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May 15, 2019
By Wikata, Paris, Tennessee
Wikata, Paris, Tennessee
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"Emotion, like a river, can sweep away anyone who doesn't know how to tread its turbulence."


Richard's day starts out normal: he has quiet time, goes to excersize, everything seems normal. He has been here for years, hoping desperately that the doctors and scientists will come up with a cure for this disease of sorts. He surprisingly gets a message that he has a visitor, and he is shocked at the change in scedule. He enters the meeting room to find his parent, who he hasen't seen in years. They tell him that a cure is found, and that he wil be leaving later that day. He eats his last meal there, and they take him home, where he witnesses the interactions of his family, and has high hopes for the future.

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William T.


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