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Gracie's Locket

June 14, 2011
By ragstoriches BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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ragstoriches BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Author's note: I was searching for new horror books to read on the internet and came across this one book called Bad Girls Don't Die and instantly after reading the summary, I fell in love with the plot.

I lifted a box off the moving van in my skinny light skinned arms. My arms began to shake of the weight and pressure. Travis, my brother, grabbed the box from me. He grunted as always when I acted like I was weak. His had rock abs showed through his gym shirt. His black hair stood straight up in spikes. His grey eyes went cold as always ever since the man left. Not technically left us like married again, but more like suicide. Long story and evidently, we don't have time for the sympathy or empathy. Whatever you want to call it. He's dead, my mom moved on, Travis is pissed, I'm depressed, and Gracie. Well for her she's delusional. It's like she forgot all about her own father who raised for five beautiful years. Now here he comes wanting another box. His stupid blond hair falling in front of his face. His blue eyes sparkled, but made my grey eyes go cold. " Pass me a box." I stared at him and stared at the truck. I continued to do that for five minutes. Finally, he got the hint and took a box himself. It's not that I hate him. It's just he thinks he can just waltz into our lives and try to make us happy. Why doesn't he just stop trying. I'm not buying it and neither is Travis. I crossed my arms over my chest as the wind kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear, brushing my black hair with grey and hot pink streaks. I looked around the small neighborhood hoping to find some cool people to hang out with. Dead wrong. Everyone here is a prep, an airhead, a jock, and a complete whore, and d-bag. I think I'm going to love it here! Sarcasm if you didn't quite catch it. I guess you're just like one of them. Great. I have preps reading about my freakish life. Congrats! Gracie came running out the house laughing and giggling with Eric close behind her. " Stop it, daddy!" I want to slap him so f*ing hard. I glared down at Gracie and she instantly closed her mouth. That will shut her up. Eric cleared his throat. " Gracie and I are going into town to pick up some food for dinner. Want to come?" I searched around for something interesting, but no luck. " Whatever." I got in the passenger seat before Eric could ' help me in'. Gracie sat in the back. " Amy." I rolled my eyes and turned around to face her. She looked so much like mom with her wavy black hair and sparkly silver eyes. However, she had dad's smile and sense of humor and energy. God how I miss him. " Yeah?" " Why don't you like daddy?" I couldn't hold it in anymore. " Because he is not our dad! He's just some dude who thinks he can fix everything!" I flopped back in my seat and flet Eric looking at me. I didn't even bother to look at his sad face. What a complete little boy! I whipped out my phone and began texting my old friend from before I moved, Kay. Hey, Kay. Hey.. sup? Made daddy dearest cry :) Good for u! :) Gotta go tho! Luv u and text u later tonight Kai So much for being there. I decided to dial Chris's number, Kay's cousin. After the second ring he answered. " Hello," he managed to say while eating a Subway sandwich. I know that guy like the back of my hand. " Hey." " Sup with you," he asked rather bored. " Car. Boring. Save. Me." " No. Can. Do. My. Love." I could tell he was winking through his phone. I rolled my eyes as I heard him laugh. " You're no use." Before he could say anything else, I hung up. Freaky Clan Friends are not the type of people to call at 6:00 p.m.

After grabbing dinner, I sat next to Travis to eat. He whipped out his phone and began texting his girlfriend back home. Unlike most of his exes, I actually like Makayla. " Tell her I say hey." He nodded and sent her what I said. " She said she misses you and your sarcastic ways." He scoffed. Sometimes he can get a little jealous of us. " I swear I think she's bi," he joked, " She said that she's always thinking about you and that pink swimsuit. I laughed. Eric sat down across from us and smiled at Travis, but he just glared at him. " Asshole." Mom slapped the back of his head. " Watch your mouth, Travis!" He started laughing like a maniac. " No,' he finally said dramatically. Mom rolled her eyes as Gracie sat next to Eric. I stared down at my cheese burger and looked around the table for ketchup. I spotted it right in front of Eric. I swear sometimes that this world is out to get me. " Pass the ketchup." Eric handed me the ketchup while trying to make eye contact with me. I looked down at my food and smothered my burger in ketchup dreaming it was Eric's blood. Just like Travis, I started maniac diabolical laughing. " What is wrong with you, Amy," asked mom. " Oh nothing. Just day dreaming." " More like day murdering," muttered Travis with an evil smile on his face. " You two living room. Now," shouted mom. Travis and I high-fived each other with Eric close behind. Mom crossed her arms over her chest. " What is your deal with Eric?" " What isn't our deal with Eric," I asked staring up and down at him. " Why can't you two just be happy for me?" " Why should we be happy for you," asked Travis. " He's not our dad, he could never be our dad! He is just some stranger who wants to take over our lives and I 'm not going to have it," shouted Travis, " Dad left me in charge! I was the man of the house and I will always be! Travis on the other hand just comes in and wooes you and Gracie, who by the way spent like five years of her life with dad! She knew him, she loved him, she spent every waking moment with him if it was either cleaning, cooking, fishing, playing football, or helping out the neighborhood!" Travis's face went from white to beaming red. " And he doesn't even help around the house! He just lays there like a f*ing couch potato and believes that he is the king of this f*ing castle," I yelled. " No cursing," shouted mom. " F*** no!" Travis just stood there listening to everything we said. I pointed at him. " Look! He can't even fight his own damn battles! He is a useless piece of trash! He is a boy, mom!" Travis got in my face. " You listen here and you better listen good. I have had it up to here," he lifted his hand to the light, " with your bull. Both of you. I am trying to be nice and let you guys let all your anger out, but you went too far. I suggest you go back in that kitchen and sit in your damn seat and eat your food." Travis shoved him. " Get out of my sister's face! She doesn't have to listen to you!" Eric got in Travis's face. Bad idea, dick head. " Amy, take Gracie upstairs and to bed," mom demanded. I may hate the choices she makes, but she is my mom and I have to respect her. Her. Not Eric. I went to the kitchen and couldn't find her. " Gracie." I heard her weeping form the closet. I opened it and saw tears stained on her outift and her face red and her eyes puffy. " Go away!" She buried her head in her knees. I picked her up and carried her upstairs. I rubbed her head and whispered the lullaby dad used to sing to her. " Gracie is the light of my life. She lights up that night sky. The way she dances makes me sing. Those pretty eyes mean everything to me. Gracie's words are the best. She's the best I had yet. Gracie and Amy are my girls. Travis is the best big brother in the whole wide world." I knew her eys were getting heavy as I kicked open our bedroom door. I laid her down and put on her pink nightgown. I tucked her in and kissed her forehead. " Amy." I looked at her as I pushed back her heair out of her face. " Yes, Gracie?" " Do you think daddy is happy in heaven?" I was so happy that she meant out real dad that I started to cry. " Yeah. I think so. When its our day, we will be with him and smile with him and play with him." Gracie smiled. " Amy." " Yeah?" " I love you." I smiled. " I love you, too." I cracked the door and ran downstairs nd saw Travis standing in font of Eric who was sitting on the couch staring up at Travis. " You don't touch me, you don't touch Amy, you don't touch Gracie, and you don't get in my damn face." Travis walked off and saw me looking at him. He took me by the arm and dragged me to his room. I sat on his bed as he stared into space laying on his bed. I laid back and laid my head on his chest. His heart skipped beats. " I don't know what to do anymore. I want to run away, but I don't want to leave you and Gracie here with that man." He wrapped his arms around me. " We will get through this and through mom's choices together. We just have to prove to her that he is bad news." He kissed my head. " I should go to sleep," I told him. " Yeah. Night, Amy." " Night." I kissed his cheek and tiptoed to Gracie and I's room. I slipped on my black nightgown and got in bed. I drifted into a deep sleep.

" Gracie." " Gracie." " Gracie." Gracie opened her eyes to see a little girl around her age with black eyes staring at her. Her dress was black, but was missing pieces as if she got in a fight. " Who are you," Gracie asked loudly. The girl held a finger to her lips and pointed at Amy. " Who are you," she repeated more quietly. " I can't tell you." " Why not?" " It's a secret. Come with me." The girl waved for Gracie to follow her as she dissappeared through the door. Gracie got out of bed and looked at Amy. Amy laid in her bed still and silent. Gracie put her pillows under her blanket and slipped on her sandals. She quietly opened the door and stared down the hall both ways. The girl appeared to her left motioning for Gracie to follow her. Gracie tip toed past Travis's room with his Hollywood Undead poster on his door. " Gracie. Come on." Gracie followed the girl out the door. She scanned the pitch black night for the girl. " Gracie." Gracie turned her head to see the girl and followed her into the forest. She stood face to face with the girl. She smiled at Gracie. " Let's play Fire." " What's that?' " I start a fire and you have to try not to scream." " Okay." The girl's eyes went white as she began, " Fire, fire. Burn so bright. Burn tonight where I died." Colors of red, orange, and yellow danced before the girls. The fire wrapped around the girl as she began to float. " Fire, fire. God, God. Give me her life. Give me her life." The flames got closer to Gracie as she backed up in panick. " Stop! Stop!" The flames wrapped around the tree trapping Gracie. " FIRE!" I woke up to someone screaming. " Hello," I said quietly trying not to wake anyone up. I looked at Gracie and tiptoed to her bed. " Gracie. Are you okay? Gracie." I threw back her blankets to see her pillows in a line. " TRAVIS!" I heard him bolt from his bed and opened my door. " What is going on? Mila Kunis was just about to give me a bj!" " One: Ew! Two: Gracie is missing!" " What?" " She is missing, Travis!" He botled out my room and threw on his Nikes and headed to mom's room. He slammed open the door and woke up Eric and mom. " What the hell," asked Eric. " You!" Travis jumped on Eric and started choking him. Mom got out and started screaming. " Travis! Travis get off of him!" I heard more screaming. " Shut up," I yelled at my mom. She quickly hushed up and heard someone screaming. " Where's Gracie," she asked. The scream was heard again. " Gracie!" I ran downstairs and opened the door. I looked both ways until I saw flames coming out of the forest. " Gracie!" I ran and ran as my heart started beating out of my chest. I leaped over a branch like a cheetah. I ran like a cheetah with Travis close behind. " Gracie," he shouted. I knocked branches left and right away from my face even though I could see nothing. The flames grew closer and closer. I saw some pink and stared at it. I heard her scream again. I looked up at a child standing on top of the flames getting clser to Gracie. " Gracie!" Both of them looked at me. Gracie's eyes were filled with fear and tears. The child's were filled with anger and fear. When I blinked, the child dissappeared along with the flames. Gracie stood by the tree still screaming. I grabbed her and yanked her into my arms. I hushed her. " Gracie, Gracie. You're okay. It's okay." Gracie sobbed into my nightgown. Travis wrapped his arms around her also. I let her go and he lifted her inot his arms. He carried her back to the house. Once inside, he laid her on my bed as I checked her for burns. " What are you looking for," Travis asked. " Fire burns." " There was no fire." I stood in front of him. " Yes there was. The flames surrounded her and trapped her." Travis laughed. " Breathe, Amy. She was just screaming." Travis kissed my head. " Night." " It's morning, genius." He just rolled his eyes. " Just go back to sleep." He closed my door and I got in my bed next to Gracie. I held her close to me. " Amy." " Yeah?" " You saw the fire?" " Yeah." " Who was the girl," she asked. " I don't know, Gracie. Let's just go to sleep." I sang the lullaby to her until she and I fell asleep.

