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The Masked and the Monstrous

May 14, 2022
By MyaLockwood, Pacific, Missouri
MyaLockwood, Pacific, Missouri
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Robin, a loner and outcast, is surprised when her classmate Audrey invites her to hang out with her at her uncle’s cabin for a weekend. Despite her doubt and anxiety, she takes the opportunity with the slim hope that maybe she’ll succeed in finally making a friend and being normal.

Any chance is crushed when she shows up and realizes she wasn’t the only one invited. Audrey’s whole friend group is there, and they aren’t excited to see a random weirdo joining them. Robin’s discomfort and dread beg her to turn back, but shame at being seen as a loser, and a desire to escape her loneliness, motivate her to tag along with them.

Little does she know, she’s not the only one hiding themselves in those woods—and there are monsters out there more than willing to target the more vulnerable to fulfill their hunger.


The Masked and the Monstrous

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