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Bush vs. Saddam MAG

By Anonymous

   With all thecriticism against going to war with Iraq without the support of the UnitedNations, why is Bush still sending our troops off? He says he knows something andthat Iraq has been producing weapons of mass destruction, even nuclear. If he hasproof, why has he not shown us? Why not show other nations and convince them tojoin our cause?

It really is quite obvious after a small amount ofthought. The proof that Bush claims to have may or may not be there, but if it isand he shares it, even with other governments, what is to say that anyone willagree with him even then? Those who oppose the war the most will not believe theevidence and say it proves nothing. Even worse would be the compromising ofsecrecy and revealing where that information originates. It could be from aforeign agent within the Iraqi government or from new, secret technology. If Bushsays he has proof, then trust him. He is the president of the most powerfulnation in the world. It is quite likely he has information that the rest of theworld does not.

Although Bush is facing strong opposition, he is stillwilling to do what he believes to be the best course of action. He has not backeddown and still supports his original claim. He is a strong president and is rightfor wanting to rid the world of Saddam Hussein.

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