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Fate's a Tricky Mistress

December 13, 2015
By Anonymous

“Ready? One, two, three. Happy Birthday Gray!”
“What?!” Gray awoke to the sound of her family screaming at her, with two presents being shoved in her face. At first, Gray had no idea what was going on, but a split second later, reality punched her in the face. It was her 13th birthday. Her phone read ‘January 13th, 2016.’
“Happy Birthday, Gray,” said Lily in her quiet voice. She slowly handed over her present, small rectangular box wrapped in a grey paper, delicately tied off with a bow. Gray quickly opened her present. What she saw was a black box with a colorful card taped on. ‘Happy Birthday! I’m glad to have you as a big sister,’ read the card. Underneath the crayon writing was a picture of Gray and Lily hugging each other.
“Awww! You are just the cutest little thing ever!”Gray remarked in a sappy voice to her 7-year-old sister. She grabbed Lily in a hug, almost squeezing the life out of her. When Gray let her go, Lily was gasping for air. Gray quickly but carefully opened the box. When she took off the lid, she saw something glimmer. “This is beautiful,”she breathed. Inside the box lay a necklace, the pendant shimmering with the sunlight reflecting off of it. The pendant she saw had been delicately made, writing out her name in an elegant font, with a single gem placed in the middle of the letter ‘a’. Gray put the necklace box on her night stand giving her a mental reminder to put the necklace on after she got ready. “Thank you, Lily.” She once again enveloped her sister in a hug, but in a more sisterly way this time.
Next were her parents. Both handed her the present, which was triple the size of the one handed to her by her sister. Gray ripped off the paper, anxious to see her gift. What she saw left her in awe.
On the cover of the box in her hand was a picture of an iPad. On the side of the box, the words “iPad Air 2,” were written in a silver color. Gray was too surprised to say anything so she just looked up at her parents and thought, Oh my god! you guys gave me an iPad for my 13th birthday! This is the best present ever!
“You know we can tell what you’re thinking, right? This happens every time you get something you really like,” her Dad remarked.
“Gray, honey, you make that silly face every time. Your eyes go as wide as dinner plate, and you plaster that absolutely goofy smile on your face,” Mom explained.
“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Gray jumped off of her bed and ran straight to her parents standing at the foot of her bed. She enveloped both of them in a tight hug.
“You’re welcome, Gray. Now go get ready quickly. You still have to go to school,” said Mom with a worried look at her face. Gray snuck a look at the clock. “9:00” flashed on the screen. Suddenly, all the color drained from her face. She had to leave the house by 9:20. South Heart Middle School started at 9:30, for 7th graders.
Gray ran straight to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and put on her newly opened black shorts and white top, clothes she had saved just for this day. She quickly styled her wavy black hair and did a quick check in the mirror to make sure she looked presentable. Gray put on her new necklace and headed downstairs, only to find the lights turned off.
“Mom! Dad! Lily! Where is everybody?” she called out.
“Surprise!” Suddenly, the lights flashed on, and there stood about two dozen kids who jumped out from hiding and threw confetti in the air. Gray just stood there with a shocked expression, which quickly morphed into one of joy. She scanned the room to find a bunch of food on a table in front of the kitchen, huge speakers set up directly opposite of that, and various party decor set up around the room.
“For me? This is officially my best birthday ever!” said Gray enthusiastically. “Wait. What about school?!”
“Honey, we pushed the time on your clock a couple hours forward to get enough time to set this all up. It’s actually only seven in the morning,” confessed Mom
“So I have two hours and twenty minutes ‘till I have to leave?”
“Yup.” Gray was thrown into party mode.
“Let’s get this party started!”
“Whooo!” screamed the guests. Music blared through the speakers while all of her friends one by one came up to her to wish her happy birthday and gave her a hug. A little while later, Gray looked around the room to find half of her friends dancing to the blaring music, while others crowded around her, talking to her about God knows what. Gray wasn’t listening to her friends. She was lost in thought. Where is Alex? Didn’t he come? Was he even invited?
After a long time of dancing Gray snuck a glance at her phone, which read “9:17.”
She calmly went to the middle of the living room and cleared her throat.
“Hi guys! Right now it’s 9:17, so we will have to go to school very soon. Good thing it is very close by, since you can see the school gates from the front door. And please remember that we still need to clean up this whole mess, so try to clean up whatever trash you have. Now gather your stuff and let’s go.” All the kids gathered their belongings and left the house, oblivious to the face that Gray had just told them to clean up after themselves. The whole area was trashed after they left.