I woke up and stared around my room. Where is she? Where is the girl? " Searchin for the words to say Trying to find my way to you," my phone sang. I groggily answered it. " What. Do. You. People. Want?" " Now that's no way to speak to your best friend," said Kay. " I'm not in the f*ing mood." " LANGUAGE!" I rolled my eyes. " Hate you." " Love you, too." pulled my phone away from my face as I heard a ding. I stared at my phone alarm for 7:30 a.m. First day of school? Oh hell no! " Kay, I love you and all , but I got to get ready for school." " Boo." " Bye." I hung up before she could say another word. I jumped out of my bed and bolted for the bathroom. Closed. I banged on it. " Travis! Travis!" " What?" " HURRY UP!" " Why should I," he said coldly. " Cuz I said so and you have no hair!" He opened the bathroom door and leaned against the door framed shirtless. His six pack right in front of me. He winked at me in a sexual way. " I'm sexy, my hair is sexy, so don't hate the player, sis. Hate the game." He booty-bumped me on the way top his room. I shoved him. " Stop being such a freak. This is incest!" I felt my body against the wall. His hot breath on my neck and body pressed hard against mine. " Then lock me up and put away the key." I smiled and shoved him. " You're not that hot." " Shut up and get ready sophmore." I walked in the bathroom as I got ready. Halfway inot my shower, I heard someone laughing evilly. I pulled back the curtain to see if anyone was out there. No one. I ignored it and began singing in my head. Last time I sang out loud in the shower, dad and Travis reocorded it and forced me to sign up for the school play. I was amazing and I knew I loved to sing. " Amy," a voice said in a sing songy voice. I stopped singing and listened. I slowly pulled back the curtain. I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I opened the door hoping someone was just messing with me. " Travis if that's you, quit it!" I quickly turned around and there she stood. The girl from the fire. Atleast I thought it was a fire. She had no eyes and herlight pink dress was covered in blood and singed and burned at some parts on her gown. Her black hair reminded me of Grudge girl. My heart skipped beats, my hands began to feel sweaty, my mind couldn't wrap around it,and my legs began to tremble. Her hand reached out to me as she grabbed my hand. I began to panick. " No." She started to sink into the floor. Pulling me down with her. " NO!" I felt my body collapse onto the floor. I screamed and Travis came running. " What's wrong?" I stared down at the floor and she was gone. I didn't want to scare him. " I just felt dizzy." He helped me up and I made my way to my room. I got dressed as I thought about the girl. Who was she? What does she want? Once I was done, I ran downstairs in my handmade BVB t-shirt Kay and I made for fun, my grey ripped skinny jeans, converse, and alot of bracelets, and my two pairs of earrings, my hidden bellybutton piercing. If mom knew she'd kill me! I walked downstairs and kissed Gracie's forehead as she sat in the chair at the table eating Reese's Puffs. " Morning, Gracie." " Morning, Amy." I shoved Travis' head forward and hugged my mom. I stared at Eric and he stared back at me. " Hi, Amy." I ignored him. I quickly ate soem toast. A few minutes later, I heard honking outside. I looked out the window at a car in fron of our house. " Whose that?" " Oh that's a friend of mine," mom answered, " I thought she would take you to school. Is that okay?" I knew mom and Eric wanted to be alone. I grunted and took Gracie's hand before Eric could hug her goodbye. " Bye mom," Travis and I said. Gracie waved at mom only. I picked her up and carried her to the car. I put her in the back. " Hi, there," said the woman, " I'm Mrs. Reynolds." " Hi, I'm Amy, that's Travis, and the little one is Gracie." " I know. The youngest one is Gina, the middle one, my son is Greyson, and my oldest son is Kevin." " What year are you," Kevin asked Travis. " Senior. You?" " Senior." They high-fived and began talking about sports to play. Guys are so lame! I turned around and looked at Greyson. He was nothing like his brother. Kevin being strong with a six pack, glorious gold hair swept across his face with piercing green eyes. Greyson was a litte nerdy with his black framed glasses, but no tape. In a way, he was a cute nerd. His gold hair was in the same style as Kevin's, but he had brown lowlights. He wore a blue Hollister shirt and skinny jeans. " Hi," he said quietly. " Hi." I smiled at him. I think he and I can get along. He smiled back and I noticed he had perfect white teeth. Who would turn away? I blushed and he blushed. I brushed back my hair. " I like your glasses." " Thanks. I like your hair. I wish I could be different." " That wish just might come true." I winked and he blushed again. Once at school, I began walking with Greyson. " So what year are you," he asked. " Sophmore. You?" " Same." We walked to the office and I got my schedule. He got his in the mail, but with the move, the school was unable to send it. We checked our schedule: Chemistry- 42B Economics- 39A Vocal-42A Gym-back building Lunch- cafeteria Free Period-45A College Algebra-44B Chinese-33B " Cool! Same schedule," Greyson said. I laughed. " Team nerd." I high-fived him. We walked to class as we sat down in the front. " Nuh-uh! hydrogen has no neutrons and one proton," I said matter-of-factly. " Hydrogen has one neutron!" Two girls in high-lined fashion dresses and heels walked in. " Aw! Nerds in love!" I rolled my eyes. " Did you just roll your eyes at me," one girl got in my face. The typical blonde girl as always. I stood up. " Yes I did." " Well don't." " Cute to think I'd do what you say." She scoffed and her and her friend walked off. " That's Sammi Sosa. Stay away from her," Greyson said. " A little too late for that,Greyson." I sat down as class started. The rest of the day went by fast as I met new friends. Rayne, a red headed girl, Scott, a punk rock guy, and Aaron, a nice jock. I know right! You don't see many of them. We sat at lunch talking and sharing where we live. " I just live outside of here." " Oh that's cool," said Rayne. She smiled at me with her emerald green eyes. Scott stared down at his food. " What's wrong, Scott?" "I don't want to scare you, but rumor has it is that your town is haunted by a terrible fire." I rolled my eyes and laughed. " Yeah, right." " You don't believe in ghost?" " NO! That's ridiculous!" Everyone else laughed, but I thought about the girl the rest of the day. Where did she come from? Was she dead? What's happening? I couldn't let myself to agree with Scott for the rest of the day. However, I couldn't shake what happened this morning. Something is not right.

After school, Travis came to pick me up after picking up Gracie and dropping her off back at home. That's when I knew it was time. He and I would always go to dad's grave after our first day of school. ON our way there, I otld him about the friends I made.
" There's Rayne, Scott, Greyson, you know him, annd Aaron."
" Aaron White?"
" Yeah, how'd you know?"
" Quarterback of football team."
" Oh!" We laughed on our way there. Once we got there, I grabbed my bag and Travis got his. We walked to our dad's grave. Row after row after row. We finally sat by his grave.
" Hey, dad. It's me and Amy again. We miss you."
I touched his grave.
" I miss you alot daddy." I wiped a tear away.
" Today was my first sophmore day and Travis' senior day. I made a few new friends."
" And I'm trying out for football just like we planned," addded Travis.
" We belong and we don't feel like outsiders." I held Travis' hand. We sat there talking about the past and singing the lullaby.
"Amy." I looked up at the back of the girl. I got up.
" I'll be right back."
" Where are you going? Dad's waiting!" I jogged my way to the girl. Then she was gone. I looked down at a photo on the ground. The black and white photo was burned halfway and I couldn't make out the people. Why was she all the way out here? Isn't she suppose to be in New York? I turned the photo over and in bloody numbers were:
" What?" I walked back to Travis. WE got our stuff and kissed dad's grave.
" See you soon, dad. You're birthday is comming up." As I walked I heard a voice say, "Be careful." I felt something on my cheek and then I felt scared.
I sighed as we drove home. I went upstairs and stared at the back of the photo and thinking about what that voice said. Was it dad? What was he warning me about if it was him. I decided to sleep it off. In the dream I was walking across a street. A building burning down. I heard screaming and saw people rushing out and crying.
" There's someone left!"
" Someone's still in there!" I ran to the building and ran inside. Flames danced around me. Taunting me to jump in and die. I felt heat on my feet and stared down at the fire burning my feet. I screamed and started running, but the flames blocked my exists. Behind the flames, i saw her again.
" Welcome to hell," she said in the same creepy voice. I screamed. My heart racing, my face sweating uncontrollably,myself crying.
" Why are you doing this?"
" Welcome to hell, welcome to hell," she repeated. Then someone appeared next to her. I tried to make out the figure through my tears.
" Dad?"
" Sweetie, be careful!" Then, the girl dragged him down under the floor as the flames burned my skin. I could feel the fire melting my skin. I screamed until I heard someone screaming my name.
" Amy! Are you okay," mom held me in her arms.
" Yeah." I stared around the room and touched myself. I'm not burning. The house is okay.
" Are you sure?"
" Yeah." I ate dinner silently keeping our grave visits a secret as always. I stared at my ceiling unable to fall asleep. I looked at the back of the photo again and the numbers weren't there. Just a note.
I took the note off and inside it had a picture of a grave with a black mist beside it. I turned my bedside lamp on and looked closely. It was dad's grave. The black mist started forming and moving. Then she was in the photo.
" Welcome to hell," she whispered and my light went off as I yelped. I grabbed ran out of the room and ducked under thcovers in Travis's room.
" What are you doing?"
" Can I sleep with you?"
" Why?"
" I just want to."
" OKay." I fell asleep soundly with Travis beside me.

