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Dead Space

May 15, 2019
By Zany_Zach, Lebanon, Ohio
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Zany_Zach, Lebanon, Ohio
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Author's note:

This story was made when I was in sixth grade and isn't that long if you'd like a sequel let me know also this story was helped by Jacob A

Written by: Zachary 
Edited by: Jacob 

“Hey, you ready for our field trip?”
“Yeah, totally dude look there's the ship!”
“Wow it's so pretty!”
“Yeah you're right” As we get closer to the ship we realized it’s abandoned but it was too late something happened to the autopilot and we crashed straight into it “Willam,,where are you” I look to the left and see the same thing my other classmates see. My best friend William is in two different pieces and we just found the bottom! “OMG!”
“Becky everything will be ok! Just calm down.”
“How is everything gonna be ok when our ship just crashed and William is in TWO DIFFERENT FREAKIN PIECES!!!?”
Everyone hops out of the bus and walks into the main lobby of the abandoned ship. Obviously, no one is there so we step in an elevator hopefully leading deeper into the ship then some sort of creature jumps through the window stops the elevator door and grabs Becky.while another creature tries to grab another kid but it fails because the door slammed shut cutting the creature's head clean off! As the elevator goes down we hear screams. “Guys this might be bad timing but I need to go to the bathroom ”
“Woah calm down Brittney want us to die? If so keep screaming.”
“Oh yeah, I forgot about the aliens trying to KILL US OUT THERE!”
Then the elevator started screeching and halted to a stop.
“Guys the elevator stopped….”
“Oh god, Oh god we’re all gonna die!”
Some kind of deep muffled voice outside of the elevator is heard by everyone. We all start eavesdropping “Yeah I think someone is on the ship because there are heat signatures all over the ship. We all start leaning on the door but everyone regretted that decision when the doors open everyone screams because jack falls out of the elevator and gets killed by an alien so I grab a pipe near the corner of the elevator and whack the alien upside the head, it stopped breathing. We stepped out the elevator and the first thing I did was run to the room with computers and stuff. I found some sort of laser device it had a trigger so of course I pulled it and it shot a beam of light and cut off a dead dudes arm! I thought if it can cut off a human's arm then it can cut aliens! “Guys look I found a gun!”
“Woah really no way!”
“Can I try!?”
“No me first me first!”
“No one is touching this besides me!”
A computer or something turns on in the other room and distracts everyone it says the aliens are called necromorphs! “Those poor things!”
“Ok guys don’t get crazy. Those things aren’t nice, you know they killed someone right in front of us and without me, you would all be dead right now!”
“Yeah guys he has a point without him we would be-”
“How would we die without you?!”
“Well, I did kill one by hitting with a pipe no one else was gon-”
As Brittney ran away, everyone sat there and figured out how we’re getting out of here.
“Guys you know we just go back up the elevator and-”
“The ship is crashed remember”
“Oh yeah…”
“How about we find a new one?”
“Do you have a map?”
“Guys there's a stand with some right there!”
All 3 of us stand up and grab one “it says there's a docking station at the back of the ship.”
“Let's get a move on then!”
Everyone starts going we have no idea where Brittney went but the 3 kids walked off down the corridors never to be seen again! BEEP BEEP BEEP CLICK “yaaaawwnn”
“What time is it?”
I look at the clock “6:30!” it's so early I might as well go back to bed. “DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT GOING BACK TO BED ISAAC!”
“Fine Mom!” I sat on my chair and turn on my tv. And the first channel on was the local news “As you can see the spaceship has been abandoned, last people to go on was a ship of kids. We’ve found 10 bodies and 3 of them are kids, the rest are presumed dead.”Omg is that true, well I guess that's what the boss is gonna make me do this week. Go find those kids on that ship.
1 week later
If you look to your left you’ll see your worst nightmare. Aliens or some creatures known as necromorphs live here.”So how have you been?”
“Why are you asking that you see me every day?”
“Last time I’ll probably say it.”
“You don’t know how dangerous this is do you?”
“Considering I didn’t know I might die, no not really!”
“Well strap your big boy pants on and get ready to meet some aliens!”
I walked over to my room on the Aurora and put on my R.I.G and hopped in the escape pod. Then it shoots me down towards the unknown abandoned ship. As I dock, well technically crashed straight into it, I see bodies hanging from the ceiling. I see a crashed school bus so I slowly sneak over to it and see a kids body split in two! “I figured they would clean up the bodies, but I guess not!”
Then all of a sudden I hear a really loud scream in the distance and I practically teleport since I ran so fast. Then I see a blood trail so I follow it and then see about 40 dead bodies including the girl that screamed!
“What have I gotten myself into? I walk over to the dead bodies to scan their R.I.G and only 15% were actually known to be on this ship “They must have been sent to find the kids! I see weird figures in the distance “HELLO!!? Who are you?!”
Then all of a sudden the figures get bigger, scarier, and nastier, as they charge at me! I pull out my security electric baton S.E.B and beat them so much they're practically a puddle by the time I've stopped hitting them! I run down the hallway because I hear more coming from behind me. But of course, the door at the end of the hallway is locked! As I contemplate my life decisions the door behind me opens and I’m dragged into the next room! I try getting up but a person picks me up instead
“Are you ok?”
“Yeah, I'm fine.”
“Ok ok quiet down before they come in and eat us!”
“Ok sorry but I'm pretty sure they aren't gonna eat us they aren't zombies, are they? Because a zombie alien would be terrifying!”
“No, they're not”
I dust myself off and look around to what looks like a safe room I am
In.” hey is this suppose to look a bomb bunker?
“Why would they put a bomb bunker on a spaceship? But let's introduce ourselves properly my names Cate nice to meet you!”
“Nice to meet you too I'm Isaac!”
“Well, Isaac we need to find some kids-”
