Russia’s bank.  Russia is feeling these economic plunges as their “stocks and currency tanked”.  Along with that, several companies have been with drawled from Russia including McDonald’s, Apple, Nike, H&M, Ford, FedEx, and many more. President Joe Biden states, “As we squeeze Russian’s access to finance and technology for strategic sectors of its economy and degrade its industrial capacity for years to come”.  Other countries are also assisting, for example, South Korea has sent military equipment to Ukraine soldiers worth around $800,000. Biden approved the US State Department to send $350 million in aid to Ukraine.  

Putin has continued to make numerous threats to other countries considering getting involved. Putin states, “The emergence of such threats represents a ‘red line’ for us, I hope that it will not get to that and common sense and responsibility for their own countries and the global community will eventually prevail”.  To continue, Putin is refusing a no-fly zone over Ukraine, this would prevent the Russians from air striking Kyiv citizens. More threats are made to NATO’s involvement in creating a nuclear war. Putin suggests that any sort of involvement would lead to a world conflict and punishment. We have seen Putin’s ruthless actions and orders; countless innocent lives have been taken away. Ukraine’s President Zelensky has remained a strong leader by remaining and fighting for his country. He has continued to show bravery and encouraged his people to pick up arms and fight for their country.   

The US and supporting countries of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have been in close contact, they have deliberated their efforts and future assistance. Many controversies have arisen of NATO helping Ukraine, arguments talk about the many lives lost, the infrastructure destroyed and the citizen's fear. I believe that many countries are assisting in the war the best they possibly can. Physically fighting against Russia, would result in a nuclear and possible World War III. Many soldiers would lose their lives in this battle, many people feel this could be prevented. Linda Thomas Greenfield, the US Ambassador to the UN, states that “We're not going to put American troops in danger”, this prevents any close contact with Russia. The risk of creating a nuclear war is being avoided and precautions are in place for any events.  

Russia has committed numerous murders and broken several international laws, including the targeting of civilians. The UN has shared that as of March 15th, at least 726 civilians' lives were lost, of that, 53 being children. Russian soldiers have continued by marking buildings with symbols indicating whether they needed to be attacked. The Donetsk Regional Theatre of Drama housed several hundred civilians, Ukraine citizens marked it with the words ‘Children’ in Russian. They had hopes that it wouldn’t be attacked, yet it was later air striked by Russian forces, breaking yet another war crime of a planned attack on a mass civilian gathering. People are appalled at the actions of Russia and the continuous casualties they bypass. A vote was made at the UN Human Rights Council to kick Russia out, this implies how serious they are about the invasion of Ukraine. “The resolution to strip Russia of its seat on the Human Rights Council passed with 93 votes in favor, 24 against and 58 abstentions”. The UN has shown immense concerns about this war and the wellbeing of society.  

All in all, safety is a priority and main concern of NATO, The UN and countries like the US. They have chosen not to physically get involved to avoid a larger war and to protect soldiers' lives. Sanctions, trade, business and contact have been limited with Russia to show that their actions are inhumane and unjustified. The UN has also contributed by kicking Russia off the Security Council and by providing supplies to Ukraine forces. This is a better way to get involved rather than risking the loss of more lives.  

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