Waking up with my head pounding is not the best way to wake up. Especially when you hear more pounding comming from downstairs. Angrily I ran down the stiars putting pressure on the steps with each step I took. Letting the sound echo through out the house. I stomped my way into the kitchen and glared at Eric. The son of a b****! " Stop it, jerk! Some people are actually trying to sleep!" He stared up at me as his knife collided with the watermelon on the island. I swear he does that just to irritate me. Swiftly, I grabbed the knife without cutiing either one of us, which is bad on his case. " I said stop! Do you not speak english? Arrêtez! Gosh!" He's part French. He just stared at me and blinked rapidly at me. " Take a picture it lasts longer, ahole!" He finally sighed and walked around the island and stood next to me. " You have school. You should get ready." That's it? Get ready? Mom has him on a freaking leash! " Yes sir ahole. Your aholeness." I threw the knife down and shoved past him back upstairs. Gracie sat on the top step crying silently. I rolled my eyes not with annoyance, but with dissappointment in myself. " Gracie, I'm sorry. He just woke me up from my peaceful sleep." I reached for her, but quickly got up and ran inot our room. I groaned and groggily walked into the bathrrom. After washing up, I crept down the hall to our room before mom or even Travis could catch me. He liked stealing my towel since I was thirteen. I swear at times I think he is sexually attracted to me. I opened the door and saw Gracie throwing her barbies all over the room. An african was aimed at my head. Apparently, she was looking at me. Her eyes with pure hatred. More than a little kid could have. " You called daddy bad names! You were mean to daddy!" Another african doll wasa thrown my way, but I quickly dodged it. " Gracie stop!" I grabbed her and she squirmed in my arms and screamed. Her kicking was pretty bad as she kicked my lamp over onto the hardwood floor. The shade covered the pieces as best as it could, but shattered glass glimmered on the floor. I sta her on her bed and looked dead into her eyes. It's the only way to get her to behave. " Gracie. I'm just not happy okay? I had a nightmare and I had to sleep with Travis. I woke up with my head hurting and I heard... dad.. making alot of noise. I guess I overreacted. I'm sorry." A tear escaped her forgiven look on her face. " It's okay." I hugged her tightly. Pulling away, I wiped her eyes." Get dressed okay?" She nodded her head. " Okay." " I'll bursh your hair and make a style for you. Anything you want, but none of my spray paint." I chuckled knowing that's what she always wanted since dad died. I told her to stay on her side of the room while I cleaned up the glass. Once I was done, I dressed and helped Gracie with her hair. " Pigtails please," she said. " Alright, madam!" I did her hair as our ride arrived honking outside our house. As usual, we sped down the stairs and piled into Mrs. Reynold's car. As always, Travis and Kevin talked about their usual lame guy stuff. Greyson and I sat next to each other so we could talk. " So, Scott called me last night and asked if anything wierd happened last night," greyson mentioned. " Why?" " He wouldn't say why." I crossed my arms in front my chest. " I still can't believe he believes in ghost," Greyson said. Lost in my train of thought about hwat happened last night, I could barely here Greyson. Why did dad warn me? Why did she drag him underground? " Amy? Amy!" I finally mentally pulled myself out of my thoughts and back to reality. " What?" I noticed Greyson's dooor was open and he peered in at me. " We're at school," he explained. " Oh." I blushed and climbed out of Mrs. Reynold's car. " Sorry," I mumbled. " Did you even hear me at all?" " No. Not really." Grey wrapped his arm around my shoulder. " Our brothers are planning a party next week at my dad's beach house he bought before we were born. He and my mom would spend their honeymoon and holidays there." " Cool." " And," he continued, " I was wondering if you would like be my date. They said everyone has to bring a date. That's the only rule." Greyson blushed in the Wednesday sun. I smiled at him. I couldn't help myselfg. This cute guy wants me to be his date. How can I say no to him? He is way to cute! " Yes, Greyson. I woudl love to be your date." I could tell I just lifted his confidence. He happily took my hand in his. We rocked our hands back and forth as we walked inside. Unluckily, our brothers were standing there with cheerleaders. " Awe look at our young siblings in love," cooed Travis. I walked up to him and the girls as they snickered at me and Greyson. " Awe look at my big bro trying to hit on girls that are way out of his league." I patted his shoulder. He hesitated between me and the girls. " They are so my league," he argued. " So you are saying they are easy to get with because they are hot?" " Well, duh." Wrong answer. The girls scoffed and flipped their hair simultaneously and walked off. " Jerk," they chorused. Kevin slapped his back. " Nice going, dude." Travis glared at me. " Amy?" " Yes big brother?" " Go jump off a cliff," he replied harshly. I got in his face, well as close I could get to him. " You first." I walked off holding Greyson's hand. I confidenlt walked into our classroom and sat down. Sammi and her crew walked up to me. She sat on my desk whilegiving me a smirk. " If you date that thing, then your life here will be hell. Hang with us and you could actually be normal. However, hang with him and those wierdos, minus Aaron, you are dead." I couldn't take it. Girls like Sammi always pissed me off. No matter where I went, they always made me chose. Apparentlyu, I always chose werong, but I'm NOT going to make the right choice today. " I'd rather be immortal so I can hang with whoever I chose." Sammi and her girls left givgin me glares. " Consider yourself deadmeat." Greyson's smile faded once the girtls left, but then reappeared knowing he wasn't losing me to them. " Thank you for not leaving me." " Hey, friends don't leave friends." We glanced at each other once last time before class started. Lunch couldn't have come faster. I sat with my new friends as they gossiped already about everyone's summer love'sa and their new dramas unfolding. Unlike yesterday, Aaron sat quietly. " I hear this one guy had sex with Rosa, Sammi's best friend and never even bothered to call her after over the summer. Now at school, he is not even around her anymore and Rosa is gone. I heard she transferred over the summer. I tried looking her up on Facebook and she is not found. Only Rosa Martinez is there," Rayne said while drinking her chocolate milk. " You know way too much," I said. Aaron hung his head. " Aaron?" " It was me! I got Rosa pregnant! I never called her back because she was my first and I was scared! It's all my fault!" He hled his head in his hands. I crawled under the table and sat next to him. I held him in my arms. " It's okay." He wrapped his arms around me and so did Rayne. We held him as Greyson and Scott tried to make him feel better by telling him it's not his fault and that he didn't know. " I didn't find out til after." I couldn't believe how close we were all getting. Lunch died down as everyone went to play instruments and study while Scott and I sat at the table. " Scott, why did you ask Greyson if there was anything going on last night?" " It's too hard to explain." " Please." He shrugged. " So what happened?" " Alot. Um, Travis and I went to visit our dad's grave and I heard my dada's ghost tell me to be careful. Yesterday morning, I saw her and she tried to drag me in the floor of my bathroom. Last night, I had a picture and she said, " Welcome to hell." and turned of my light. I slept in my brother's room and I had a nightmare where I saw the fire she was in and she had my dad with her and he told me to be safe and she took him underground." I finally finished to catch my breath. " Amy I hate to say I told you so, but I tld you so." He stood up holding his tray. " Waity! How did you know something happened last night?" " I'm sorry. I have to go." He hesitated to leave or stay and tell me, but his first instinct won him over. He left me sitting there confused. What was he hiding?

