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November 15, 2022
By Katelynnculpon, Frederick, Maryland
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Katelynnculpon, Frederick, Maryland
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Dont be afraid to live if your afraid to die

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I want to be a singer/actor

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This is the only chapter

No one was more surprised than I was when my dog Chance began to talk. He told me I was in DANGER! He said There was a gang of cats that he hated VERY VERY much. The cats were big and their hissing sounded like vicious snakes! The leader's name was Calie. 

     “When I was a puppy my family was destroyed by the same gang of cats that are here but now they’re after you and your family.” he told me. “Why would they be after me and my family?” I asked. 

     “Well there's something you need to know,” said Chance. Then I got the shock of my life! He said I am a wizard! “Wha-what n-no I can't be a wizard."

     "if I'm really a wizard how come I dont have powers?” I asked. Chance told me that on my 16th birthday I got my powers.  “They want your magic,'' said Chance. 

     “Wow, so can I turn you into a human or something like that if I wanted to?” I asked. “Yeah but you probably shouldn't,” Chance replied. “Why?” I asked. He told me that I can kill both of us if it goes wrong. “Oh ok won't do that then.” I nervously giggled. 

     "Can we go outside?, I need to think about things." I asked. He said yes. we went outside when chance shouted “U-u-um RUN! RUN!”. “Wait!, What?, Why?"  I slowly turned around with my hands shaking and my head filled with curiosity. What I saw will give you nightmares! I saw a dozen cats and so many aliens that they filled up the long wide street! “OH NO! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NOW!?!?!”, I shouted! “Use your magic! NOW!” Chance said in a serious voice. “B-but what if I kill us!?” I said in a shaky voice . “Well it's our only choice, if we don't try then we'll die anyway so it's worth trying.

      "I'll tell you what to do, clear your mind, then think of a safe place and say shubax dubax teleportiex.” Chance replied. So I did what he said to do. I cleared my mind and said shubx dubx teleportiex. 

     “Omg it worked We did it, But where are we?” I asked. Chance told me that I teleported us to a safe house in the middle of the desert. “We should be safe here for now but we need to make a plan quickly before they find us.” Chance said. 

     We decided that chance would teach me how to use my magic. We were safe there for about 2 weeks. In that time I learned all the magic that I needed in order to defeat the cats. “Its go time!” we said in a confident voice. 

     We had to put on armor so that we wouldn't get hurt, then I cleared my mind and said “Arorex Pretectx!” I watched in amazement as the armor slowly appeared from the warm, soft, gentle air. 

     “Ok. Now that we have the armor on, you need to turn me into a human because if I’m a dog, I won't be able to help as much”, Chance said. I turned him into a human. “Wow! You look way different than I thought you would”, I said in shock.

     The next step is to find them, but where would they be?”, he wondered. We were thinking of where they would be when it hit me. “Wait! You said that the gang of cats were looking for me and my family and that they want my magic, right?” I said with an idea in my head. “Yeah?” He said in a confused voice. “Well, what if I try to lure them into a trap because they don't know that I know how to use my powers. So if I stand around my house then they might come and we will be able to defeat them”, I said confidently. 

     “That's a really good idea!”, Chance said surprised. “Wait, why did you say it like that? Because I can come up with good ideas too!”, I said. “No, I didn't mean it like that”, Chance giggled. 

     Then we teleported to my house. Chance hid in the bush while I was standing in front of my house. Then they came, the gang of cats. I couldn't move. I was frozen in place. It turns out the cats have magic powers too! “AHHHHHH! HELP! CHANCE PLEASE COME HELP ME AHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. My hands were sweating and my face went from confident to worried, I thought I would never see my family again! Then I felt something hit me and I blacked out.      Then they came, the gang of cats. I couldn't move. I was frozen in place. It turns out the cats have magic powers too! “AHHHHHH! HELP! CHANCE PLEASE COME HELP ME AHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed. My hands were sweating and my face went from confident to worried, I thought I would never see my family again! Then I felt something hit me and I blacked out. 

     “Where am i?” I muttered as my eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness of the room. I couldn't see much but it looked like I was in a shaggy old worn out room. “HELLO?” “Is anyone there?” “Where am i?” I shouted hoping that someone would tell me what was going on. Then suddenly a cat came in. hello young one. Calie said in a creepy voice. 

     “What are you planning to do with me?” I asked. “I will take your powers and create my own super villain cat army so I can take over the world mwahahahahahaha.” Calie laughed maniacally. “Well you will never get away with it, chance will be here any minute now!” I said in a confident voice. “Oh really well my highly advanced security system with cameras covering the whole building inside and out, microphones that detect any sound, and motion sensored alarms say otherwise.” Calie said with a smirk on her face. I sighed just accepting my defeat. 

     A little later calie came back in the room and told me to come with her and that i shouldn't try to escape. I sighed once again. “Ok fine.” I said. “Where are we going?” I asked in an annoyed tone. “Has anyone ever told you that you ask too many questions!?” Calie said very annoyed. “OH I'M SORRY IM ASKING A TOO MANY QUESTIONS BUT I JUST FOUND OUT IM WIZARD,I HAVE POWERS, THERE'S A BUNCH OF CATS TRYING TO STEAL MY POWERS,AND I HAVE A TALKING DOG, SO OH I'M SORRY AM I ASKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS FOR YOU!?!?!?!?!” I screamed. 

