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The Inauguration

January 20, 2009
By Taylor Rogers BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
Taylor Rogers BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
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It was one of those moments I knew I’d reflect on at a later date. I sit on my living room couch, watching the inauguration and speech of my country’s new president. Every part of me feels blessed to see this exciting moment take place. Being able to witness such a memorable event makes me in some way feel a part of it. I didn’t vote for Barack Obama. Because my morals and ideals are so ingrained in my mind and heart, I knew I couldn’t turn my back on them. But I have to admit, listening to him speak is like hearing your very favorite song for the first time. It’s like achieving some sort of impossible dream. You feel proud, inspired, and peaceful. My generation has grasped on to Barack Obama, and won’t let go. His message of hope, change, defeating the enemy, and gathering strength to tackle our deeply rooted problems has inspired a new faith and excitement in our government and in politics in general. I have had little interest in politics until the recent election, and some will call me hypocritical, some will say I am jumping on some sort of revolutionary bandwagon, but what do I care? This man is my president now, and I am happy to support him. I just want to celebrate with my generation and all others who are standing behind him. I’ll pray that President Obama gives his 100% effort to following through on his promises. Though, something tells me he will.

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