Gray scanned the place after everyone was out of the house and frowned. “Mom, Dad, I’m sorry I left such a mess for you guys to clean up. If you want, you can leave it, and I’ll clean it up when I come back home,” Gray spoke in an apologetic voice.
“Nonsense. This is less of a mess than what we thought it would be. It’s fine honey. You enjoy your special day.”
“ Really?! Thanks Mom. Bye! See you after school!” Gray slipped on her black high-tops, swung her backpack over her shoulder, and ran out the door. Gray went outside to see almost all the kids entering the school gates, except for a couple of friends waiting for her. “Lucy, Mira, thanks for waiting for me.”
“No problem! What type of friends would we be if we ditched you?” asked Lucy.
“Yeah, girl!” Mira remarked. The whole way to school, which was actually just a couple minutes, the three girls chatted on and on about the presents they gave to Gray.
“Aw! We’re already here,” whined Lucy.
“We must go our different ways, my dear Gray,” said Mira in a dramatic voice.
“Just go! Bye!”
“Bye!” both Lucy and Mira replied.

Gray walked down the hallways of the school, with everyone of her friends that didn’t show up to the party around her saying ‘happy birthday’ as she walked by. She finally reached her classroom and dropped off her backpack to the side of the door, next to other backpacks lined up. As soon as Gray turned around, she was smothered by flowers.
“Happy birthday.” There standing in front of her stood a tall boy with dark chocolate colored brown hair and dark brown eyes, dressed in a red shirt that hugged his skin, a black leather jacket draped over his shoulder, black jeans, and red high-tops. In his hand was a huge bouquet of flowers, all different types and very colorful. There stood Alex, her best friend, whom she’s known since preschool, who avoided looking at Gray while shyly handing her the bouquet.
“Thank you, Alex,” replied Gray in a cheerful voice. She quickly took the flowers and gave him a friendly hug. Why is my heart racing while I’m hugging him? Must be because I’m excited.
“I have one more thing for you.” Alex took out a box from his pocket and opened it up. Inside lay a charm bracelet, with all four charms spelling out ‘GRAY.’ Gray was breathless. She took the box in her hand and stared at it, inspecting every chain link and gemstone that covered the charms. Alex had to shake her senseless before she was brought back to reality. “Gray!”
“What?” Gray looked at Alex with a confused look on her face.
“You were staring at the bracelet forever,” said Alex with an exasperated voice. “Okay, really it was only like 5 minutes, but that’s still a long time. On the brightside, the bracelet matches your necklace.”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! It’s so beautiful! And yes it does. Looks like I got a personalized jewelry set for my birthday.” Gray once again gave Alex a hug but this time it was tighter. “Thank you.”
“You’re welcome, but it really isn’t that great of a gift,” replied Alex, his cheeks burning.
“Don’t be modest. It’s a gift from my best friend. Why would it not be great?” Alex just looked down at her with a smile that hid his pain and sorrow from her, the color in his cheeks slowly receding. Does she not understand what these gifts really represent?
“Alex, can you link the chain around my wrist? I want to wear it.” At this remark Alex’s eyes widened as he stared at the floor, his cheeks so hot he might have been mistaken to have a fever. “You don’t have to wear it, if you don’t want to,” said Alex in a small voice shyly meeting her eyes, but also secretly pleased.
“But I want to!” whined Gray. Presented with no choice, Alex took the bracelet and linked it around her wrist. Gray stared at it for a split second before asking Gray the one question she was dying to ask. “Oh! Why didn’t you come to the party this morning? Did my parents not invite you?”
“No, they invited me, but I actually had to get the bouquet and bracelet for you.”
“Aw. Alex, you know you didn’t have to.”
“Yes, I did. Otherwise I would seem like somebody who doesn’t care about you.”
“Well then, thank you. Again,” Gray said with a comforting look in her eyes. Both of them started walking inside the classroom. Alex started asking Gray questions about the party, but Gray zoned out. Alex has been acting strange since the last few months. He’s more nervous around me and he gets embarrassed super easily. Is something bothering him? Is he in some sort of trouble? Why doesn’t he tell me?
