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What it means to be alive

January 11, 2011
By Margurite, portland, Oregon
Margurite, Portland, Oregon
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"theres always Tomorrow"


Espy is a girl who has never been shown love she has been abused by her drunk father and neglected by her own mother ever since she can remember scared to tell her mother who is lost in her own depression so she keeps quite as long as she can. moving from state to state once her secret gets out, her father is wanted for child abuse in 7 states. every time they move her father does a rehab session and thinks he is all better. Espy and her siblings are promised a new life, but that’s just distant dream. Espy also has the burden of taking care of young Mackenzie, sweet Casey and watching over her older rebellious brother Allan. Espy has the hope for getting away from this stressful nightmare once she turns eighteen to live with the only person who listens to her , her grandmother, just four years to go until happiness is in her grasp, but everything changes when she moves to a small town called Falcon Valley. when she feels the absent feeling from her life love. Calen is a rugged bad boy that hates school and runs with a terrible crowd, until he meets Espy. He finds him self falling in love with her, more and more as they grow closer. all he wants is to care for her but she wont give him the time of day because josh is the apple of her eye he is a beautiful jock who’s smooth with the ladies and has poor innocent Espy wrapped around his finger. Espy pushes Calen away as She pulls Josh close.


What it means to be alive

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MiNdLeSsLuVeRgIrL BRONZE, Kenly, North Carolina
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If you love something let it go, if it comes back its yours if it doesn't, it never was!

plz make more