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Transport to Tailainia; The Great Discovery

September 30, 2011
By TemperanceBrennan SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
TemperanceBrennan SILVER, Winnipeg, Other
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"Once you understand that the universe is ever expanding wearing stripes with plaid is easy"- Albert Einstein


Two simple girls from Bennette Burns Elementary are whisked away to a secret world on an island in the pacific by accident... or was it? When they arrived there are people threr who were expecting them and had been waiting for over a century! They also meet other girls in the same position. Not only were they expected they were summoned not only to defeat an unknown evil shadow that lies in the west but act their part as queens, protact the coral castle, and learn magic. Though somehow they have enough time to go to school. Arika also learns of her true past, and where her parents have been for the last eight years. Will she be able to put her duty before her overwhelming emotions? Will Arika, Thalia and the other girls be able to overcome the large amount of obstacles that are ahead with the help from A shapeshifting monkey And Monokeros the Sea Unicorn?


Transport to Tailainia; The Great Discovery

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