“Gray, come on! Class starts in a couple minutes.” Gray didn’t realize that in her deep thought process, she stopped walking, and stood right in the doorway. “Gray, you’re blocking the path for the other kids.”
“Oh! Sorry!” She quickly ran to her desk, which was next to Alex. And plopped down on her seat. Alex just looked over at her to see her expression, to see a flicker of anything emotional, but nothing came. She didn’t pick up the hints. She doesn’t know I get crazy when I’m around her.
“And so the Huns of China invaded the…”
“Ugh!” Gray quietly groaned to herself, being bored to death in history, which was her first period class. She looked at the clock to see how much time was left. Good! Only ten minutes left. She was so bored she could fall asleep.
Gray’s going to fail history if she doesn’t pay attention. “Hey, you should pay more attention. Mrs. Jensen just said that she going to test us on this stuff,” warned Alex. Gray quickly shot up from her slouch position and started scribbling down all the notes written on the board. Alex suppressed a laugh at her sudden snap to attention.
The bell went off. Gray ran out of the classroom as if a lightning bolt hit her. She was always anxious to get to her next, and most favorite, class. Woodshop. She ran through the hallways of the school, pretending to not notice the stares she was getting from the older kids that she was pushing aside. I guess she really doesn’t care about me in that way, Alex sadly thought as he watched Gray run down the hallway. After all, she couldn’t wait for me when she knows I always wait for her. But then again it is her favorite class. It probably doesn’t mean anything. Alex brushed off the sad thought and started walking to catch up to Gray.
“Jeez! You just ditch me? Some friend,” joked Alex, casually walking up to his seat, which was again next to Gray.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! You know how much I love woodshop,” replied Gray with sorrow in her voice.
“Relax, I was just kidding! You always were the type to take a joke seriously,” spoke Alex in a playful voice. Gray looked down at her feet, trying to hide her embarrassment.
“Hey? Are you okay? I didn’t mean to tease you. I’m sorry. I was just joking.” Alex looked at her with concern hoping he didn’t make Gray feel bad. God! I hope I didn’t tease her too much. Some friend I am.
“No! I’m fine! Just a little embarrassed from my gullible nature,” replied Gray, feeling as if she just made herself look like a fool in front of the whole school.
“Hey. That’s one of the reasons you’re my best friend,” said Alex with a gleaming look in his eyes. And one of the reasons I love you, Alex secretly thought. Gray’s mood instantly brightened up. While looking at Alex, she felt blood rush to her cheeks. Why is my face burning while looking at him? I think I’m just embarrassed at the fact that I admitted that I’m really dense.
Alex’s face contorted into one of surprise while looking at Gray. His cheeks eventually turned red too. Why are you so cute? Wait. She’s blushing while she’s looking at me. Does she feel the same way?! Alex excitedly thought. Alex was about to ask Gray why her face was red right when Mr. Abell addressed the class.
“Alright kids! Start finishing up your partner project and drop them off in my office. Remember, it’s due today. Get working!” Mr. Abell said to the class, before leaving to go to his study in the back corner of the room. Gray and Alex were working on a wooden model of a cruise ship. All they had left to do was paint their model.
“I’ll get the paint from the paint room. Be right back!” offered Gray.
“Okay. I’ll sand the ship a little more while you’re gone!” Alex yelled to her as she ran to the paint room.
“What colors do we need again? Oh yeah!” Gray spoke quietly to herself, muttering the colors needed for their ship, while searching for the paint color on the shelves mounted on the wall.
“Red, blue, and white. There all done.” Gray took a deep breath, feeling relieved and proud that she got the cans of paint down from the shelves without any help, but immediately wished she hadn’t. She started coughing and gagging.
She had inhaled the paint fumes very deeply. Ugh. I feel so dizzy, and my head hurts. There are black spots showing up in my vision. What’s happening?! I have to get out of here! Gray anxiously thought to herself about getting out and asking Alex to get the paint instead,  but she never made it to the door. Oh no! Am I going to pass out?! I can feel my legs giving away. My body feels limp. Everything in front of me is going black. Gray felt herself losing consciousness. “Somebody, help,” was all Gray could hear herself whisper in a hoarse voice before the world went dark.

“Clarissa, wait up!” Gray heard a familiar voice calling out to her, but she didn’t know where she was or what was happening, except for the fact that she heard her great-grandmother’s name being called out. She felt her body turn around, figuring out she had no control over her actions or words.
