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Sebastian's Love Journey

November 14, 2022
By cnweber1, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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cnweber1, Martinsburg, West Virginia
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Author's note:

Hey, I'm Caitlin. I love writing and photography. I'm 16 and a junior in high school. 

The author's comments:

It's not necessarily a chapter, it's a short story for my creative writing class. 

Our lips are colliding, but I don’t really know what I’m doing. This love thing is so confusing. She pulls me on top of her. Her skin is so soft and silky. It’s not comforting. “I can’t do this! I’m sorry.” “Sebastian, what are you doing?! You can’t do this to me! I will ruin your reputation!” I couldn’t care less; I barely have a reputation to begin with. Brittany isn’t going to damage it in any way. I slam the door shut on my way out. 
Both of my moms greeted me on the way into the kitchen, pestering me with questions. “How was the date? Did you kiss her? Did you say, ‘I love you’?” Sighing, I quickly answer their questions with one word. “Fine. No. No.” They think I can’t see the exchange of worried looks. I don’t acknowledge it; I run up the stairs to get to my room quicker. What was I thinking? So stupid. Brittany slept with almost all the guys at the school. After tonight, I don’t think I can even try to get past first base with a girl. They’re so confusing and frustrating and... Just thinking about girls makes me disgusted.  
“Sebastian, you’re going to be late for school!” I open my eyes and see a huge black spider sitting on my nightstand. “Shit!” I slam my spider killing book on that sucker. Can’t stand spiders. Should I say that I don’t want to go? It would be better. Crap. I have a test today. Two tests. “Coming!” I need something to wear. What to wear, what to wear. I grab a black hoodie and jeans. The smell of eggs and bacon hit my nose. Nauseating. Rushing down the stairs, I grab a protein bar. Much better than food that feels like you’re chewing rubber. I don’t want to chew on something for minutes just because you can’t get your teeth through the fatty part of bacon or the yolk in an egg. “Hey, you need to eat something that’s actually food.” My (feminine) mother stops me. So close. “Mom, I’m fine really. I’m going to eat lunch anyways.” “Elena, leave the boy alone. He’ll be fine; You’re going to make way too much for dinner tonight.” “You’d better eat tonight, Seb. You too, Chloe.” I mouth a thank you to my (masculine) mom. She can always bail me out. As soon as I get outside, a text comes through. “You owe me. Love you, Seb.” Probably going to be my only smile all day.  
“Hey, bro. How did it go last night?” Jack is my best friend and understands everything about me. “Not good, I couldn’t go all the way. I jumped off her in the first few minutes of us making out.” “You’ll get over it. Anyways, today is your dare.” We have a little thing going between him and I; each of us gets a dare and if you don’t complete it by the end of the day, with proof, then the other person uploads every single one of your dares. It would be okay if we didn’t do embarrassing, gross things. Once, Jack had to lick a toilet seat. I’m not sharing what I had to do. You might not like me then. “Today, my friend, you have to strip tease for sixty seconds in front of the locker room.” That’s not terrible, we’ve all done some weird things in the locker room. “You’re on.” 
I’m scrolling through TikTok, barely listening to anything being said before class starts. The teacher isn’t even in class yet. What Brittney said has really got me in my mind. She can’t do anything that can ruin me; anything I've really done is already in the open. A guy pops up on my screen. Whoa. He’s hot. I stop for a second. Wait, what did I just think?! I close the app and, thankfully, Mr. Johnson walks through the door. Behind him, is that same guy that popped up on my For You page. My jaw drops. “Class, this is Alec. He’s new, be nice, you know the drill.” As Johnson goes on and on, Alec and I make eye contact. He’s got deep blue eyes. Eyes like the ocean. Why am I thinking like this?! “Alright, let’s get started. Alec, take a spot anywhere.” Of course, he takes the open seat right next to me. I’m more happy than upset. Johnson teaches math, the worst subject. And apparently Alec isn’t good at it. He gave us a worksheet; once we were on our own, Alec kept asking me for help and it was so adorable. After I explained it to him, he would say things like, “You’re so smart!” or “This makes no sense.” Class was over, finally. “Can I get your number? In case I need help,” he asks me with a charming smile. Nice save.  
Turns out we have the last class of the day together. Guess what class? Gym! And I have that dare to do. I text Jack and beg him to pick a different dare. He thinks I’m still upset over Brittney, so he lets today slide. I’m going to owe everyone by the days over. I walk up the bleachers and I see Alec. “Hey, Alec. How’s your first day been so far?” “Better.” I could’ve sworn he said now that you’re here after that. Maybe I’m hearing things. Jack walks up the bleachers and sits with us. “Alec, this is my friend, Jack.” “What’s up, dude?” A little hey slips from his rosy, pink lips. I try my hardest to hide the smile that’s tugging at my very own. “Let’s go change before it gets too crowded down there.” They share a “Good idea.” The three of us are joking around when I noticed something. Alec has abs! A six pack! Oh, my god! I feel my face getting warm. He catches me staring and smiles. I smile quickly and turn away. Jesus, why did you create someone so beautiful?  
We played soccer, my favorite sport. Jack, Alec, and I were a group on our own. Alec is good at soccer. A little competition. I can use that. “What are you smiling at?” He caught me. “Just thinking about how I can use a little competition.” His laugh is like an angel’s, gives me chills. After changing back, carefully controlling myself this time, I asked him what bus he rides. Conveniently, it’s the same one as mine. “What neighborhood did you move into?” It’s the one right across from mine. I’m screaming inside. This has to be a sign from God. “Would you want to maybe come over? You said you needed help with the math work.” “Nice save, Sebastian.” The way he says my name makes me melt internally.  
