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Fast Food: Heartattack on a Bun

January 1, 2012
By manda315 SILVER, Voorhees, New Jersey
manda315 SILVER, Voorhees, New Jersey
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When I learned that many people eat fast food just because of depression and it hurt. People mustn’t eat fast food if they are sad or lonely. People must only eat food if they become hungry. Not many people know that others eat food for guilt. Yes, the world of fast food is horrible for your body. Some people could get into a deep depression. Many people eat fast food for the following reasons: they seem to eat for happiness or guilt, they eat fast food so they don’t have to cook, and therefore they gain a lot of weight.

Many people wonder why others eat fast food for guilt. If someone is eating fast food for a certain reason, that person could hurt himself or herself by eating a lot. Fast food restaurants have, unhealthy foods, which are bad for your health. There are about 40% of people eating a large amount of food everyday. In addition, many people die of eating that much food. Furthermore, we must encourage people to stop eating fast food. We must help people who have gotten into a depression and help them out of the depression. “Why would people do this to themselves, waste thousands of dollars and not cook?”

Many times, people don’t cook and they take family out to eat every single day. People could be wasting over one hundred dollars a month by eating out. In addition, not many people have so much money and, they could go bankrupt. It’s obvious, that if people don't eat fast food, they wouldn’t gain a lot weight. Even though, people think that fast food is flavorsome, it also can be harmful for your health. Naturally, even when people spend a lot of money, they gain more weight.

Therefore, many people can gain over five pounds a week by eating fast food. Indeed, when people gain weight, they also could potentially hurt them. When people gain weight, it is not good for their health. Over fifty people die of gaining a lot weight. Wendy’s fries are an unhealthy, greasy food. If a person gains too much weight, they are not only hurting themselves but others as well. If fast food restaurants stay, more people will get hurt.

Putting it simply, many people will not benefit from eating fast food. People can get hurt or get diseases like diabetes. We need to stop fast food. Too many people eat fast food for the following reasons: they seem to eat for bliss or guilt, so they don’t have to cook or they eat a lot that they gain a lot of weight and could get hurt. Let's stop fast food restaurants. Let's make them have healthier choices. In conclusion, we must encourage fast food restaurants to oblige healthier choices.

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