     “Ok we're here, now stay here and don't move. I'm getting the tool for us to remove your powers.” Calie said. “U-um, who is us?” I asked. “Oh don't you remember? The aliens that were with me and the other cats on your birthday.” Calie said while grinning. I stayed silent while calie walked out of the room. 

     As soon as she left I started to plan my epic escape. “Maybe if I try hard enough I could make a clone of myself?” I thought. “Ok here it goes.” I muttered then to my surprise a clone of myself popped up. “Wow, what cant I do with my powers?” I said in amazement. 

     I started to walk out of the room when calie walked back in! “WERE YOU TRYING TO ESCAPE?!?!?!” Calie shouted at me. You're going to be in a lot of trouble. GUARDS!” Calie shouted. 

     The guards came in and I was so nervous that my hands were sweating. I blasted them and ran out the door. I was so close to the door! “Yes, I'm going to escape!” I screamed excitedly in my head. “Ow!” I yelled. A bracelet looking thing was wraped around my ankle. “What is this?” I thought in my head. 

     Then a guard came up and grabbed my arm. I went to blast him but my powers wouldn't work. “What's wrong with my powers?” I asked the guard. “The ring around your ankle is deactivating your powers.” He said with a stern face. Then when I was back in the room. 

     The guard said that calie was taking a break because I blasted her. Then the guard walked out of the room and locked it. 

     A half an hour later “BAM!!!” The window shattered and chance came in. "AH jeez you guys startled me, Wait, how are you a dog again because the last time I saw you, I turned you into a human and who is this other dog with you?” I asked chance. “I'll explain later right now we need to get out of here!” Chance told me. So we crawled out of the window. 

     When we got far away from the cat's secret hideout, Chance told me that his friend's name was Dexter and he's the one who turned him back into a dog. “Oh ok.” I Said. “Hi, nice to meet you.” Dexter said in a sweet voice. “Nice to meet you too.” I replied. 

     “We need to finish the battle! We need to make a plan!” I said. “Ok so what do you think we should do first in our plan?” Dexter asked. “So first we should sneak back into the cat's hideout and use your invisibility power to turn us all invisible and we should take out all of the guards with your blast. Once we do that we need to go to calies room and kill her off.” Dexter said. “That won't be as easy as you made it seem, calies hideout has a highly advanced security system with cameras covering the whole building inside and out, microphones that detect any sound, and motion sensored alarms.” I added. “Jeez you know a lot about that place, '' Chance said. “Yeah calie told me all about it including that there is one main button that will shut down all the security cameras and alarms, but that's on the inside so we can't get to it” I replied. “Oh ok well then we should turn invisible before we go in and we should go in through the roof.” Dexter said. “Yeah and I'll use my lasers to gently laser out a small hole in the roof.” I added. “Then you can use your telekinesis to lift up the circle you cut out of the roof so that it doesn't make a loud noise.” Chance also added. 

     “Ok let's go win the final battle!” We all said at the same time. 

     We spied on calie for a couple months and I found out her schedule. Her nap time is from 1:00-3:00 Then she eats at about 3:05. So we need to sneak in at about 1:05  then we take out all the guards, I said. Wait wouldn't she hear the alarm? Asked dexter. no because her bed has a soundproof box around it but they still have cameras all around and in the building so i think what we should do is when we get there I'll turn into a dog and we all will sit at the front door and act like we're scared and lost then they will bring us inside. We will give them puppy dog eyes once all the guards are near us. We will bite them all. Oh wow that's a really good plan. Dexter and Chance said. Yup I knew it would be, I replied in a self confident voice. 

     ok lets go so i teleported  me, chance, and dexter over to the building. Then I turned into a dog and we all sat at the door looking lost and scared. Then they opened the door and let us in. 

     The guy started to tell the other guard to come to where he was. A couple minutes later the other two guards came over and said in a panicked voice what's wrong?! Nothing, I just found three cute little puppies. He replied. Aww they're so cute the other guards said. We all looked at each other and it's like we could read each other's minds. OW!!! all the guards streaked, 

     then we ran as fast as we could over to calies room. How do we get in? Chance said in a panicked voice. U-u-u-um we teleport! I replied in a shaky voice. So we teleported into calie's room and she didn't look happy to see us. Hello we meet again chance, dexter, and magic human. Calie said. It's casondra! I replied back yeah yeah whatever. Calie rolled her eyes. 

     Chance and Dexter ran as fast as they could to her and bit calies leg. "ow! you stupid dogs." She screamed, 

     "well unlucky for you I have lots of traps" caile said then chuckled. Wait wha-AHHHHHH! Me, Dexter, and Chance screamed. That pit will fill with acid, don't worry it won't hurt a little it will hurt a lot ok bye now! calie laughed. Guys we need to get out. OH NO guys it's already started. Dexter said in a concerned voice. I thought we would at least have a little time until it started. I replied 

     well I guess this is it chance said in a sad tone. We all hugged each other and boom a rainbow light shot us up out of the pit. Guys what just happened!? I asked, feeling relieved. It's our best friend's power. Dexter said. 

     What! How'd you guys get out!? Calie yelled. No matter how hard you try you will never destroy us. I said back to calie. Yes I will! Calie yelled. Then she started to run toward us. Are you ready guys, I asked. Yup dexter and chance said at the same time. We hugged and BOOM calie was blasted into the pit! NOOOOO!!! calie yelled. Well we finally did it, we won the battle. I said. Then we all hugged, BOOM! We all pulled away from each other whoops I guess we forgot, i said then we all laughed.

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