“One thing you should know, I have two moms.” He smiles and says, “I have two dads.” We exchange smiles as I open the door. I see my mom making dinner. “Hey, what are you making?” “Your favorite, to get you to start eating again.” I silently curse her for saying that. She turns around and sees Alec. Immediately, he introduces himself. “Hi Mrs. Warner. I’m Alec, my dads and I just moved in in the neighborhood over from yours.” “Nice to meet you, Alec. Please call me El. Seb, when you get the chance read the letter on the counter.” “Okay, thanks mom. We’ll be upstairs. Let us know when dinner’s ready.”  
We spent the entirety of 2 hours playing Monopoly. He’s competitive and it’s cute. It’s even cuter when he loses. “Seb! Alec! Dinner’s ready!” “She’s a good cook, I promise.” My other mom introduces herself and he introduces himself. “Well now that everyone knows everyone, can we eat? That protein bar wore off a while ago.” I get a stern look and a laugh from them both. Him and I both eat well. I ate surprisingly well for me. “Thank you so much for dinner. You’re an amazing cook, Mrs. Warner. I should get home before it gets dark. Have a good evening. See you tomorrow, Sebastian.” He hugs my moms and then he hugs me. Alec whispers “Good night.” His breath is hot against my ear. I squeeze him a little tighter before I let go. “Bye.” 
“Okay, before I ask you about that you really need to read that letter.” I grab the letter and read it...then I read it again...and again. “What? So this guy is my dad? And he wants to meet me?” “Seb, you don’t have to if you don’t want to, but we know you were trying to find him. So, we reached out.” I can’t help it; I start crying. I love my them much. “Oh, Seb.” “Thank you guys so much. I love you,” I say between sobs. Once I’ve calmed down, I ask them a question. “Can I ask you something?” “Of course, what’s up?” I hesitate before saying, “How did you know you were gay?” They don’t even try to hide their smiles.  
My dad wrote his number on the bottom of the letter. I took advantage of that, and I called him. He picked up on the second ring. “Hello?” “Um...Hi? Is this James Clark?” “Yes, may I ask who’s calling? “I’m Sebastian Warner...Your son?” We arranged for a time to meet over the weekend. I told my moms I wanted them there. The next day I was talking with Alec before class. “Hey, can I ask you something? You don’t have to if you don’t want to-” “Just ask me, Sebastian,” he says with a smile. “Would you come with me to meet my dad over the weekend?” “Yeah, sure. I’ll be there for you.” Now I’m the one with all the smiles. Mr. Johnson gives the rest of the class the chance to finish the worksheet from yesterday. Since I’m done, I go right to TikTok. I view Alec’s profile. In the bio, it reads “bisexual.” Immediately, I change mine to gay. I decided to later on, make a video. Not even five minutes later, I get a notification that says Alec followed me. I smile to myself. It also shows that he viewed my profile. I’m getting butterflies.  
We’re walking back to his house, so I can meet his dads before he comes over to my house again. I went through all the introductions. I think I messed up a few times because of how nervous I was. As we’re walking back to my house, Alec breaks the silence. “Can I ask you something?” “Yeah, go for it.” I take him to my favorite tree. “How would you introduce me to your dad?” “Um...I’m not sure. What do you think?” “I think...I think you should introduce me as your boyfriend.” He looks at me. He’s blushing. It’s like my heart is on fire. I smile the biggest smile and nod. “Yeah, that sounds right.” Slowly, he leans into me, and our lips meet. His lips are as soft as velvet. Unlike before, now I feel comfortable. This feels right. We walk back to my house hand in hand, both of us with big smiles plastered on our faces looking like morons. He pulls it off.  
That night, I told my moms the news. I came out as gay and told them I’m dating Alec. They’re so happy; they were on top of both of us, taking turns hugging us. It was a great night. Alec spent the night, and I had the best night’s sleep; one I haven’t had in a long time. It was long overdue. We wake up and I realize, today is the day. “Today is the day you’re going to meet your dad.” I take a deep breath. “Yeah.” “How do you feel?” “Nervous, anxious, scared.” He smiles and says, “You’ll be fine, and if he doesn’t like what he finds then he doesn’t have to stick around to see it.” I smile and we go downstairs. “You ready, hon?” “Yeah, sure.” Mom fixed my favorite, french toast. We planned to meet around ten at a café in town. We’re ready by 9:30 and by 9:45 we’re out the door.  
“Do you see him anywhere?” “No. Do you even know what he looks like, Sebastian?” I laugh and that answers his question. Exactly at ten, a man who looks a lot like me walks up and I yell, “Mr. Clark! Over here!” He smiles and waves. I start jiggling my leg. Alec puts his hand on my knee. “Hey, it’s okay. Relax, babe, you’ve got this.” It’s the first time he’s ever called me that and now I’m even more nervous. “Hi, Sebastian and everyone?” My moms introduce themselves. And then he looks at Alec. “And you must be his friend?” I speak up. “No, Dad, this is my boyfriend, Alec. I’m gay” I look at Alec and he looks at me, sharing a smile. I look back at my dad and even he’s smiling. “I want you to meet someone, too.” A tall man walks over to our table. “This is my husband, Carter.” “Hi, nice to meet you.”  
Two years later 
Alec and I have graduated. We’re still together and inseparable. I meet up with my dad every weekend, sometimes it’s just him and I, sometimes it’s his husband and my boyfriend along with us. The same café, the same time, the same day. Everyone gets along really well. Alec and I are looking at apartments together. For my birthday, he surprised me with a dog. For his birthday, I got him a cat. Our parents are pressing us to get that apartment, so Tuesday we’re going to view one. I’ve honestly thought about asking him that big question. Maybe...Someday.  

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