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The Party of a Lifetime

March 23, 2014
By HaleyAngelEyes96 PLATINUM, Johnston, Rhode Island
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HaleyAngelEyes96 PLATINUM, Johnston, Rhode Island
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Favorite Quote:
"A broken heart can not be fully fixed, just repaired for the moment </3"
"When the going gets tough, knock someone out" ;D <3
"It's easy to fail, hard to succeed"

Author's note: This is more so a metaphor of my emotions of how something happened in my life. Now obviously it was not exactly this way. But I feel betrayed by a friend and an ex that I thought I knew once. Ever since then they changed me into something I wish I never was. I can never be who I once was either.

A beautiful young adult of the age of nineteen went to a party with her friend.The young adult is a female with amazingly long gorgeous blonde hair with these perfect banana baby curls.Deep light crystal blue eyes, as deep as the ocean and as charming as a sapphire. Body figure is the shape of an hourglass however no one can see her life is ticking away. Every second she is getting closer to death. The blonde girl's name is Arianna, and her friends name is Christina. Christina is the complete opposite of her friend. Straightened short, shoulders length the color of blood red. The body shape was not an hourglass however she is far from big too. The two girls have drove to this party that Christina had invited Arianna too, which never happens normally it's Arianna asking and Christina denying the invite.
They parked across from the house in a black 911 turbo porsche that Arianna's dad bought her. She was not a spoiled brat at all however when she does ask her father for things, he would buy them for her since he owns a famous company and is practically rich. Arianna was the popular, pretty girl in college, the University of Arizona. Both of the girls go there and that is how they know each other. Walking up the path to this strange home that contains a party. No sound is heard from outside, are they even at the right place? Christina opens the door confidently and walks in as the door is creaking open. The party was not what Arianna had expected. The color black is everywhere, the walls, the clothes, the candles that are lit which is the only light in the house. The window were covered in black curtains which have the ability to keep sunlight out, not that light would get in with the windows also painted black. It was like that song she heard once "Paint It Black" where everything must be black to these people. The people looked as if they were dead people walking with their pale skin. All eyes are staring at her, no one is smiling, nothing looks happy. She was the odd one out in this scenario. However Christina, her friend was one of them.
The friend was able to jump into dancing to the music they are playing very loudly. The blonde, Arianna was frightened by this music, it was mostly screamo music and singers like Marilyn Manson. Should could barely even understand what they were saying most of the time. Everyone in the group was original, they didn't have natural appearances at all. Each person had a different color of hair, with black out eyes with makeup for girls as if they had two black eyes. Not a curl in sight. Arianna tried to go along with this party so her friend would not get angry with her like usually. Christina has a bad temper and if things don't go how she wants it, all of hell breaks out.
Later a boy she does not even know walks up to the blonde offering her a drink of alcohol, "it fine, just drink it. No cops will come and arrest you if that's your worry" Her nerves said no, however Christina took a sip of a different cup nodding at her friend. Trembling Arianna at first took a small sip, but she enjoyed the taste, so then decided to guzzle it down. An ear to ear grin appeared on this boys face once she was done with her drink. She was growing a liking to this strange music some how, she found herself dancing and actually having a great time. She danced differently than the others. As if she again was the sore thumb sticking out. After a while she started to feel light-headed, along with a splitting headache. Maybe she had too much to drink. Trying to shake it off, she continues dancing can't upset Christina she thought over and over.