The weekend finally apporached as I sat in Greyson's room dancing on his bed. He and I have become very close over the past few days. He walked in with milk and cookies.
" I bet you danced up yourself an appetite." I laughed and floped down on his bed. His room was different from who he really is. His room was filled with posters of rock bands, metal bands, and emo sayings. It's scary how much we have in common.
" Yes I did." I sat on his couch and diped a chocolate chip cookie, freshly baked, into my milk. I munched on the cookie.
" Mmmm!" Greyson and I laid back and his arms wrapped around me.
" So what are your plans for college," he asked me.
" I plan to attend Northwestern and Julian is my back-up plan. What about you?"
" Harvard, but to be realistic I'd like to attend U of I in Urbana." I smiled at the feeling of his arms around me. I knock came upon his door and Kevin walked in.
" Someone's a couple," he cooed. Greyson threw a cookie at him.
" Get out, man!"
Kevin caught the cookie and backed out while putting something on his dresser. I stood up and walked to the dresser regretting every second. I walked back to Greyson and showed him what his brother left him.
" A condom?"
" Yeah." I toyed with it in my hands thinking about if Greyson and I did do it.
" What if we did?"
" We haven't known each other long."
" Not today, but maybe before we graudate. No matter what, you will be my first." He smiled.
" Touching on my ( beep)
While I'm touching on your ( beep)
And we are gonna ( beep)
Cuz I don't give a (beep)." Wrong moment for my phone to go off with Scott's ringtone.
" Oh so you do wanna do it?" Greyson wiggled his eyebrows. I shoved him. I swear for a shy guy his ego is kinda big.
" Shut up!" I answered my phone.
" Hey, Scott."
" Hey, Ames!" I rolled my eyes at the nickname he gave me Thursday.
" What's up?"
" Can you meet me at the library?"
" Sure. Be there in fifteen."
" Trying to get a quickie from Greyson first," he asked.
" What is wrong with you people!"
I hung up as I felt Greyson's arms wrap aroundy my waist.
" I have to go, Grey." I pulled myself out of his arms and kissed his cheek.
" Bye, tease," he said.
" Whatever." I got on my bike and rode to the library. I locked my bike and skipped up the steps. Scott sat the table near the window of the small, stuffy library.
" Hey," I whispered. He looked up at me.
" Hi."
" Why'd you call me down here?"
" You asked how did I know."
" Yeah that was days ago, though."
" I want to talk to you about it." I raised my hands in the air and shouted, " Finally!" Everyone looked at me and hushed me.
" Sorry," I whispered.
" What is it?" He passed me a piece of paper.
I'm not normal, it said.

What do you mean, I replied.

I see, hear, and know things that no normal person knows.

So? What are you? Who are you?

" The library will be closing in five minutes." Scott stood up and swiftly left me behind.
" Wait," I called after him. I ran after him and grabbed his arm once we were on the steps.
" Scott, what do you mean? What do you see, hear, and know?"
" I I can't tell you any more than that or my life is at stake. Whatever you do, don't search for the fire. Don't look up the girl. Let her be. If you do, she will have a purpose to come after you. She will not rest until you are dead."
My heart started skipping beats and my stomach started doing flips. My head couldn't comprehend what he was telling me.
" Why not? Why would she kill me? She's dead. She can't kill me."
" You can't because then she will have a reason to live. She doesn't want Him to know or he will destroy her. She can't, but the living can. The only living person is someone blood related. That's how she works. If the sun and the moon combine for longer than three hours, her soul is destroyed for eternity and living in hell."
" How do you know this," I asked him after he finished explaining.
" I can't speak of my life. I mean who I used to be." He left me standing outside on the steps wondering about everything he just told me. He zoomed off on his motorcycle. Who is he? Where did he come from? Is he who he syas eh is? Why does it have to be blood related to kill? What does the sun and moon have to cimbine for three hours? What happens if I do search everything? Will I die? When will all this happen? Most importantly, is this real? Those three words still echoed in my ear.
" I'm not normal."

The next day, I sat in the Red room thinking. Mom had too much fun naming the rooms. I twirled my hair around the pencil in my hand while trying to do my homework. I heard a knock on the door, so I got up and walked to the door.
“ Coming.” The doorbell kept ringing.
“ I’m coming! Calm the fuck down. Gosh.” I opened the door to see none other than Eric at the door.
“ It’s called a key, dumbass.” He sighed and rubbed his eyes.
“ I forgot them okay? I took a walk and I forgot my keys.” I pushed past me and walked into the kitchen. I followed him and sat at the island.

“ So why did you have to take a walk?”
“ Why do you want to know,” he asked while grabbing a Root Beer out the fridge.
“ Pass me a beer.” He handed me a Corona.
“ You drink?” I popped the top off and took a sip.
“ Since I was 13.”
“ Does your mom know.”
“ No. Dad let me always have one after a hard day at school.” I sighed.

“ You miss him, huh?”
“ More than anything in the whole world plus the solar system, heaven and hell combined.” I finally snapped out of my nice phase.
“ What am I doing talking to you?” I stood up with the Corona in my hand and walked back to the Red room and finished my homework. He walked in and sat in the chair across from me.
“ Amy, talk to me. I don’t think this is fair for me. I am trying my best at everything and you and Travis are giving me a hard time.”
“ I can’t say he’s sorry. That’s Travis.” I wrote down a few sentences about slavery.
“ I know. What about you?” I leaned forward.
“ I could careless about you.” I collected my things and my Corona and went to my room. I closed my door and finished my work. Once I was done, I put my things back in my bag and whipped out my laptop to chat with my people.
Funky Group Thang people logged in

Ames: Hey my ppl
Scott: Yo
Rayne: Hey Ames J Havent heard frm u in a while
Ames: Ikr
Rayne: How r u n Greyson ;)
Grey: Ask me Rayne
Rayne: How r u n Mrs. Reynold?
Ames: Rayne!

Grey: We r doin good rite honey?
Ames: OMG y r u feeding into this
Grey: cuz its funni
Aaron: Um… hello? No1 asked how I am… Selfish!
Scott: Lol wassup man?
Aaron: Nun jus chillin
Rayne: How wuz ur day babe?
Aaron: Good J
Ames: OMG sum1s datin sum1
Scott: Hell yeaz
Aaron: Hush Scott
Scott: Try me
Aaron: its called tackling
Scott: It’s called gay baby ;)
Aaron: EW! I hav a gf n her name is Rayne Masrellia Wachob
Grey: Awww

Ames: Awwww
Scott: Awwwww
Rayne: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww baby! :x
Aaron: :xx: :x ilu baby
Rayne: ilu more
Ames: Ok luvbirds I hav 2 go nw so ill c u all at skool tomorrow
Grey: Ok
Aaron: Peace my sista
Rayne: Kai luv
Scott: Fo sho

Ames signed off
I closed my laptop to see the girl again. My heart skipped several beats as she stood at the end of my bed.
“ What do you want?”
“ I want Gracie.”
“ But you can’t have her.” The girl laughed demonically.
“ I get whatever I want.” Surprisingly, I was strong and tough.
“ I will not let you take her away from me.”
“ I won’t have to take her. Just control her.” She turned her back on me, but only her head turned around. I heard her neck crack and it made my stomach queasy.
“ Hell is waiting for you, Amy Emerald Richardson.” With that, said she disappeared. How does she know my full name?

“ I gotta talk to Scott about this.” I dialed his number.
“ Hey its Scott. I’m just being lazy and don’t want to answer my phone. Leave me a message. Wait. That’s more work to listen to it. Just hang up and save both of our time.” I hung up and laid on my bed. After dinner and everything, I climbed in bed after kissing Gracie’s cheek.
I sat in a chair in a small dark room when the girl appeared.
“ So you want to know about me don’t you, Amy.” She stood in front of me with a black shadow behind her.
“ No. I just want you to leave me and Gracie alone.”
“ What about Michael.” I sat there confused.
“ Who?” She laughed demonically again.
“ You don’t know. Do you?” She laughed again.
“ STOP! Stop laughing! Tell me who Michael is right now!” She stood in my face her black holes staring right into my eyes. I had to admit I was kind of freaked out.
“ You get one hint. You know him.” With that, she disappeared. I stood up and walked out of the room to hear my name called back in the room.“ Amy, sweetheart.” I twirl on my toe to face him. Daddy. Tears streamed down my face.
“ Daddy?” He looked the same as if he did that day before he… died.
I rushed over to him and ended up hugging the air.
“ I’m so sorry, honey.”
“ Daddy, what happened when you died?”
“ She… I….” He stared down at the floor.
“ I mean how did you die?”
“ I….. I drove my car off the rode and down the mountain.” Tears formed and flowed from my eyes. I could barely see his spirit.
“ Daddy, why?”
“ She was there, sweetheart. She took over my life. She made me insane. I had to escape, but she took me with her. She said the past was haunting our family and I had to die. Like in the past.”
“ What?” I rubbed my head. Then, she appeared in the corner of the room.
“ Sweetie, whatever you do don’t trust him. Don’t trust Sc--.” She sent him under. She stood behind me. I could feel her.
“ See you in hell soon,” she said demonically.
Finally she left and I stood there remembering dad’s words. What was he trying to say? Wait.
I’m not normal.
“ Scott,” I repeated to myself.

I woke up completely breathless. I rubbed my head as I thought of Scott.
“ No. No. No he can’t be evil.”
“ Yes he can,” she said. I turned my head and she was gone. I curled up into a ball in my bed and silently cried.

“ Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Gracie! Happy birthday to you,” I sang to her as she woke up. She smiled up at me. Her big brown eyes shined. Just like dad’s.
“ Thank you, Amy.” I kissed her cheek. She got up and went to get ready. I went to her closet once she was out of the room and picked out her princess dress mom never let her wear before. She allowed it this year, so I set it out along with her fake tiara and tiny silver shoes. I knocked on Travis’s door and he opened up half dressed.
“ Um… shirt please.” He looked at me and laughed.
“ Um.. Pants please.” I looked down and noticed I was only wearing dad’s old work shirt and no pants. The buttons on the shirt were unbuttoned exposing the side of my breasts and half of my shoulder bare. I winked at him.
“ You know you like it, bro.” I twirled around and posed. He winked at me.
“ It is kind of sexy, but you’re my sister so go put on some pants. Most likely clothes.” I switched back into my room and grabbed my towel and took my shower undisturbed. I wiped the mirror and she stood behind me. I was getting tired of this.
“ What do you want?”
“ Nothing. Just looking at how beautiful you are,” she said.
“ Lie.” I walked out of the bathroom and got dressed.
Gracie hugged me and she kissed my cheek as I slipped on my black tight dress and silver flats. Once at school, I was getting hit on. Weird, but nice. I was just ready to get home to celebrate Gracie’s birthday.

“ Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Gracie. Happy birthday to you.” She blew out her candles and Eric let Travis held her cut the cake. Weird. After the cake, presents came. She opened the one from me and screamed. The Miss America doll I’ve always wanted! Thank you, Amy!” She kissed me and I hugged tight. She got a hello kitty jewelry set and jewelry box from Travis and a fake toy dog from my mom.
“ Now from me.” Eric handed her the box and she opened it staring at what was inside.
“ What is it,” I asked her.
“ A necklace.” It was silver with an emerald in the center. I saw a mistforming, but just thought my eyes were playing tricks on me so I ignored it. Eric put it on her and she smiled up at him.
“ Thank you.” The rest of the night was beautiful. Travis and Eric washed the dishes together without arguing, but without conversation either. Good enough for me. Once I fell asleep in my bed, I heard her say, “ She’s mine now. She is mine.” She laughed diabolically.
I sat up and panted for a minute. I saw Gracie laying in bed. Then, she sat up instantly and laughed at me. “ Goodnight, Amy,” she said in Gracie’s voice. I sat up in bed thinking about Gracie. Out of nowhere I heard her talking to me.
“ Amy?” I turned and saw her standing in the doorway.
“ Yeah?” She sat on my bed.
“ Are you okay?”
“ Yeah. Why Princess?”
“ You were screaming in your sleep I tried waking you, but then you were quiet and your chest wasn’t moving. I thought you were dead.” I rubbed my throat. It was kind of sore.
“ I’m okay now.” I looked into her eyes and down at her neck. The necklace was not around her neck.
“ Want to put on your necklace today?”
“ Yeah.” she took it out and I helped her put it on. She turned to face me and I saw two black holes where her pretty brown eyes would be.
“ Thank you Amy. I love you soooo much.” She winked at me and then her eyes came back and she kissed my cheek. I stood up and walked out of the room.

“ Where are you going, Amy?” I opened Travis’s door and saw him kissing a girl in his bed. I had to admit I was disgusted and heartbroken. I don’t know why, though. He stared up at me like a deer in headlights. I closed the door and ran downstairs and then down the next flight of stairs into the game room. I sat on the couch and buried my head in my chest. Why am I upset? I heard a thud and looked up. A box had fallen from a shelf and the papers inside were everywhere. I collected up the papers and fixed them all facing up. My birth certificate. I sat on my butt and read my full name Amy Emerald Richardson Born at 12:00 am in Mastercheild Hospital Date: 12/12/95 I looked at Gracie’s. Graciella Marie Richardson Born at 11:pm in Mastercheild Hospital Date: 09/16/05 I started searching for Travis’s certificate. I couldn’t find it until I cam across something unsettling. Dear Krysti and Mack Richardson, I am happy and delighted to give my son to you. I know you will love him and appreciate him as much as he needs you. I love him with all my heart and being with you guys is the best thing that can ever happen. I know you tried to have kids before and Krysti you were discouraged when you weren’t pregnant for months and then that horrible death of your newborn. I am so sorry. I believe my son, your son, will be best for you right now. Love him like I can’t, support him as if I could, and give him everything I can’t. Write to me once things are good. Keep me updated. I love you guys a lot. Love, Amy-Lee Meriwether I sank to the floor and stared at the letter. “ He’s adopted?” I searched for more letters addressed between them and took them upstairs. I hid them up my shirt as I crept up the stairs. “ Amy.” I turned around and saw Travis standing there with a t-shirt on. “ What,” I snarled. “ I’m sorry about what you saw just knock next time okay?” I rolled my eyes and shoved past him. “ Whatever Travis.” “ Hey.” He grabbed my arm and the letters fell. “ What are these?” He started picking some up. “ Who is Amy-Lee?” I snatched the letters from quickly and ran to my room. “ Nothing,” I muttered on my way. “ You are a piece of work, Ames.” I dropped the letters in my drawer by my bed and stomped back out in the hallway. “ What you say?” I looked him dead in the eye. I saw the girl standing next to him. “ Stick it to him good, Ames. Make him feel bad,” she tempted me. “ SHUT UP!” I covered my ears. I was tired of her talking. Travis walked to his room and tried to slam the door shut, but my hand stopped the door and slammed it open. “ What the f is your problem,” he yelled at me. “ You’re my problem! You think I’m a piece of work? You’re soooo f*ing worse! You don’t belong here!” He stood in my face. “ YOU DON’T FIT!” “ Oh I don’t fit in this house?” “ No! You started shit in this house, Amy and I’m tired of it!” “ WHAT DID I DO?” “ YOU MANIPULATED ME!” “ NO YOU MANIPULATED ME! YOU HATED ERIC FIRST AND I JUST DID WHAT YOU DID! YOU NEVER EVEN TRIED TALKING TO HIM! I TALKED TO HIM THE OTHER DAY AND I OPENED UP MYSELF FOR A BIT!” “ You’re one backstabbing bitch.” My hand contacted with his face and I heard a snap he rubbed his cheek and looked at me. I just broke down crying. I slid to the floor on my knees and just crying my eyes out. “ I want daddy. I want daddy,” I repeated while breathing hard. He kneeled in front of me and rubbed my cheek. “ Oh Amy. I’m sorry I don’t know what came over me.” I wrapped my arms around him and saw dad and the girl standing by his bed. “ Don’t let her control you,” he said. I shook my head and I kissed Travis’s neck. He quietly moaned. “ Oh, Amy.” He pulled away and kissed me right on the lips. I couldn’t kiss back or pull away. He finally stopped and stared at me. I stood up and pulled down dad’s old work shirt and walked out of his room. I sat in my bed reading the letters. I finally reached one letter that really got to me. Dear Amy-Lee, We just had our first newborn and we named her after you. Her name is Amy Emerald Richardson. She loves Travis with all her heart. You can see it in her baby eyes. It’s as if she couldn’t look away. I had one of my friends over and she can spirits and stuff. She saw the passion in their eyes and everything they will be in the future. She told me that amazing things are going to happen in the future for them. Oh and by the way, Travis wonders about where he’s from so I’m scared to tell him. I want the best for him and I don’t think now is the best time. Maybe once he is 18. Love, Krysti and Mack I cried a bit and then wiped my eyes thinking about the kiss and how he was adopted and didn’t know. I wanted to show him the letters. I just believe that the time is not now. I put the letters back in the drawer. I decided to take a nap and just let go of everything that just happened. When I woke up, Gracie was standing by my bed with no eyes again. My heart skipped a beat. “ You are a bad sister. You kissed brother. You should die.” Gracie held a pillow in her hands. “ Gracie, no!” That’s all I could get out before she tried smothering me with the pillow. My breathing started slowing and my arms frantic. All I saw was white, then I opened my eyes and Travis was rubbing my face. “ No, no, no. Wake up.” I opened my eyes and saw him looking at me in a weird way. I sat up quickly and he let me go. “ Where’s mom?” I curled up into a ball. “ She and Eric went out for a few hours.” I looked around for Gracie. “ Where’s Gracie?” “ Mrs. Reynold came to pick her up. She is going to hang with the other little one. It’s just us.” He laid beside me. “ I should grab something to eat.” I got up and went downstairs. I opened the fridge and took out my chocolate cake and when I closed it he was standing there. “ What do you want, Travis?” He plunged towards me and kissed my lips. I shoved him off. “ What are you doing?” He lifted me up and sat me on the counter. “ I don’t know. It just feels right.” He opened my legs and stood in between them and kissed my neck passionately. Holding back my moans, I tried to push him off, but he wouldn’t budge. He lifted my face and kissed me passionately and moaned. “ Amy. Oh Amy please.” He picked me up and carried me back upstairs. “ Travis, I..” He laid me on his bed and hovered over me. Kissing and rubbing my body all over. I had t admit that I liked it. It wasn’t incest because we are not blood-related. I rubbed his chest and moaned. I grabbed his shirt and he took it off. His perfectly toned chest had me mesmerized. He French kissed me and I started to unbuckle his pants. “ No, not yet baby. Just make out with me.” His tongue darted in and out of my mouth. He tasted like cotton candy and I loved it. “ Oh Travis.” “ Amy!” I felt something poking me down there. I looked and saw his complete hard on. He grabbed himself and started rubbing himself. I moved his hand and rubbed him. I loved him hard. I felt every inch. Completely hard and amazing. “ Amy. Oh I love it.” He bit on my bottom lip. Clothes came off and all that was left were his boxers and my bra and underwear. I rolled us over so I was on top and rode him hard and fast. His eyes rolled back and I felt his hard on poking me deep. I wanted him so much, but I had to stop. I climbed off and put on my clothes. He grabbed my arm. “ Amy. I’m sorry. It went to far.” I walked out of his room and into mine. Subconsciously to the letters out from the door. My hands shaking like an earthquake. I walked in his room and handed him the letters.

