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Fire and Magic

December 14, 2016
By MegaraBane BRONZE, Blanchester, Ohio
MegaraBane BRONZE, Blanchester, Ohio
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Mireille is a mage--a magic wielder--of seventeen summers. She travels alone and is skilled in the art of magic--far more skilled than any other in her class. This skill has made her an outcast, and after the destruction of her village three summers ago, she travels alone.


Calix is a swordsman of eighteen summers, born into the caste system of his village, Lupe Ruin. He is cold and never lets anyone in, save for his brother and his best friend. When his family is the one that takes in Mireille when she stumbles upon their village, how in the world will his life ever go back to normal? But does he mind, he ponders, as he stares up at the stars in secret, wondering how far they stretch.


Rafe is a swordsman, eighteen summers, with a mysterious past and a quiet upbringing as an outsider to the village, rescued with only a pendant to his name. He has a secret--but is it a secret he will let anyone know? He would take it to the grave with him, to protect those he cares about and to make sure others do not fear him as he fears himself.


The wind carries whispers of an uprising. But what are three travelers supposed to do?


Fire and Magic

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