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A Trip to History

November 10, 2022
By ChumbaQ, Littleton, Colorado
ChumbaQ, Littleton, Colorado
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This books show a middle school kid, hating America's history. He never liked the same, redundant story, but at least this created America, he though. But, on a field trip, he stumbles upon Benjamin Franklin's truly best invention; a time machine?! He goes back and changes history for the worst when he allows the British to keep rule over America as he injured Paul Revere. He freaks out and leaves, only to find what this looks like. He realizes his mistake and goes back to colonial times and does his job, but finds that his time machine is destroyed. He finds Benjamin Franklin and steals his time machine to find that he had fixed everything. Then, he realizes that if the time machine stays in the future, none of this happened. The ending of the story shows what would have happened if that never happened at all.

Connor Q.

A Trip to History

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