“ Before you get mad. She loved you. We love you. I… care about you. Don’t be mad at mom and she was going to tell you soon. Read them in this order.” I handed him the letters and kissed his cheek. “Just don’t do anything stupid,” I whispered. I left out of his room and sat on my bed thinking about how far we went. He walked out of his room and slammed his door. He walked in my room with tears of pain and his face of anger shown. “ Who the f wrote these? This isn’t funny, Amy!” He threw them down. “ You’re real mother wrote them.” I hung my head low. “ Where did you find these?” I didn’t say anything. “ TELL ME!” “ Downstairs with the birth certificates.” I rubbed my arm. He sat on my bed and rubbed his eyes. “ Why didn’t they tell me?” I rubbed his shoulder. “ They thought it was best not to tell you.” He laid his head on my chest. I laid back and rubbed his head as he rubbed my stomach with my hand. “ At least I know this isn’t wrong.” He looked up at me with his perfect brown eyes. I smiled at him as he leaned up and pecked my lips. I kissed him back. “ But we can’t, though.” His face looked worried. “ Why not?” I rubbed my eyes and thought of Gracie and the ghost. “ We just can’t. Our mom will have a fit.” “ You mean the lady who adopted me?” He got off of me and walked to his room. The shit I get myself into. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next day at school Travis and I kept our distance. Then lunch came. Greyson sat his hand on my knee and Scott kept staring at me while everyone talked. “ Can I talk to you for a minute, Amy,” he finally asked me. I got up and walked to the hallway. He stared into my eyes. “ I know I haven’t talked to you about my… you remember right?” I nodded my head. He shoved his hands in his pockets. “ I’m not sure when the time is right, but not now. Maybe in a month once she starts to lose touch.” “ What?” Who is she? “ Just be careful and if anything happens call me.” He handed me his number. I looked at it and something about it was familiar. 006-396-2968 I guess I’m just seeing things. I stuffed his number in my back pocket. At the end of the day, I got in Travis’s backseat. I couldn’t bring myself to sit next to him. The ride was quiet as I gazed outside. A young girl with black hair and the same dress as the ghost girl stood outside. Just a hitchhiker. That was until I saw her again and again the whole ride. “ Did you see her?” “ What,” he asked. I looked around the road and didn’t see her. I climbed out of the car. “ Ames, what are you doing?” I slammed his car door and stomped my way back to where I last saw her. In a distance, I saw a black ghostly figure. I walked towards her slowly, but out of nowhere she stood in front of me quickly like a flash of light. “ Yes, Amy,” she said sweetly in Gracie’s voice. “ Stop it you little bitch,” I growled while pointing at her. “ Whatever do you mean?” She tilted her head to the side just like Gracie does. “ Stop following me, leave Gracie alone, and stay away from my family!” “ Amy, Amy, Amy. You really don’t understand my purpose here do you?” I shook my head. “ I don’t give a f about your purpose you f*ing demon!” I felt arms wrap around me. “ Whoah! Calm down, Ames. No one is here.” Too frustrated, I moved his arms and stomped back to the car. I got in the passenger side this time and put my music in my ears. I felt him touch my hand once he got in the car. I yanked my hand away. “ Don’t touch me.” I closed my eyes hoping to fall asleep.

Ring around the rosies, a pocketful of posies. Ashes, ashes we all fall down. The chair in the corner of the room rocked back and forth. I stood in the doorway staring at the chair. Spirits of young children playing behind me. I felt one poking me, so I turned around and saw a beautiful little African American girl holding out a doll to me and smiling at me.
“ Hi, I’m Nirvana. I opened my mouth and said, “ That’s a beautiful name.”
“ What’s yours,” she asked in her native tongue.
“ Amy.”“ Are you here to adopt?” I looked around noticing children left and right. Some playing, others crying, some staring at walls in their tiny rooms, and most of them throwing tantrums.
“ Umm. Maybe.” I decided to play along.
“ Let’s go visit my friend, Mari. She is very sweet. She’s been through a lot. Nirvana opened the door and I peeked in. I saw a girl with black hair and blue glasses sitting on her bed in a pretty pink dress.
“ Hey, Mari. I brought a potential adopter. Her name is Amy. I sat down in a chair across from her. She looked up at me and smiled.
“ Hi,” she said sweetly.
“ Nirvana, The Thomas’s are here to see you again,” called a cheerful woman.
“ Here I come, Nana Krissie.” She walked out the door and that’s when the room went black and her glasses disappeared. Her beautiful brown eyes now two dark holes.
“ Hello, Amy.”
“ What is your problem?”
“ You have what I want.” I stared at her.
“ What do I have?”
“ A family. A life.” She got a little too close.
“ Personal area, bitch. Like back up.” I put my hand up between us.
“ I can take you away just like I took your dad.”
“ Why did you take him,” I asked her.
“ You will find out soon enough. And when you do, I will be waiting for you. Powerful and ready to defeat your life and soul.” She disappeared and Nirvana walked back in the room.
“ Are you okay, Ames?” I gave him a small smile.
“ Yes.” Class continued and I was not marked late.
At lunch, I sat in the same place as I stared at Scott. Why do the spirits keep telling me someone named Michael. I got up and pulled him aside.
“ Whoah! Slow down, Ames!”
“ I dreamt of her and this other girl named Nirvana on my way home yesterday and they mentioned a guy named Michael. Now I’m creeped out and you have something to do with this Michael guy. I can feel it.” He looked around the hall.

“ Amy, how about we talk about this after school at my house.”
“ Fine.” I crossed my arms over my chest.
“ Mom! I’m home!” Scott threw his coat on the table by the door and hung his keys on the rack.
A short lady with long gold hair walked in and smiled while rubbing her hands on her apron.
“ Hey, sweetie.” She kissed his cheek and he kissed hers.
“ Mom, this is my friend, Amy Richardson.”
“Hi.” I shook her hand politely.
“ Hello. My. Aren’t you pretty.” I blushed.
“ Thank you.”
“ I made cookies, but I have to head out to grandma’s place to help her set up for her friend’s birthday. Have fun, kids.” We headed to the kitchen and then upstairs with plates full of cookies and milk.
In his room, I sat on the couch and remained silent as I glanced around his paranormal-based room. Posters of the dead and other supernatural things were plastered on his walls.
“ Now tell me.” Scott looked around his room and then started going into his closet. He took out a box and sat it by the couch.
“ Look through it.” I opened the lid to find several papers about the guy Michael’s death.
Fire of 1872

On the night of Friday, March 13, 1872 at exactly 12:00 am, several young children at Saint Wilmer’s Foster Care died. The cause of the fire was a burning candle outside the basement door that led to the heater and oil. The owner, Miss Mary-Anne, was one of the very few who survived. 80 children lived in the Foster Care home and 20 died. These children are:
Mary Jean Anderson
Nirvana Kwame
Edward Anderson
Isabel Rach
Margaret Rach
Jason Zimmer
Tyler Roose
David Morris
Theodore Morris
Rose Veni
June Veni
April Sumner
Summer Thomas
Will Hayes
Bill Hayes
Michael Harris
Mari Richardson
Mark Umbridge
Zamboke Tai
Jane Well

These children will be terribly missed.

I looked up at Michael, Scott. Whoever he is.
“ What are you trying to say?”
He sighed.
“ I’m saying, I am…. Michael Harris. I was born in 1860. My real parents died in 1870. I met Mari and Nirvana when I moved in. They were already living there from the time they were both born. I befriended Nirvana, but kept my distance from Mari, as Nirvana told me to. She was evil. Mari was different from everyone in the foster home. That night, I heard her leaving her room. I pretended to be asleep, but I guess I did fall asleep. When I woke up, I was in the basement. The fire surrounded me. I ran up the secret staircase and into a room where she waited for me. Bad things happened. And when I was in spirit form, I saw my body in bones. My clothes burned bad and big marks across my face. After the fire, I roamed the halls with the spirits of the other children looking for Mari. Once I did, I noticed she had gone dark. I looked into her eyes and saw how I died. Too much to explain, but then God called to me and I was whisked away and into another human body. God told me I deserved a second chance at life, so I was reborn as a baby. I am here to help you defeat her.”
I looked down at Mari’s name again. My heart stopped beating.
“ Wait. She’s… she’s…”

“ She is part of your generation. She is your blood. She doesn’t want your dad. She was trying to go after you.”
“ Why me?”
“ You are part of her. That darkness is in you. She tried to get it out of you when you were younger so she could control you, but when she couldn’t, she went after the weakest one. Your dad. He went ballistic and she took him as a way to make you turn dark and have her take your life as your soul would roam this earth unknown about what happened.”
I stood up and paced the room shaking my head like crazy.
“ So you’re someone else, who is like my guide as she is my own blood trying to kill me.”
“ Basically. You have to stay away from Travis. He may not be blood, but she can take anyone she wants.” He stood up and held my arms.
“ Be careful.”

“ Okay.” I walked home as I heard her voice ringing in my ears. “ Now you know,” she whispered. I turned around and she stood there as Gracie. “ What?” “ I was with you and Michael.” Mari walked around me in a circle. “ You guys don’t stand a chance against me. Nirvana lied to you.” “ What are you talking about?” “ I know she was in your dream. No one is stronger with me. And that little sister of yours, she is mine forever and there is nothing you can d about it.” “ Oh yeah,” I said. “ Yeah. Oh and by the way, you have two funerals to attend within next week, I suggest you find something well fitted and black.” With that, she disappeared. I ran the rest of my way home thinking about who died. Mom? Eric? Travis? Oh God please don’t be Travis! I ran upstairs once I got in the house. “ Mom?” “ In here!” She walked in and smiled at me. “ What’s wrong, hunny?” I hugged her tightly. One down several to go. “Eric?” “ Garage.” I ran in the garage and hugged him tightly. “ You’re okay.” “ Of course. Why not?” I ran to Travis’s room and opened the door. His room was empty. The bed had no sheets on it and everything was in boxes. “ Where’s Travis?” Gracie came up behind me and said, “ He’s leaving. He called a lady and he is leaving.” No! I sat on the empty bed and noticed a number on the dresser. 773-899-0333 Mom I started crying. “ I wish I didn’t tell him.” “ Where did he go, Gracie?” “ To the cliff to think.” I got up and ran all the way to the garage, got on my bike and rode to the cliff. On the way there, Mari appeared several times. “ I would be careful if I were you,” she warned. I ignored her and showed up at the cliff. I saw his truck parked and he sat on top of it staring out over the land. “ Travis!” I jumped off my bike and ran over to him. He got off the hood and walked towards me. “ Why are you leaving?” “ I don’t belong here and you guys aren’t my family. I’m done.” “ Just think about who you are leaving.” He looked away. “ Me!” “ Ames, I’m going to miss you, but I can’t stay here. I have to leave.” He started towards the car door I tugged his arm pulling him back as he tripped on a rock. I tried to catch him, but he tumbled down the cliff. I leaned over the edge. “ Travis!” I finally heard a boom and looked over and saw a puddle of blood. “ Look what you did,” Mari whispered. I turned around and there she stood again. “ I didn’t kill him! He fell!” “ Amy, Amy, Amy. You should be more careful. How is his mom going to handle the news of her son dead?” “ Shut the f up! I hate you! Go haunt someone else you dead bitch!” “ Be nice, Amy.” With that, she disappeared. I glanced back down at Travis’s dead body.

