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Truth and Justice

April 15, 2014
By Maisie Pearson, Charlotte, North Carolina
Maisie Pearson, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Meg is just a normal girl, if you ignore the fact that she can see truth and justice. Scientists think it's a mutation, but they are unsure. She works for the FBI interrogating murderers and other criminals. She does this with her partner, Nathan.
When a copy-cat Zodiac killer appears in San Francisco, she is called in to help the investigation. This will turn out to be the most dangerous job of her life. Will she survive this job?

Maisie P.

Truth and Justice

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on Apr. 21 2014 at 6:57 pm
WOWriting SILVER, Broadstairs, Other
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Really good ideas, love the eyes thing! I need those sometimes XD Grammar could be improved a bit and was disappointed that she solved it straight away, maybe there could have been a bit more suspense? Still good tho :)