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By Anonymous

   Could someoneplease tell me what this country is coming to? I was watching the few worthwhileshows still on television when I saw a commercial for a new reality show. In thisone, America calls in and votes on which singles should be matched up. What'ssupposed to make it interesting is that the new couple marries even before theysee each other or have one conversation. How can our society take something assacred as wedding vows and turn them into a source of entertainment? How cananyone who takes marriage seriously dial a 1-800 number to help two strangerswalk down the aisle? It's ridiculous!

Now, as if this show weren't badenough, there's "Are You Hot? The Search for America's Sexiest People."That commercial shows a few extremely built men and a full head to toe shot of atiny woman with huge breasts. I can just picture a 13-year-old girl watching thisshow and thinking that is what she should look like. I foresee a rash of eatingdisorders, dieting and consumption of steroids in the future. Don't we haveenough of that already?

What bothers me most about these new"reality" shows is what they really say about our society. If peoplewill sit in front of a television and actually enjoy watching these shows, wheredo we draw the line? There's a great movie out called "Series 7: TheContenders" whose plot is a television series that randomly picks people tokill one another for cash prizes. The reigning champion, a mother-to-be, wins herfreedom if she survives. I'm not saying that reality television will ever go thisfar, but with all the shows that have popped up recently, you can't help wonderjust how shameless our society can get.

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i love this so much!

Ddog said...
on Feb. 26 2012 at 10:51 am
Wow!! I loved this!!!! I so agree with you about these reality shows. They're so studip and ma terrible influence. Keep writing:)