I frantically searched for my phone and dialed the police. I told them what happened and they rushed to the scene. One of the men walked up to me. " I think you should call your parents." I nodded just thinking about them. Eric picked up mom's phone and I spilled. Before I knew it, Eric and mom arrived. Mom start bawling her eyes out. " What happened," she screamed at the police officers. " He fell." Mom turned towards me. " Baby, what happened?" I looked side to side seeing her standing by his body that the medics pulled up. " He was walking backwards yelling at me and I tried to grab him and I yelled for him to turn around, but it was too late," I lied to her. I felt her arms wrap around me and Eric's. They cried while I stood there staring at Mari. She smiled evilly and disappeared into distance. Once we were home, Gracie asked me where was Travis. I looked up at mom and Eric. " He went back home." " Oh." Gracie hung her head low. I couldn't tell her that her brother died. I walked Gracie back upstairs to our room. I laid in bed with her until she fell asleep. Once she was, I left the room and slept in Travis's room. I felt someone looking at me. I sat up and saw Mari. " What do you want," I asked. " One down only a few to go if you play your cards right." She smiled. " Look, I don't know what your problem is, but.." She stopped me. " My problem is you. And Micheal. You better watch it, because karma is a bitch." With that said,she left. I finally had one night of pure good sleep. I woke up and got dressed for school. Once at school, Greyson held my hand all day. He's the best. " I'm sorry for what happened," my friends said all together during lunch. I nodded my head and just cried while being comforted by all of them. I touched Micheal's shoulder. " From now on you are Micheal. And I have to say this, did you know that he was going to die?" " First of all, ok. Second, yes." I hit his chest. " Why didn't you tell me?" " I was scared you would try to stop it from happening." I threw my hands up. " Of f*ing course!" " But you can't. Mari has this all planned out and if you mess it up, the wrong person may die." He walked away from me leaving me stunned. What is with this girl?

I walked home and heard someone calling my name. I turned around several times to finally see Nirvana standing in front of me. " Amy, I have to tell you something right now! I know I was suppose to help you, but I cant. Mari knows! I have to warn you. Mari isn't after just you anymore." I rolled my eyes. " That's new," I said sarcastically. " She is after Gracie!" " I know that, but what for?" " To kill her!" Oh hell no. Going after me is one thing, but killing Gracie is f*ed up! I stomped my way home after I thanked her. I ran upstairs and saw Gracie staring at the picture of me and her. " We looked so cute together." Gracie turned around and I saw the locket around her neck turning black and her eyes were gone. She flew towards me and began choking me. " Stay out of my way!" My head banged against the wall several times. I felt the blood drain from my head. Suddenly, she loosened with one hand and grabbed a nearby book. " No," I screamed. Then, I was out like a light. " Sweetie," I heard my dad say. I saw him standing in the corner of my room again. " Daddy?" He walked over and sat on my bed. " I told you to be careful. Now Travis is dead. You need to destroy that locket before next month or she will kill you and control Gracie until she chooses for her to commit suicide. You can't let her do that. Please make it right, sugar." I felt a light touch on my head. " I have to go. Oh and beware that friend of yours." I thought about what he said once he left. Is he talking about Micheal? I decided to call him. " Hey," he said. " Hey. I was wondering if you can help me gain control so I can defeat this lil demon." There was a silence. " Sure." " Great." I sighed with relief. " Let's practice tonight. Meet me at my house." " Okay." About 8, I rang his doorbell and he opened the door. I walked inside and we went to the basement. " Let's practice with the Devil Repellent." I started laughing. " Really?" I pulled my hair into a ponytail and got into a karate pose. " Bring it," I said and we both laughed. He walked towards me and brushed my bruise. I flinched. " Please don't touch it." " What happened?" Mari got violent while in Gracie's body. She choked me and smacked me with a book." I looked down. Then his phone started ringing. " Yeah, mom? Okay. I will." He hung up and turned to me. " I gotta go get some things for dinner. Make yourself comfortable down here." I smiled sheepishly at him. Once he left, I turned on the TV and watched Beavis and Butthead. Then, I heard something fall. I went to the back and opened the closet and saw a box with papers falling out.It said: SECRET I looked through the box and found pictures of Micheal when he was Micheal. I came across a paper. It was a letter. Dear, Micheal It's me Mari and I was just thinking about you. We have been friends since you got here and I don't think there is anyone else that gets me like you. Well, see you at dinner. I looked through more pictures of the orphanage. Finally,I found something weird. It was a rolled up black paper. I opened it and it was a blueprint of the orphanage. There was a circle by the heater. My hands started to feel warm. I flipped the paper over and saw a symbol. It was a circle with two half circles crossing making an eye inside it. It was drawn in.... blood? I continued to look through Micheal's things and found a journal. I opened it to a random page and saw it written in blood, too. Mari said that we can do great things together. We cut ourselves and created our own group of just us two. Nirvana stopped talking to us and I think she deserves to die. Mari said that we should set the orphanage on fire and then hang ourselves in our rooms. I don't know what that is, but ok. Together we are unstoppable. I flipped through the pages frantically and came across an entry from several years ago. The entry was on my birthday, my birth time,and the same year. She was born today. Mari told me. Our plan is in action. I put everything back and rushed to my seat in front of the TV as I heard footsteps. I sat in my seat and pretended to laugh. Micheal looked at me. " What are you laughing about?" " Beavis is ugly!" It worked. " Ok. My mom just got home and we are cooking dinner. Would you like to stay?" I shook my head. " Nah. I should be heading home to take care of Gracie before my parents go out on their date." I got my things and called my mom to pick me up. When I got upstairs, Mari was waiting for me. " Not today, I'm too tired." I pretended to yawn. " It's getting close and you won't live for much longer." She left and I laid in Travis's bed thinking about everything. Mari and Micheal working together to kill me and Gracie. What the f???

I woke up the next morning and sat in Travis's bed. I scanned around the room and came across a box. I got out of bed and walked to the dresser. I untied it and found a locket inside it. Then, my door opened. Michael stood there smiling. " You like it?" He wore a pair of grey sweatpants and a black hoodie.
" I love it! Thanks." I set the necklace back down in the box. He frowned.
" You don't want to wear it?" I looked at him then at the necklace.
" I will wear it later. I don't want to get it wet." I walked to him and kissed his cheek nervously. I walked past him and out the room. I went into the bathroom and held onto the sink. The room started spinning.
" Oh no." Suddenly, I was back at the orphanage. I stood in the middle of the hall and I saw Nirvana being tortured. Mari was cutting her arm. Nirvana's piercing screams rang throughout the building. Then I saw Michael.
" You are a waste of space. The devil is waiting for you." With a swift hand movement, knife in hand, he slit her neck. Nirvana's eyes went black and a black figure appeared in the room. It stood up straight and just like that, Nirvana's soul and body was gone. Michael and Mari disappeared also. I woke up on the bathroom floor.
" Ames? Are you okay," Michael asked outside the bathroom door, " I heard a thump." I struggled to get up and I opened the door slowly.
" I-i-i-i-i-I'm okay," I stuttered. I fixed my shirt and shorts. I didn't know why he was at my house.
" Why are you here?" He leaned against the door frame.
" I was thinking we could go to the beach together and hang out." He stared right into my eyes.
" I'm kind of busy today," I lied. He backed up and said okay.
" I guess I will just see you at school after break then."
" Yeah. After spring break." He walked downstairs and left. I walked to me and Gracie's room. She sat in her bed crying. I looked to her dresser and noticed she wasn't wearing the necklace. Thank god. I sat by her and held her.
" What's wrong?"
" I miss Travis. I feel like it is my fault."
" Why?" She looked side to side. She leaned forward and began whispering, " I had a bad dream." I touched her shoulder to let her know to continue.
" I dreamed that I was at the spot where Travis died. I pushed him, Amy. I killed Travis." She started sobbing again, but she suddenly stopped. Then, I turned and saw Mari.
" Shut up you ungrateful little bitch! Travis deserved to die. Don't forget you and you're precious sister are next." Gracie turned her head.
" I HATE YOU! YOU ARE ALWAYS MAKING ME DO BAD STUFF! I HATE YOU!" Wait, so Gracie knew what Mari was doing to her? I touched Gracie's shoulder. He snapped and slapped me.
" Don't touch me!" She got up and stormed out the room. That's it. I went to my side of the room and began grabbing my things.
" I'm done with this, Mari. You are controlling my sister and ruining my life." She sat on my bed.
" Oh you just realized that?"
" Why are you doing this," I asked her stopping what I was doing.
" You have what I want."
" A family?"
" No. It's what is inside of you and Gracie. It is powerful and can allow me to live in a human's body forever." I just stared at her.
" Whatever it is, just take it."
" You can't just take it. It runs in your blood line. You and Gracie have the most of it than anyone else in our family line." Did she say our?
" What?" Before I could ask what she meant, she was gone. I gathered my things and moved into Travis's room. After setting up in there, I showered and dressed. I grabbed my keys, dropped Gracie off at Greyson's house, then rode my bike to the library. I walked in and saw very few people reading. There was mostly elderly there. The receptionist( librarian whatever you call her) stamping books.
" Excuse me, I'm looking for a family tree history." She smiled at me with her fake teeth. Her grey hair was curled.
" Sure darling. Last name?"
Michaels. She typed it in. After a few clicks and clacks, she handed me 5 books and a diary.
" Here you go."
" Thank you." I sat down and began looking through the books. I found my great grandmother that my mom told me about and my mom's side of the family. None of them looked like Mari. I looked at my dad's side and no one looked like Mari. I found a family wedding picture way back in 1800s. I named everyone in the picture, but the flower girl. I looked closer and then, she winked. Mari! I went back to the lady and asked her who she was.
" Oh that's Maribelle Summers. She died in a fire."
" What relation is she to Eric Michaels?"
" That is his great, great aunt." I cleared my throat.
" Why do you ask?"
" Eric Michaels is my dad."
" Oh my gosh! You must be Amy!" I started to get nervous.
" How do you know me? I've just moved to this town awhile ago?"
" Your dad used to bring you here when you were just a few months old. He would sit at that same table as you and read you these books about your family. He was a lovely young man." A tear fell down my face.
" My dad used to come here."
" Oh yes. He used to visit a house alot. He said he was related to someone who died on that property." She handed a magic book.
" This might come in handy." She winked at me then she disappeared as it she was never there. I sat down again and opened the book. Suddenly, the pages moved on their own. It stopped on one page titled: The Power Within
It said: The long line of Summers contain pieces of the strongest power of all magic. Starting with the first generation, Kadaquemum, a powerful man had the power to kill, destroy, create, and bring back old lives. He died as he recited the words to share his power within his generation of both men and women. It is said that this power reached the last two generations who contain the most power. These two are most likely girls because of the genes. Together, these two can wipe out the whole world and recreate new human beings or bring back someone they want. If someone from the previous generation wants their powers, they would have to kill the provider and creater of the children.
I closed the book. With the book in my hand and my jacket in the other, I ran out. I finally figured it out.

