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Zombieland: Kalamazoo

February 27, 2012
By dahbahm BRONZE, plainwell, Michigan
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dahbahm BRONZE, Plainwell, Michigan
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Author's note: Lacie my "sister"

Zombieland: Kalamazoo


Cautiously walking back to my truck with another load of supplies from Target, I hear the moan of another flesh addict. Pushing the red shopping cart full of food, water, clothing, and other various drinks, I grasp the firm oak handle of my favorite bolo machete. There is the groggy groan again, and then I see him. Nasty and deformed, the zombie lugs lazily around the cash registers. Seizing my opportunity I rush in, machete drawn and with one swift swing his head drops to the floor limp and lifeless.

After loading up the back of my '09 custom Chevy 2500hd to the brim, I head back to my fortified storefront. On the drive I can't help but think about my family, my mother and father slain by the monsters, and the rest of my family with the same fate. The only thing I can do for them, kill the blood loving bastards so they never harm anyone again.

Pulling up to the cargo bay behind my overtaken storefront , I drive my truck in and quickly close the door behind me. Now back safe in my sanctuary in the middle of this hell, I stack all my fresh supplies of food onto my dwindled stockpile, also refilling my slim beverage supply from my resent plundering. After all done unloading the goods its time to top off the gas tank and make sure everything is tip top for my next plunder.

After concluding my check on the truck, I wander around checking and taking inventory of my supplies and to my horror I only have 13 boxes of ammo left. So I make way to the truck, trusty machete on my left, pistol on my right and shotgun in hand. Twisting the key in the ignition the V8 roars to life. The sweet low rumble echos lightly throughout the garage bay. Opening the garage door I gasp at the sight of three zombies waiting outside the large metal door. As fast as humanly possible I threw my ride into gear and floor it. Barreling toward them a rebel yell slips out as they are crushed under the monstrous Goodyears. Closing the hefty door and looking through the rear view none of them are moving. They are dead. They look like a family, like my family. Sorrow bubbling within me I feel guilty for destroying them, but it was either them or me and it can't be me. These three make me miss my family.

Keeping the thought out of my mind, I push to focus on my task at hand. Pulling into the Dunhams parking lot and parking right in front of the main doors, I see a car out of place. It is a black Jeep Cherokee but not just a regular Jeep. This Jeep was well customized and very fortified. This beast contains KC lights on the top and heavy duty homemade brush guard on the front. The tires are larger than stock and has been lifted about eight inches.

I decide to wait outside on top of my truck, shotgun drawn and aiming at the glass double doors. Then after a few minutes the wait is over as two people, a scruffy muscular man and brawny woman, probably a redneck couple, walk out of the doors.

“Halt!” and they stopped instantly and looked up at me, my trigger finger ready for a reason. The man suddenly goes for his gun and Bam! His limp body falls to the ground. Shocked the woman screams and goes for her gun and yet again my shot was first and she drops as her soul departs her body. Her limp body drooped by her fallen spouse makes me wish there was a better way than that one. They were the first real humans I had seen in a while and I cut them down just like the monsters.

But I had to survive so with no regrets I quickly gather all the guns and ammunition I can carry from the gun counter in the store. Surely zombies heart the two great blasts and would be here soon. With everything in the truck and the undead impeding into view, the tires screech during my speedy retreat with my stockpile of survival necessities. Once back in the safety of my garage I unload and prepare to go back out foot. I want that jeep.

Walking back and thinking back ti why I was even doing this. I could only think of one reason. For the thrill and adrenaline rush from the possibility of death. But I'm committed now, I'm halfway back to the Jeep. I'm ready for them, bring it on, I'll kill them all. Just getting to McDonalds, the horde of ten or twelve surrounds the dead couple, feasting on their lifeless corpses. I charge in pistol blazing, shooting and shooting, not caring if I live or die. I leave it up to fate.

Grotesque limp bodies of the previously undead clutter the ground around me, clashes in all of them from my bolo machete, gaping holes in them from my previous pistol firing when I ran at them. I probably wouldn't have survived if it weren't for my sudden adrenaline surge. While standing over all the corpses, machete in hand still dripping with blood, I wait for any of them to move just in case. I must have blacked out for I did not remember any of the fight at all. After five or ten minutes I came to the conclusion that they are all desist and can't wake up.

