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By Anonymous

   It seems that whenever a young teenager becomes pregnant, the first thing people think of is the options. However, no one really researches the adoption option. Young girls automatically rule out adoption because they think, I'm not giving my baby away. But they don't think of their future and what can happen as they raise the child. When someone has a child, their needs must come last, and the child's needs come first. Becoming pregnant and raising a child are selfless acts that take dedication, commitment, and maturity. The mentality of "I carried the baby for nine months, I'm not giving my baby up," is the most selfish. By refusing to give your baby up, you are saying that you don't care about the baby's needs, only your own.

Now, I am not a teen parent and I don't plan to becoming one; however, I feel that adoption should be better publicized. What can possibly be wrong with giving your child to someone who can love it, raise it, and provide for it the way any child deserves? What can be wrong with giving a family a baby that they can't have themselves? The fact that these girls want to keep their babies only displays their immaturity. I am not putting teenage mothers down. I have respect for those who stay in school and have a good head on their shoulders. But, the majority of the time, there is no father in the picture; and even though these girls think they don't need a man, the baby does. Many people may be enraged by my opinions, but it may make them think. Is keeping the baby better for you or the baby? You decide. ?

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i love this so much!

on Nov. 25 2009 at 8:48 am
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I think if a girl decides to keep her baby, its a very respectible act. There are millions of children that have yet to be adopted, all over the country, and the world, why add one to that? If a girl wants her baby that she indeed, carried for nine months, if she has the ability to care for it, more power to her.

Adoption is more difficult then just pen and paper. There's real emotions in it, ones your probably wouldn't, and couldn't understand, until you have a child.