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Twisted Desires

February 18, 2021
By Anonymous


A shop clerk, Robin Steele, meets a man named Neil Timothy. At first, they meet briefly during Robin's shift, then they meet again later that night at a bar after her friend drags her along. They hit it off well and Neil invites her over for a movie. They arrive at Neil's house and Robin watches a movie as Neil goes to "make popcorn," but is actually going to get a knife to kill Robin. When Robin finds out, she runs to hide. She grabs a swiss army knife from one of Neil's coat pockets and hides in his closet, then stabs him when he finds her. This is when she finds out she gains satisfaction from the suffering of others, and she fights her thoughts as she tries to grasp how she really feels, murdering others in the process. I don't have it all planned out step by step, but I'd like to include something like Robin is caught, thrown in a mental asylum, then escapes. I'd also like to include different point of views, like switching between Robin's POV and the investigator's POV, who is also her sister. Her name is Jane.


Twisted Desires

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