“Jace! There you are! I’ve been looking all over for you.” Gray heard this unfamiliar name come out of her own mouth in a foreign voice. She looked down to analyze herself, and found that she wasn’t in her own body but in someone else’s and that was why she couldn’t control anything. She was dressed in a long dress with a floral imprint, and knee high boots. Gray unwillingly looked up at the man called Jace. She did a double-take inside, as she recognized the dark brown eyes and the brown hair, and all the other facial features. Alex? she thought to herself. Gray considered calling out to her, but realized that would do no good. She just kept quiet, realizing this was a dream, but also anxious to see what happens. So this means I’m in Great-Granny’s body, but what’s happening.
“Clarissa, I was looking for you too. I wanted to give you this.” In his hand was a single, but beautiful rose. “Happy birthday, Clarissa!” Gray wasn’t surprised by this. She knew her great-grandmother died on the day she was born, which was also her great-grandmother’s birthday. This info isn’t new to me, Great-Granny’s birthday on the same day as mine. But why is Alex here, and why is he called “Jace?” Why is there this fuzzy feeling in my chest, when I look at Jace whom I think of as Alex. God! How did I never see how handsome he is? Lost in thought, Gray suddenly heard her name being called out from nowhere.
“Gray…,” I hear someone calling my name, said Gray mentally.
“Gray… Gray… Gray!”

Gray’s eyes shot open. She looked around and found herself sprawled out on one of the empty work stations. She looked around to see all the kids in the class crowded around her.
“Alex?” Gray called out.
“Gray! You finally woke up. I was so worried,” replied Alex leaning over her body while letting out a sigh of relief. He looked very worried and his hair was messed up. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah I’m fine, Alex. What happened? All I remember is going to get the paint we needed, and then suddenly passing out.”
“You’re not wrong. You did pass out. Apparently, when you fell, you fell on top of a bunch on paint cans. I heard the clatter and came to see if you were okay. When I opened the door, you were lying on the ground surrounded by cans of paint. I picked you up and laid you down on this workstation, then called Mr. Abell. He said you probably passed out from the paint fumes,” explained Alex.
“I did pass out from the paint fumes. I remember smelling something funny, then afterwards coughing and gagging. Anyways, Alex, how long was I out?”
“About 15 minutes.”
“15 minutes?!” exclaimed Gray. She started panicking. “But our project is due today, an–and I wasted so much time. How are we going to get everything done?” Gray looked over to the clock. Her eyes widened and Gray went into full on ‘freak out’ mode. “We only have ten minutes of class left?!” screamed Gray.
“Gray, calm down. It’s fine. While you were out, Mr. Abell told me that we have an extra day to work on this. He also suggested that you should go lie down in the office for a while,” assured Alex. “He went to inform the office as soon as you woke up.”
“Will you be okay, working on the project yourself for the rest of the period?”
Gray, I would anything for you, Alex momentarily thought. “Gray, I will be fine. Now go. Mr. Abell already phoned in the office about what happened to you and that you will coming down to rest for a while,” urged Alex.
“Okay. And Alex, I’m sorry for putting so much work on you,” said Gray in an apologetic voice. Then, she just took up her backpack and left.
The rest of the day passed in a blur, while Gray could mostly only think about the dream that she had. She wanted to reach home and go to Granny’s house to talk about her dream, since she heard the name ‘Clarissa’ in her dream, who is her great-grandmother.
The dismissal bell finally rang. Alex quickly to Gray and af she could stay for a couple minutes.
“Hey, Gray, can you stay after school for a couple minutes? Please?”
“I’m sorry Alex. I really need to get home.” Gray said a hasty good bye to Alex, and went straight home to ask her mom if she could ride her bike over to Granny’s. But I needed to tell you something that means a lot to me. Don’t you want to hear my confessions? Alex thought sadly as he watched Gray run home.

“Hey, honey. Are you okay? The school phoned me in about what happened in woodshop,” spoke Mom with concern laced in her voice.
“I’m fine Mom. It was just some paint fumes. Anyways, can I go to Granny’s? You see while I was passed out, I had this dream. In the dream I saw Alex, but his name was Jace for some reason, and I heard the name ‘Clarissa’, which is Great-Granny’s name, so I want to talk to Granny about it. Can I go? Please? This is important. And anyways, Granny lives right around the block. I’ll bike there.”