“That got lost here 6 years ago!”
“How did you know that?”
“That's the only reason I'm here!”
“Ok well, do you work for A.L.H”
“Yes, I do Alien Lifeform Hunting!”
“That's amazing I work for them too! That's weird because I've never seen you at work?”
“I'm not on the Aurora”
“Oh, that's the one I'm on.”
“Ok let's move out! Gear up there's a security outfit in the closet it's got a nice blaster too! It's even got an oxygen tank because the next safe room is past a breach in the ship but it's a great view!”
“Ok let's move out!”
As we walk down the hall we hear gunshots! We duck down behind a staircase. After the gunshots stop I slowly peek over, luckily I don't get my head shot off!
“You didn't tell me there were other humans!”
“Well, it was a little too late since you wanted to walk out the safe room so fast!”
We move closer to the front of the ship to get to the escape pods since most people on this ship that escaped after the outbreak said they saw kids going to the escape pods but apparently heard kid screams shortly after!
“So how did you get assigned this job since I was too?”
“I guess they assumed I was dead.’
“How long have you been on the ship!?”
“Like a week now!”
“Ok we need to get out of here it's way too dangerous here!”
I start hearing noises but these were different noises not like any other! It's an alien sound but it sounds louder it isn't one of the small aliens! We started hearing a loud bang then a giant explosion!”
We start sprinting down the hallway towards the next safe room not knowing how close or how far the giant thing was. By the time we make it to the end of the hallway, we get stopped by a giant pile of metal that fell in front of us. But of course, I made it past it. But sadly Cate didn't make it! So She screamed in pain when the rubble hit her, but I couldn't help her the metal was too heavy and my oxygen tank was running out, then the bangs stopped! And then loud roars filled the room followed by screams. I made a split second decision and ran on my own leaving Cate behind to sit there before dying by the giant alien monster!! When I get to the next monorail I ride to section B closer to where the kids are supposed to be then I hear screaming across the hall. Then the giant bangs started up again which I think is Cate so I tried calling her but she didn’t answer so I just ignore the screaming. Once I arrived I saw a ton of blood so I pressed the button on my neck and my helmet unfolds and lowers on my head so I don’t vomit from looking at the blood! I go over to the next pod and lay down and sleep for a little while. Then I get woken up by another scream! I run to where the scream is and I see a girl holding a syringe which is pretty suspicious so I ask her ¨what are you doing? And why are you screaming as loud as you can!¨ ¨Well I heard some alien noises and I grabbed the nearest weapon!¨ ¨I hope you know that syringe will do nothing.¨ Whatever!¨ As soon as I start heading back to the monorail she gets up and sprints past and gets in there first so I start speed walking to get there faster and we ride it to the next part of the ship, the abyssal zone which is the deepest and darkest part of the ship. Hints the name! What I'm afraid of is some angler fish looking alien which would be terrifying! After we passed the iron beams of light everything got dark beside the monorail which would probably look like it's flying since the rails are pretty much invisible in the dark! We feel a rumble on the train and then we all of a sudden stop and then SNAP!! We’re in free fall we don't even know it we fell pretty far but we had a pretty soft landing! I start hearing people all around me then I start floating am I going to heaven? When I started floating I felt no pain, no weight, no worries but then I fell again on some kind of bed and when my eyes opened and my helmet unfolded I saw one thing! people not aliens but a rescue team! And the girl was there so she was getting patched up from when she got messed up by something! Hopefully, she is ok I don't want to see another person die! I start to get up but I'm strapped to an IV so I just decide to lay back down. I keep repeating “I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die” and then aliens start falling from the top of the abyssal zone so I get up to unplug the IV grab a flashlight and start sprinting down the hallway and don't dare to look behind me! Then all of sudden see light coming from a door and I slam it open and then I'm at a monorail again I got inside and left the abyssal zone and just in the nick of time because the aliens just go there as I left! As I’m riding I feel a sharp pain in my hip as I go to grab my side my hands are twitching and green thing are popping up all over them! Antizin I need some Antizin! I enter on my R.I.G 1 dose of Antizin and a syringe pops out from the R.I.G and I inject into my side. After the pain finally leaves and I arrive at the escape pods! I step out and start looking for the kids.
“Kids it's ok it's just a human I'm here to take you home just come on out and we can leave!” of course there was no answer because why were there be kids hanging out at the escape pods of a ship for 3 months
“Well, well, well isn’t the guy that left me to die a while ago?”
“Who is that show yourself I have a S.E.B and a blaster I'm not scared to fight!”
“Well, why should I let you live any way you’ve done a poor job surviving on your own anyway!”
“Ow, where am I? Oh god don't tell me I'm still on this stupid ship!”
I seem to be laying on a bed and in an escape pod!?
“No it can't be there's no way that person knocked me out and threw me on an escape pod!” and that's exactly what he did! I went to grab the gear to put it in drive but the gear switcher and steering wheel was missing and through the windshield I see a sight I shouldn't see a giant asteroid heading right for my escape pod so I leaned all the way to the left to avoid the asteroid and now it's heading straight for the ship and just as I thought the asteroid slams straight into the ship and the dark matter reactor explodes sending dark matter everywhere and then BOOM!! My escape pod rammed into the other ship the Exodus the rescue ship that is 2 weeks late! But I didn't crash they docked me on here and opened my escape pod and the kids were here the entire time that's why an escape pod was missing! Then debree starts heading straight for the Exodus and we start departing heading home to Earth as we know it!!

The End

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