Suddenly a headache starts pounding in her head. The pain is so tremendous that the blonde puts a hand to her head, with her back hunched over as if she got punched in the stomach. Only her friend cares to pay attention to her at first. Christina decides its a good idea to find a place to lay Arianna down. By then this poor blonde is going to pass out in a strange home she's never been in before and surrounded by people she does not know. Her friend and her figured out Arianna had been drugged by the drinks the people offered her. Sadly though as soon as Christina had a place to lay her friend down, she thinks it's okay to rejoin the rest of the crew again. Leaving her friend, alone, defenseless and vulnerable.
Later that day Arianna awakens only opening her eyes at first to see a blurry sight for a minute or two in a stranger area. She is definitely not where she remembers passing out even if she did get moved a little, or anywhere familiar. She tries to stretch out as if she was still laying down but quickly realizes her arms are chained above her head, back against this cold stone wall, sitting on the stone floor. The girl is sitting in a completely stone room with fire on a wooden club for light like in the olden days. It's so cold in here, she feels extremely weak as if she would not even be able to stand without help. She beings to analyze herself looking to see if anythings different. Getting a better look at herself, she notices how pale she is now then before, as if she had seen a ghost. Her natural banana curls are gone along with her blonde hair, it has knots and is tangled, the color faded into a different shade of blonde a lifeless blonde. Clothes are ripped, torn and dirty from head to toe. What the hell is going on? She thought to herself, panicked. A strange noise is heard in the distant, in the darkest section of the room. A shadowy figure of a humans body enters slowly inside this chamber Arianna is trapped in.
It was too dark in that corner to see who it was, to see what it was. A deep sinister laugh if heard along with boots tapping the floor as if this thing is pacing.
"Hello Arianna" the figure slithers out of his mouth.
"Where am I? How do you know my name? Why am I here? Where's my friend?" She breathes out. Friend, it just reminded her, what did happen to her friend.
"Don't worry about her, she is safe, however I'd be worried about yourself and those chains you are in" a smile is seen from the dark that he chooses to stay in. "She left you alone to join that party that you had passed out at." Another sinister laugh is let out. The faded blonde is looking down in shock hearing what this thing is saying. Why would he tell her this? Could it all be a part of a trick?
"Where am I and how do you know me?" She tries to use a stern voice however she is somehow out of breath without even doing anything.
"You are from the party and I was there myself, but I hid and watched. Christina is supposedly your best friend but it isn't the same the other way around. I brought you here to tell you the truth, and give you a remarkable offer," the smile has yet to fade off his face. "Your friend is nothing but a liar, you two aren't truly friends. She only is friends with the kind of people at that party why else could she be your "friend". If you'd like I can help you. If you want her friendship or just plain revenge I can make you become one of them." He uses the word as if those people they were with at the party were not human.

"No I refuse to believe you!" screaming as loud as she can.
The man in the shadow starts to laugh once again. "Go ahead be as loud as you want no one can hear you. You're my little damsel in distress. I will not let you leave until you agree to let me change you."
"Change me? Change me how?" Looking in his direction, fear starts to show on her face. Arianna begins to silently crying to herself, she felt like it was some sort of nightmare from the drug and alcohol she took.
"To be like us," this stranger stands out of the light. Half of his body looked like a lizard, while the other half was human. A wing is on the side of the lizard part of him along with a tail that stretches about three feet.. "Oh, and if you don't join us, you will die a long and painful death. So I'd chose wisely if I were you"
Arianna start to kick in a frantic motion, unknowing of what to do. Beginning to cry hysterically She could not join whatever he is, whatever they are. Are they all lizard things or just him and they are all their own creative thing? Why did she ever go to that party she now begins questioning herself.
"If you need a few days I will give it to you. Also I'll answer any questions you have." The half man half lizard adds.
Arianna's friend came back to mind. "If she isn't my friend why did she hang out with me, and us have all those fun times?"
"To trick you into putting your guard down to lead you to us, you will do the same until there is no humans left on this god forsaken planet. Our plan is to take over this world. Some humans we eat and others we think have potential and is decide to add to our group. If they refuse then sentenced to death. Oh and if you are wondering your creature will pick you. It can be painful process depending on what even think to picks you. Your body must fight with each creature until your body wins. In rare occasion there are two wars or more your body wins." The sinister smile and laugh is there everytime he is done talking.
Wars inside the body, and creature chooses you and no more human race left on the earth that is known as home. She was begging those drugs to be giving her this vision of insanity. Her heart was racing, breathing short loud breaths. Sweat is pouring out of her body even though she feels so cold. Arianna could barely fathom the part of Christina not really even being her friend. Now she must make a choice of death or becoming half of some creature that she doesn't want to be. She felt anger raging inside her. "This is a dream, you are not real. You are just some bastard in my imagination and I'm tripping on some type of crap that guy gave me at the party. That, is, all."

