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July 6, 2010
By RemyAuvers GOLD, Fayette, Ohio
RemyAuvers GOLD, Fayette, Ohio
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To truly believe you are living without regret is to be a great liar. Everybody Regrets. Everybody. Buddha teaches us not to live with a taarrible thing called Regret. To regret is to feel and to feel is to be human. You can not tell your emotions not to be. So we all regret. We are all born perfect then the world changes us and tell us we are not. I regret believing the world for so many years. I am perfect. I am me so I can only be perfect. I regret not seeing my Great Grandmother more before she passed away. I feel more regret then anything. When I'm sad I regret. When I'm angry I regret.I regret now washing my face and getting that pimple. I regret not studing and gettinf a c+ on my grade card.
Regret sucks

The author's comments:
I regret. I hurt. I can't help it.

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