Content with the slaughter, its now time to load up the redneck's rugged Jeep and drive back “home”. While back inside the store for one last time to load the Jeep since I'm already over here, I figure ill take everything else useful. Over by the weapons something on the wall catches my eye. It was really shiny and long with a slight curve throughout. With closer examination one can clearly see the intricate black and gold lasing around the handle of the unmistakable ninja sword. This particular one, a katana, would make a perfect addition to my arsenal of weapons. Razor sharp and thin as a dime, it must cost a fortune, but for me today its all free. This blade too shall save my life someday. Strapping it on my back, I continue to the back storage room on a quest for shoes; mine are wearing out. Finding a couple pairs of good track shoes made by my favorite sports company Under Armour I shove them into a duffel bag and walk back out cautiously to the store part of the building. Under Armour tee shirts get stuffed into my bag along with a few pairs of cargo shorts with plenty of pockets for ammo, snacks and other survival tools. Placing that bag by the door and grabbing another one I empty the store of every single gun and piece of ammunition along with accessories for the guns. I had at least one bag just full of scopes, grips, bi-pods, and other useful attachments. Leaving these bags at the door as well I head back to the baseball selection and grab as many bats that can fit in my arms and take them right out to the Jeep. Then I grab all the bags I filled and put those into the Jeep as well and after that I throw in the rest of the duffel bags off the shelf for later pillages. Then I'm off in my new found set of wheels.

Inside the metal hull of the rugged beast, the back seat was full of a glorious surprise. These rednecks were loaded with guns! Even guns that are illegal to possess in the United States. But oh well, now they are all mine to play with. Rumbling back to my storefront abode and rolling my new ride into the rear garage, I made a great looting success yet again today. After everything is unloaded from the brute of a car and everything is sorted my phone suddenly goes off. Who could this possibly be? I check my phone and its a text message but I cant believe my eyes. She is alive! I can't believe it! She is still alive! Already loading my reliable truck with numerous guns, plenty of food and water, and some cloths just in case, I didn't even realize I was going to go get her till I was leaving in my truck. I miss he so much, I miss everyone though. Being alone for an elongated period of time is the worst.

I didn't exactly know where to go but she sent me a picture of the building she was held up in and she said she was in dire need of some help. Now going 110 mph down the highway it only took 25 minutes to get to her. Cautiously getting out of my truck, M16 out and ready for action, and then I saw her, even more beautiful than I remember. Her beautiful hair blowing in the wind like silk, her smooth soft complexion shows in the afternoon sun. Oh how I missed her so much. Rushing in for a hug, it was the best thing that could happen in the middle of this apocalyptic mayhem.

Suddenly running up behind her out of the tattered old farmhouse came another one of God's beautiful creations; one of the best and and few left in this horrid wasteland of a world.

“Lily! I told you to stay inside.” her extremely protective older sister called out, her arms still tightly wrapped around my waist.

“Sorry I wanted to see who it was.” Lily's innocent young voice was sweet to the ears after hearing so many of those, those creatures.

“It's ok this time Lily. This is Davis, he has come to get us and take us somewhere safer. Go get your things packed.” And with that the young gal runs back to pack up her possessions. Now turning back to look at me with bright eyes, the brightest I've seen in way too long, and says, “Sorry I didn't tell you why I wanted you. I was getting really scared just me and her and I didn't think we were going to make it. We r just about out of food and water. I've tried to provide everything I could for her but I cant much longer. I need help and you are the only one I can turn to. I'm sorry I didn't ask you first.” Sensing the sorrow in her voice about the situation she has sprung upon me I pull her in closer and and hug her tighter.

“83.” One simple number. One simple response. That's all I said and all I had to. A couple years back I promised her that I would always be there for her and that I would always be there for her no matter what, even if she is 83 then I'm still there for her no matter what. So now all I say is 83 instead of the whole long sh-peel and we know exactly what it means. After my simple response she looked back up at me into my eyes and smiled and suddenly behind her something else came running up. A zombie! Adrenaline kicking in, with one swift motion I jump in front of Lacie pulling out my katana and impaling the creature in the heart with my whisper-thin sword, just like the ninjas in movies do. Turning around back to see her face in shock at the feet that has happent right before her I simply say, “Go get packed, I'm taking you gals away.”

