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By Anonymous

   I am a feminist. This has caused numerous debates with my brother, and many shocked stares from males I know. I believe in the abilities of women everywhere to do what they set their minds on. I believe that women aren't possessions, or trophies for men to cart around. I am mortified when I hear of sexual harassment in our schools, in the workplace, anywhere. I demand to be respected, and expect all women to demand the same. Unfortunately, I have noticed that girls often shy away from the word "feminist." I have come to realize that this label isn't something that is held in esteem and respect within certain circles. This word is often seen as a terrible, threatening thing, especially to you guys out there. It often is synonymous with "femi-nazi."

When people hear that I am a feminist they often think I am a radical fanatic man-hater. And other women who have declared themselves feminists, who want things to be fair, are viewed to be malicious extremists who believe that women are superior. Women who are assertive, who go after what they want, who aren't quiet and polite all the time, are often looked down upon. Girls who giggle after everything the opposite sex says, who spend all their time and effort trying to please men, who concern themselves too much with what they look like and what people will think are generally those who are praised and admired by the harsh world.

With so many possibilities, so many things that we can accomplish, why waste time prancing around men trying to get their attention? Why not aim for something better, some loftier goal? I notice too often girls who center their lives around the boys they have a crush on. This endless cycle of laughing and chatting about something so pointless as one phone call from their crush makes me want to puke. I want all you girls out there to notice your potential. There is so much to learn, so many good books to read, so many ways to better yourself. There is no need to be ashamed of wanting things to keep changing, of wanting to stop feeling like an object, of wanting girls to have the freedom to walk through their college campus and not have to worry about being raped. These are things we should all be concerned with, and if we are, this does not make us evil and militant - it makes us conscientious, it means we want things to be fair. I am not a femi-nazi, I am a feminist, and I am proud of that. ?

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i love this so much!

on Dec. 10 2010 at 11:41 am
CourtneyHammett BRONZE, Spartanburg, South Carolina
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I know exactly what you mean. We share the same beliefs, and I commend you for posting this. :) Also, congratulations on getting published!