“Sure! Go ahead. This is some interesting dream. Be safe, and be home by 4 pm. It’s already 3:30,” replied her mom.
“Thanks. I’ll get my bike and go.” Gray went to the garage, and got out her bike. She propped it up against the garage, and then when to get her coat and phone.
Gray rode down the street, feeling the ice cold winter wind on her face and her bare legs. She could see the open hair flopping in the wind out of the corner of her eye, while her coat flew back. Gray could feel goosebumps arise on her skin and found herself slightly shivering. But Gray didn’t mind. After all, this was her favorite time of the year. As she coasted down the street, Gray’s eyes scanned the houses around her, watching the sun glimmer off the windows and smoke rise from the chimneys.
A few moments later she reached Granny’s home, a small home on the countryside of town. Gray rested her bike on the wall, then went up and rang the doorbell. The door opened and there stood a small little old lady, with gray hair, dressed in trousers, a t-shirt, and a cardigan.
“Hi Granny.”
“Oh! Gray! Happy birthday, my dear. I have a present for you, that I was planning to give you this weekend, you’re here and might as well give it to you now. Do come in.” Granny spoke in that sweet little voice that reminded Gray of honey.
“Thanks, Granny.” Gray stepped in the house that smelled like fresh baked cookies, and took a seat on the couch. A minute later, Granny came back with two cups of hot cocoa, both in one hand, while a gift bag hung on the other. “Let me help you with that Granny.” Gray went up and took the hot cocoa, so Granny was only left to carry the gift bag.
“Thank you, Gray. Please have a seat. Take a cup of hot cocoa. Warm yourself up. Oh! And this gift is for you.”
“Thank you, Granny.” Gray took out the item in the gift bag and looked at it in awe. Neatly wrapped in plastic covered with a bow on top was a stack of books, specifically her favorite book series, The Mortal Instruments. Gray stared at her present in awe. “Thank you so much!” Gray said again. Granny noticed the smile plastered on her face, and returned it with a soft smile of her own.
“You’re welcome, dear. So what brings you by?”
“Well, you see, I had a dream I was hoping you could figure out. In the dream, I was in a body that was not my own. I couldn’t control my actions or words. This guy named Jace called out to me in the dream, or more specifically, someone name Clarissa, which I recognized as Great-Granny’s name. He told me ‘happy birthday’ and gave “me” a single rose. Then I woke up. But the strange thing is that this Jace guy looked exactly like my best friend Alex. Can you tell me what this means?”
“Oh! That was a very special day. Gray, Jace is how you pronounce the initials of your great-grandfather’s name, J.C. Jace was Great-Granny’s best friend too. That was the day that your great-grandfather confessed his love for your great-grandmother. They were both thirteen just as you are and it was Clarissa’s birthday, which is today. I’ve refrained from telling you this but you could be the reincarnation of her.”
This took Gray by surprise. She never thought about it that way. “Then what about how Alex and Jace look so much alike, Granny?” asked Gray.
“I think that’s just fate. She’s a tricky mistress, you know,” replied Granny. “I’m sure you and Alex are meant to be. My guess is that this was a vision to show you what might happen in your life, and proof that you are the reincarnation,” Gray looked surprised and flushed. I have been acting very strange around him these past few months. I get all excited and my heart starts to flutter at the sight of him. I think I’m in love with him. Yeah. I am. I’m in love with Alex. Granny’s voice brought Gray back to reality.
“That look on your face tells me everything. You are in love with Alex. You should confess.” Gray just stared at Granny, mortified. Granny just chuckled. “Nothing to be embarrassed about, dear. I think this is absolutely splendid. My instincts are telling me that he feels the same way about you.” He does? Maybe that’s why he’s been acting all strange. I have to talk to him, right now, Gray thought excitedly as a smile broke out on her face.
“Thank you for helping me realize my feelings Granny. And thank you for helping me decipher my dream. I’ll be on my way now. Mom will be expecting me.” Gray took out her phone and checked the time. The time was 3:55. I can reach home in this much time, Gray thought to herself. She rushed outside and grabbed her bike. “Bye, Granny. Thank you for having me over.”
“You’re welcome, Gray.” Granny stood in the doorway and watched Gray ride her bike around the corner.
As soon as Gray reached home, she asked her mom if she could go to Alex’s place, which was just next door.
“Go ahead,” was all she said. Gray ran out of the house, and rung Alex’s doorbell. Alex’s mom opened the door.
