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Fate's a Tricky Mistress

December 13, 2015
By Anonymous


Gray is the average 13- year-old girl. Alex is the average 13-year-old guy. Both of them are the bestest of best friends that they can be. They have known each other since preschool. The secret, Alex is in love with Gray. Or he has been for the past six out of the nine years they’ve known each other. Now Gray and Alex are in seventh grade, and Alex thinks it’s time to subtly confess to Gray. Alex goes crazy and can’t think straight around her. Gray thinks Alex is the best. But what is she doesn’t feel the same way. She keeps telling herself that both of them are just best friends, but what if Gray has feelings for Alex hidden deep down inside and she doesn’t know it?  She always seems to get more excited around him but brushes the reaction of as something else. Will they come out to each other? Or will their love stay hidden?


Fate's a Tricky Mistress

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