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Teens should vote.

May 3, 2009
By KAR1994 BRONZE, Rumford ME, Maine
KAR1994 BRONZE, Rumford ME, Maine
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In my opinion, I think that teenagers should be able to vote. We have to deal with whatever president the "people" vote on. Aren't we the people too? Some teens can giv some good points onto why someone would be a good president. I don't think it is fair that we can't vote but most of us are mature enough to vote. That is just my opinion though. You can disagree if you wish.

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Kate D. said...
on Feb. 9 2011 at 4:24 pm
My opinion is that teenagers shouldn't be allow to vote, until the age of 18, for a president and things like that, because some are mature and immature teens, and we cannot separate them in the two groups. That would be a kind of discrimination, wouldn't it? But, youth can plead for changes, to give ideas, and make their parents and other adults to react in the way they should, to make them be youth supporters. Young people are the strongest and the most fearless, so they can do anything they imagine if they just agree. Teens should organise their own 'team' and work together against bad regimes and every bad issues which can endanger their future!

on May. 22 2009 at 9:36 pm
Travis Larson BRONZE, Bedford, Texas
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I absolutely agree that teenagers should be allowed to vote. But, you must agree, we don't want people that aren't mature enough (not saying that all teenagers are immature, but some are) voting in a presidential election, but here's how I see it, look at all the famous figures in history, most of them became amazing in there youth. If politicians up at Congress are going use their time on anything, instead of trying to constitute ridiculous legislation, they should create a program that calls for the minimum voting age lowered down to at most sixteen, what would be more appropriate is fourteen. Trust me, the teens who don't want to vote are the ones who are immature, so why even worry about it? You make an excellent point!