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The Relevance Of Simplicity

April 30, 2022
By NiaRUTO11 BRONZE, Verona, New Jersey
NiaRUTO11 BRONZE, Verona, New Jersey
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The concept, more so, the definition of simplicity, includes the overall perspective of removing and altering the possessive state of a physical or mental product of design. The majority may prefer this minimalistic rendition, however, altercations may erupt, arguing specifically about the lacking of “intricacy” and “immense creativity”, missing from the overall artistic approach of a simplistic solution. Might this be true? Of course, the visual appearance may fail in captivating the observer, ultimately losing meaning and importance in its existence. Yet, simplicity is often analyzed as a tool of effortless utilization, expelling any unnecessary complexities. Despite this argument being formidable, might a similar idea be applied to intellectualism or the abundance of containing information? In all terms, alterations with logical approaches, constructed into a comprehensible subject for the average population, would be considered simplification. Implementation of such understandable claims is beneficial for the educational relevance within society, modernized and suited on behalf of the obsessiveness for simplification. Conclusively, could simplicity be deterring our creative advancements? Or becoming a helpful tool for the ones who have been submerged in an oblivion of ignorance.

The author's comments:

This simple response is a product of my contemplations. I often relate small topics of little importance to the regulations of societal standards, along with my personal opinionated statements on the subject. This particular prompt asks about the importance/existence of simplicity. Morally and physically questioning its vague importance within this unfathomable universe. 

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