The author's comments:
this rocks

I raced home and opened the door quickly. I stomped upstairs to my new room. I slammed the door shut and opened the book and continued reading.

However, someone can break their bond. ONLY someone blood related. Once the bond is broken, one of them dies and can't come back from the dead. Then, the other person is closer to become the most powerful spirit the world has ever seen. I went online to search up Michael. I found his old pic from he lived his first life and he sat next to Mari. Under the caption it said:
Brother and sister, Michael and Mari Summers die in the orphanage fire. My heart skipped a beat.
I couldn't believe it! Not only are they best friends, but they were separated brother and sister. They just met after birth at the orphanage. They were planning to take over my world and theirs. The spirit world and my world would become one if they ever got Gracie and I's powers. I slammed the computer shut and went outside. I stood in front of the tree where I first saw Mari. She stood there smiling.
" How dare you! You're my blood and you want to kill me? You don't deserve my powers! You don't deserve to live again! Rot in hell!!!!" She smiled larger.
" I already did and now it's your turn." I started to shed tears.
" You're precious daddy, my great great nephew, warned you about me. And you wouldn't listen. And now you asked for it. The moon and the sun will combine in two days." With her having the last word, she left. I ran back in the house and started to gain my powers. I read the book on how to use it positively and win against her. I relaxed my body as I streched out my arms. I felt a tingling sensation running through my body. I opened my eyes to a blue mist around me and an orb in between my hands getting bigger and bigger. I glanced into it as I saw spirits of all my ancestors. They all looked back at me with strength and determination. I smiled and suddenly let the orb it bounced off Travis's walls and landed on the floor and exploded. I tumbled backwards as blue sparks were rleased. I recovered and stood up. There standing was every single generation. They were floating around the room.
" Hello Amy. We are here to help you. Eventhough we still have powers, they are wearing down. At times you may be alone in this fight, but we will try our best to help you." I nodded.
" When do we strike?"
" In 2 full moons. When the sun and the moon combine, which is when we have our least power," said dad.
He touched my cheek.
" My darling, you can do such remarkable things with that power."
" Daddy," I cried. Then I heard someone coming upstairs. Eric opened the door.
" Yeah? You called me?" I fixed my clothes.
" NO."
" I'm going to the store. Need anything?"
" Gummi worms and gummi bears are good." He smiled and kissed my forehead. Since Travis died, he and I became close. He left and the spirits came back for only a few minutes. Then, they left again. I sat on the bed thinking about everything.
How could Michael do this to me? He deserves to die. Bring it, Mari.

The author's comments:
one more chapter

The next day I began practicing. Each spirit would visit during the monday until 11:30 at night. I ran downstairs to grab something to eat when I saw Michael laughing with my mom.
" Hey mom."
" Hey sweetie." I kissed her cheek and glanced at Michael.
" Michael, can I talk to you outside?"
He nodded his head and we walked out onto the porch and I sat on the chair and stirred my Margarita. He leaned against the balcony.
" I know everything, Michael Summers," I started," I know you and Mari are brother and sisters. I know she is my great great aunt, which means you are my great great uncle. I know that you two plan on killing me and Gracie to take over the entire race and destroy this world and create your own. I know about my powers and you're not getting any of it." I stood up and got in his face. I looked into his soul and saw the devil inside him just waiting to come out.
" You and your precious sister are never allowed in this world." I used my power secretly and the bar behind him disappeared as he fell backwards. He stumbled while trying to get up and he stared at me.
I raised my finger and shook it.
" No, no, no. Your powers can't be used in broad daylight. Rule #255." I walked back into my house and watched him leave. I went back to my room and relaxed. The spirits told me to relax before the big day, because as soon as the moon and the sun combine, we are at battle. I enjoyed my day by watching TV. That is until I heard someone say, " I love you Amy." I turned around and saw Travis behind the couch. I started crying. I ran over and hugged him.
" I love you, too." I looked into his eyes and I saw his heart.
" I'm so sorry she killed you."
" It's okay."
" It isn't! Why did you deserve to die?"
He hung his head.
" I'm not just Travis. I was also killed in the fire at the orphanage. I was friends with Nirvana. She told me about you and how you needed me, so I took this life to be with you. I wasn't suppose to fall in love with you, but I did." I stepped away.
" Can I bring you back when I win?"
" You can do whatever you want, Amy." He smiled.
" I will be watching over you tomorrow eventhough I cannot participate in it. I can protect you, though." He left and I laid on the couch thinking about bringing him back and being with him for the rest of my life.
I sat up when I saw Mari.
" Rule #9000 states that you may not show up the day before the battle, Mari. Leave now." She left quickly and I took a nap.
I woke up and practiced three more times before I went to sleep. As I started falling asleep, I felt arms wrap around me.
" Travis?"
"Yea. It's me." I smiled and fell asleep with him beside me.

The author's comments:
This is the last chapter. I was thinking about doing a sequel? Any ideas on that or overall comments on the book? Feel free.

I woke up and gathered my things and left letters for mom and Eric. I snuck out the house so Gracie wouldn't hear me or catch me. I stomped across the earth floor on my way to the woods by the house. Once I reached a damp and dark part of the woods, I took out my cantine and opened it. I threw it and my tent appeared. I looked side to side before entering. It was like one of those extra big tents from Harry Potter. I walked in and sat at the table. I sat my bag on it and laid my head down for a minute. I sat up and went to the fridge. I opened it and took out a water bottle and drank it. I went back outside and put a protection layer around my tent. I went to my bed and thought about Travis. Then I remembered Gracie. Wait! Didn't the ancestors say not to leave her side? I ran out the tent and back home, I busted down the door and saw her standing at the top of the stairs staring down at me. " Amy!" I told her to come here and she jumped from the 5th step. I caught her and glanced back upstairs. Mari stood there smiling evilly. Suddenly, the house shook and things began to fall. " Oh no." I ran back to the tent and laid Gracie on the bed telling her not to move. I went back outside when a bolt of lightening went past my head." Oh so that's how you want to play, auntie." She smiled. " I didn't do that." A figure appeared in the darkness. Michael. " Nice throw, but you didn't angle it right. More like this." I shot my fire power at him as it singed into his body. He fell to the floor and his body disintegrated into the ground. I took off as my ancestors appeared and battled other demon helpers on Mari's side. Then after all the fighting for about an hour, everyone left. My ancestors were in good condition and they wiped out all the demon helpers. Except for Mari. I walked to her. " Did you kill my mom and Eric?" She smiled. " Guilty." She laughed like a little kid would. " You act so innocent, but you're a f*ing bitch." Then, I heard little footsteps coming behind me. " Amy! I had to come. I'm sorry." I turned around at Gracie. " Why didn't you stay in the tent?" " Daddy said it's my turn.I have to finish this." What did dad tell her? She walked up to Mari with a fiery color around her that I never identified. Then, everything turned white. I felt my bones breaking and then BOOM! I woke up and glanced around the room. A nurse came by my bed and and touched my shoulder gently. " Are you alright?" " Who are you? Where am I?" " I'm Nurse Bartlett and you are in the hospital. You had a traumatic head injury, and a broken arm, fractured hip, and a twisted ankle. I sat up and she helped me. Then, a man walked in. " Dad?" He smiled at me. " Hey, sweetie." I hugged him. The nurse left and Gracie walked in. I hugged her and kissed her forehead. " Sweetie, the world was recreated. I recreated everything while you were in your coma for about two years." "So who could you save?" " No one," Gracie said. I started sobbing. After a few minutes of reminiscing, we packed up and got in the car and rode home. Once in the house, dad showed me to my room on the first floor. It was only a one-story house. I sat on my bed and glanced at myself in the mirror. I looked and I didn't see myself. I saw Mari. Then she touched her ( my) neck. Then she pulled down the collar of my shirt and the necklace Michael gave me was around my neck. I reached to find the lock part, but it was gone. Mari smiled and laughed. " You're mine."

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