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   Carpe Diem!

by Melissa H., Littleton, MA Can you picture the day of your death? Most people probably hope to die painlessly at the end of a good life. But, what if when you are old, you realize you haven't lived at all? As Ferris Bueller commented, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it." Can you imagine the regret you'd feel looking back and realizing you'd missed the point? And it was too late? Only by making a conscious decision to taste, smell, hear, see, feel and fully experience every moment can you avoid the life of the average. Live to be extraordinary.

Live to be inspiring, emulated and remembered. Live for memories. Live every day to the fullest. Never get so caught up in life that you don't live. Don't procrastinate, wait or settle for next time. No, it must be this time, now; don't miss it. Reach out quickly and grab a fistful of that intangible stuff that makes it all worth it. Hurry, because you could lose it before you even realize you had it. Why is this ideal something young people have, but adults never seem to attain? Go out and break the mold, grow into an adult who loves living. How many adults who love life do you know? I'll bet you can't think of many. Live today because who knows how long you have? Carpe diem - seize the day. Live today and you'll live forever.

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i love this so much!