“Gray, hi. Happy birthday. Do you need to see Alex?” asked his mom.
“Yes. I’m sorry for coming without informing you first,” replied Gray.
“Oh no. It’s perfectly fine. Come on in. Alex is in his bedroom.” Gray kicked off her shoes and raced upstairs. She slammed open the door, holding on to it before it could crash into the wall, then slowly closed the door, trying to make as little sound as possible. She turned around to see Alex with his headphones on and a music video playing on the computer, staring at her like she was a maniac.
“Gray, what are you doing here?” asked Alex clearly surprised. He took off his headphones and walked up to her, casually putting his hands in his pockets.
“I have to tell you something important. Something I neglected to tell you earlier. While I was passed out in woodshop, I had a dream, or more like a vision. I was apparently in my great-granny’s body, but I couldn’t control my actions or what I was saying. Then this guy named Jace, who is my great-grandfather and who looked exactly like you, came up to “me” and said ‘happy birthday’ while handing me a rose. I went to my granny’s house to ask her what it meant and she said that that day Jace confessed to Clarissa, which is the name of my great-grandmother, that he loved her. Granny also subtly said that since you looked like Jace you might confess your love to me today too. Granny also thinks that I’m Great-Granny’s reincarnation. Crazy, right?”
Gray finally stopped her big explanation and stared at Alex, who’s face was completely blank. “Okay I know that I was blabbering, but you understood, right?” asked Gray in a wary voice. A couple seconds later, Alex’s face changed into one of confusion, but that didn’t last long. Alex looked mortified and flushed.
“I understood. And maybe Granny is right about that last part,” Alex said, his cheeks turning a darker shade of red by the minute.
“What?” Now Gray was looking at Alex with wide eyes. Was Granny right? Is Alex going to confess to me right now?
“Gray, you see. I have had a crush on you for a long time and I wanted to tell you today after school, but you left before I could say anything. So now I want to tell you how I feel,” explained Alex. He turned Gray’s body so they were looking at each other straight in the eyes and took a deep breath. Meanwhile, Gray just stood there, anticipating what was going to happen next.
“Gray, I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?” Alex said the words so shyly yet so boldly. He then immediately turned away, waiting for her answer. Alex does love me, Gray thought, a shy smile appearing on her face and her eyes turning soft.
Alex turned around, a shocked expression on his face.
“Alex, the real reason I came here was to confess. When I was at Granny’s, I realized that I have had a crush on you for a while now but I didn’t know it. I love you, too. So yes, I would love to be your girlfriend,” said Gray looking away shyly while her cheeks grew a crimson color. Alex just looked at her, wide eyed, and with a huge smile on his face. He grabbed Gray in a bear hug, and lifted her up, causing her to squeal in surprise. Gray hugged him back. Both of them just stayed in that position for a couple minutes, embracing each other. Finally, Gray broke the silence.
“Alex, I want to stay, but I have homework to finish. I’m sorry I have to go,” said Gray apologetically.
“It’s okay. I’ll walk you to the door.” Both of them walk to the front door, both having plastered huge grins on their face, walking hand in hand.
“Hey, you two. What happened? You guys are grinning as if your most desired wish was granted.” It was Alex’s mom. Gray quickly let go of Alex’s hand and clasped her hands together. Alex stuffed his hands in his back pockets.
“Nothing!” Alex and Gray said in unison, but also very awkwardly. Alex and Gray rushed to the door, both of their heads down. Alex’s mom shrugged it off and went to her bedroom. Gray swung open the door and quickly put on her shoes. She stood face to face with Alex.
“See you tomorrow, Alex.”
“See you tomorrow, Gray.” She turned around to leave, but quickly turned back to give him a quick peck on the cheek. Too shy to look back, Gray then ran to her house. Her cheeks were as dark as a tomato. She didn’t know how, but some instinct told her that Alex was watching her go, with a stunned look on his face. The thought made her chuckle.
That night, Gray was in her bed thinking about what happened the whole day. But she was mostly thinking about her new boyfriend. I think I am the reincarnation of Great-Granny, and that is absolutely awesome! Tomorrow when I walk to school with Alex, he will be my boyfriend, and the day after that, and after that, and I hope that one day we become more. My wish, I hope I have the same future as Great-Granny. I really do love Alex. With that last wish, Gray fell asleep.

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