"You shouldn't have said that little girl. I have a short temper and will kill you if you give me reason." He walks backwards into the darkness. Yelling and screaming from that direction is heard. Shortly it all starts, and the figure that was a man is no longer. Instead a longer tail is showing in the light. Spikes are poking out of it, so sharp. This creature is fifteen times bigger than the man that was standing there a moment ago. He was not a lizard, he IS a dragon. A claw peaks out taking a step closer to the girl chained on the ground. Slowly with every step the girl got the full glance of the guy that was just speaking with her a second ago. Terrified with fear she begins to scream at the top of her lungs. Screaming for help, for someone to hear, however no one comes to her rescue, no one can hear her petty screams. The dragon that once was a man is laughing at her. "You will become one of us or I'll rip you apart with my claws, slowly digging them into your flawful skin." His voice was deeper, more evil sounding.
She knew she didn't want to die. She needed to confront her friend. She wanted to be alive however after today she didn't know how alive she would be. Giving up she replies to the dragon "fine tell me what to do I'll be like you.". Hanging her head in defeat. When she looks back up she sees the man that was once a beast. Smiling his ear to ear grin with great pleasure. She knew that she no longer would be herself. She no longer would be Arianna, that would be her name but would mean only a memory of her former self. The man unhinged the chains from the wall and used them as a leash so Arianna could not get away. She was too weak to even try, her screams and the weight of the chains kept her feeling of fatigue. He then send the poor once beautiful blonde into a room of darkness with others in there. She somehow was no longer afraid of what was possibly could be in the darkness because she already faced the biggest fear she could ever face; the near death experience and losing her best friend.
After this procedure she really was not herself. She thought differently, acted differently, even looked differently. Nothing about that brightly, gentle, kind spirit with bright colors on the outside was there. Arianna could never go home, she would have to give her poor father excuse after excuse or just stage a death. For that she wanted everyone to pay for what they did. Christina for being the fake friend taking her there, the boy that supplied the drink to make her pass out. Also Arianna wanted the man who changed her to suffer. She became one of everyone else that she saw today yet something still made her different than them. She was them but not a part of them. Making up her mind she will use her new abilities to end them instead of the human race.
She was someone who belonged at the party she first went to but only to harm those who trick people and warn the normals(the nickname for humans) it's a trap. It really was all a set up from her so called friend. Now all she needed to do was get her revenge on all them creatures. Arianna who was once a blonde now has straight sky blue haired, extreme pale skin, and eyes the color of the cut gemstone hematite. After one day from going to a party to leaving not the Arianna she once was, is now and forever will be on a mission...

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on Oct. 9 2014 at 7:50 pm
HaleyAngelEyes96 PLATINUM, Johnston, Rhode Island
20 articles 1 photo 16 comments

Favorite Quote:
"A broken heart can not be fully fixed, just repaired for the moment </3"
"When the going gets tough, knock someone out" ;D <3
"It's easy to fail, hard to succeed"

Oh Damien I would love to write more stories if I had the time plus I am not on this website much anymore but I will be posting on fan fiction when I get everything typed up. Also possibly on fiction press will I be publishing if not I will try to post here. Thank you for the lovely feedback :) I apologize for not seeing it until now.

Damien05 said...
on Mar. 26 2014 at 10:24 pm
I think this is really good! I love the symbolism involving what Arianna becomes after everything. I hope you write moore