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The Emerald Sky

December 6, 2017
By MiyaNaomi BRONZE, Berkeley, California
MiyaNaomi BRONZE, Berkeley, California
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'Rat farts!' -The Bishop, Caddyshack


Zei just turned thirteen, and she's happy just where she is- spending her days working for her church. Suddenly, her father is murdered, and in her rage, she makes a huge mistake. 

Now she is forced to leave her secluded hometown, the only place she knows. As she escapes, she finds an unlikely ally in a disagreeable teenage boy, and together they travel to the Emerald Sky- the only place where she can be free of those who want her dead.

Throughout her journey, Zei encounters the poorest beggars and the highest nobility, and everything in between. She meets traveling circuses, muted men, and royal soldiers.  She questions her own beliefs for the first time, and tries to find her place in a world that she never knew existed.

Miya D.

The Emerald Sky

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