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Not so Pleasant

September 28, 2018
By Amooneyham5, Republic, Missouri
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Amooneyham5, Republic, Missouri
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Welcome to Pleasant Valley a ordinary small town with ordinary people. My name is Samantha Jones but everyone in this town calls me Sam. I live with my mom and dad in the same house for 17 years now.  I barely see my parents because they are always at work which is for the local newspaper called “Pleasant news”. Since they go to work early, I have to get up and ready for school all alone, but I have my best friend , Caleb, to walk with to school instead but on weekends he just comes over. Caleb’s family was like my second family but it all fell apart because his dad left 4 years ago. Other than that Caleb is pretty cool. I can’t wait for him to come over today. While I wait I watch the news,

“Good Morning Pleasant Valley” Flashes on the tv screen for a few seconds then the screen goes black. 3 minutes after the tv went black Caleb is at my front door.

“SAM OPEN UP! WE NEED TO TALK!” I open the door and he rushes inside.

“What is going on Caleb? Did you tv screen black out too?”

“Yes it did but that is not all. Someone called me, it was unknown caller ID. They told me some bad things are going to happen soon.”

“I bet it was a prank. Let’s just forget about it and watch movies for the rest of the day.”  After the 3rd movie Caleb’s phone buzzes. It was his mom telling him to turn on the news.

“3 local teenagers were found dead in their houses. They were murdered.” blared from the TV.  Caleb’s phone buzzes. It’s the unknown caller ID. He answers the phone.

“Hello?” Caleb puts it on speaker

“Why did you not believe me when I said something bad is going to happen soon? I have been watching you for a long time now Caleb. Just wait there are more people that will die.” Caleb ends the call. He starts telling me how he is going home. I think he is going to stay up all night to make sure no one breaks in. I shut the door and go to my room and I go to sleep.

The next day I got ready for school and met Caleb outside.

“Hey Caleb! Ready to go?”

“Yeah! Let’s go!”  We head to school and when we arrive, we go our different ways. I go to my first 6 hours. The bell rings and I go to lunch with Caleb.

“Caleb what u going to get for lunch?”

“Uhh I don’t know.” His phone rings. It is his mom, she was shot by someone and she is going to the hospital. I call my dad to tell him to pick us up right now. He was here in a matter of minutes. We soon arrived at the hospital and Caleb dashed to her room. I showed up in the doorway of her room and I saw she was whispering something to Caleb. I watched his face turn pale and his jaw dropped. She laid back down after a few minutes and Caleb rushed over to me.

“What is going on Caleb? Is everything ok?” It was like he saw a ghost or something.  

“ I know who killed those kids and I know who shot my mother.”

“ Who?” He leans over and whispers who it is. I was in shock of who it was.

“ We need to do something about this tomorrow. Ok… Sam?”

“ Ok. ”  I left the hospital to go home. I didn’t want to think so I went to sleep.

It was 9 in the morning when I heard Caleb banging on my front door. I get up to see what he wants.

“ What? I’m still in my pjs.”  I say in a morning voice

“ Sam go get dressed and come on out, I know where the killer lives.” He goes back home. I run to my room and get some clothes on. I head outside.

“Sam! We are taking my moms car to his house”

“Ok, I guess that is ok.”  I run over there and hop in to the car. While he is driving he explains to me what our plan is. Then we arrive at this nice little house and we walk up to the door. Caleb rings the doorbell. We wait for a minute and then someone opens the door.

“ What do yo…” the man went pale and just stared at me and Caleb.

“ Dad we need to talk right now!” Caleb pushes his dad back into the house. His dad sits down calmly. Caleb turns to me.

“ Sam search every room for guns and blood, anything that is proof.” I nod and go to every room. I looked under his dads bed and I find nothing. I go to the next room. My jaw drops and I start to get sick at my stomach. I see a wall covered in papers and string and I see a table with a lot of guns on it. I turn around and shut the door and I walk back to the living room.  I see caleb tied his dad up to a chair. I was proud of him, he did a really good job.

“Caleb I found the proof.” I whisper to him.

“Ok.” He pulls out his phone and dials 9-1-1. He told the person on the phone everything. He ends the call with the police. He turns to me.

“They are coming now. He is going to jail.” He sighs with relief. 5 minutes later they show up and I show them the room. Then one of the officers walk over to Caleb’s dad.

“You are under arrest for the murder of those 3 teenagers and the attempt of murdering your ex wife.”

They put the handcuffs on him and lead him to the cop car. They drive off and we watch until we can’t see the car anymore. I turn to Caleb and give him a big hug. I look up at him before I let go and he kisses me. I was surprised but it got even better when he asked me to be his girlfriend. After a few hours of being questioned by the police, Caleb and I went back home and forgot all about this weekend. It finally went back to our normal routine and I love it more than ever before.

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