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Clementine's Forest

January 21, 2021
By jalvara, Ventura, California
jalvara, Ventura, California
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It’s the summer after Clementine’s first year of college and she came back to her small hometown of Crumville. Clementine has fond memories of being in her hometown, but no credit is due to the town. The truth is, Clementine’s first year away from home was the most thrilling time of her life; nothing seems to move in Crumville. She takes a trip to a city called Kingston an hour away. Kingston is different, Kingston is always the vacation destination for people in Crumville. Clementine drove and drove until she was in the middle of nowhere, she just wanted to get away. When she left her car she loved the sight of the beautiful flowers next to her, and noticed a forest up ahead. She learns this forest is called Fleur Forest and it’s nothing like she’s ever seen before. 



This forest is filled with an array of colors and flowers, and once Clementine’s deep in the forest she notices a small cabin. As she’s going into the cabin she realizes there is someone inside so she runs back to her car and begins her trip home. Clementine is thrilled to tell her parents about what she saw, no one has ever heard of a forest in Kingston. When she tries to show her parents the next day she drives to the Fleur Forest but the forest is gone. She can’t believe her eyes, instead of a beautiful forest she’s staring at a desert. Determined to discover what is going on and find out who was in the cabin, she embarks on a journey with her best friend Rose. Without looking back they take a trip to Kingston and stay for the entire summer in search of the Fleur Forest.

Jasmine A.

Clementine's Forest

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