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Promise Me

December 7, 2017
By _zjeadral BRONZE, Baguio City, Other
_zjeadral BRONZE, Baguio City, Other
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Melissa Brooks has always been a hard-working child. She always did what her parents tell her to do and will do everything to keep her family happy. But because of the unfortunate turn of events, eyes that once held hope and happiness, now hold despair and sadness.

Liam Caruso has always been the quiet type of guy and the kind of guy who loves his family. He'll do everything to keep his family safe. He is from a family of businessmen and businesswomen, but also of a family who holds an identity that no one knows.

The path of a broken girl and a not-so perfect guy cross, what could possibly go wrong?

They start off as strangers, then they become best friends, then they become lovers. But between that, lie promises that will get broken, and secrets that will be revealed, which will eventually destroy the perfect friendship and shatter an already broken heart.


WARNING: MATURE CONTENT. Recommended for ages 17 and above. This book contains explicit(such as abuse, rape and murder) and triggering(such as self-harm or suicide attempts) content. Read at your own risk.


Also, this is the first time that I posted my story online. I usually just write stories if it's a school requirement or just for fun but I have never tried to actually post a story(I have but I deleted it because it sucked lol). So, if I have grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors, I am so sorry in advance.

Jzeanne V.

Promise Me

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