Something changes inside me. I used to not care if I lived or died but now I have to live because now I have not one but two lovely ladies to look after and protect. I have purpose again, a meaning to live, someone to live for. I have someone to provide for. With feelings of purpose still increasing, I back the truck up closer to the door. Grabbing a box of granola bars for the girls I walk inside the boarded up old house and give them the snacks to easy their hunger. While they eat I grab all their bags and load them into the bed of my truck. When I come back in they both have the biggest smiles n their faces and in turn it makes me smile.

Turning to me, Lily smiles and says, “Thank you for coming and saving us Davis.” She gives me a hug and runs to get into the truck. Lacie turns to me but says nothing, instead a tear rolls down her cheek.

Gently I wipe her tear away with my thumb and promise her, “Don't cry. I'm here now and I promise I'm not going to go anywhere.” With that I grab her hand and walk her cautiously out to the truck. Quietly getting into the drivers side and starting the engine with a rumble, the three of us drive away shambled dark building. “Get some sleep you two, you need it.” Lily curled up in the back seat moving the various firearms gently onto the floor of the cab. But what really made me smile was Lacie. She pushed my arm up around her and curled up close to me whispering thank you quietly and closing her eyes. Happiness filled me and warmed my heart. With my arm draping around her slender shoulders and kissing her on the forehead I whisper I love u just barely loud enough for me too hear.

All I heard for the rest of the drive was her very quiet, very soft, “I love you too.” with smile on my face and something to fight for nothing could get to me. I silently pray to God to give me the strength, power, and wisdom to protect them at all costs. No matter what happens to me I must keep them safe. I won't let these monsters take away another family from me.

“We're here,” I say as we pull up into the garage bay closing the sturdy iron door quickly behind me. Looking back into the cab of the truck, both of them are asleep. Starting with little Lily, I pick her up and walk her in setting her on one side of the queen materess I had looted months before. I've slept in this bed every night since the beginning of this epidemic, but tonight it's my sisters'. Walking back into the “house” she becomes slightly coherent.

“Shh, it's okay Lace, don't worry your safe now. Just get some rest.” I say easing her worries and gently putting her down in the bed next to Lily. With them all safe and sound I walk over to the couch and sprawl myself across it for the night. “God thank you for instilling and giving these two beautiful girls, my sisters. I vow to you lord that I will protect them at all possible costs. Protecting them gives me purpose again. Please give me the strength to continue and carry on day after day. Amen.” My nightly ritual of praying for my strength now done I drift into peaceful slumber.

Suddenly awaken in the middle of the night from my rest, my eyes snap open and the girls stand before me with worry-like expressions enscribed in the faces.

“Whats wrong?” I say suddenly snapping awake and standing up ready for the worst.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Lily said doing a little dance. Taking her hand I walk her to where the bathrooms are located in the store. “Thank you Davis,” she hugs my waist and runs in.

“Thanks again for everything bro. I don't know what I would do without you. Your the best brother ever.” Lacie said with a hug. And with that I wander back to the couch and lay back down, but not going back to sleep yet. I lay awake listening for them, waiting for them to b back safe in bed. I know nothing can get to them inside my “cave” but I can't help but listen and wait. With my eyes closed, I feel a gentle tapping on my arm.

“Lacie says you're our brother, is that true?” Lily asks slightly confused.

“Yes hun, you and your big sis are both my sisters, the greatest sisters ever.” I say with a smile.

“Then can you come sleep by me? I'm scared.”

“Of course I can.” Walking back to the bed she climbs into the middle of the bed so she becomes enclosed by me and her sister. Our sister. These two are my family now.

Awaken by the sweet buttermilk aroma of fresh pancakes, my eyes slowly flutter open to see Lacie over by the camping stove flipping a golden brown cake like delight. This will the first home cooked meal I've had in awhile and the very first with someone to keep me company. Becoming more and more aware of my surroundings I realize I slept in the bed but it didn't stop there. Looking down at my chest sat an adorable little girl cuddled up in a ball tight to my rib cage.

Gently getting up as to not disturb my sleeping little sister, I walk to the bathroom and then over to grab a gallon of orange juice from one of my refrigerators. With juice in hand I go over to great Lacie with a simple, “Good morning.”

“Good morning big bro. I made pancakes as a thanks for everything.” she said handing me a plate with a stack of pancakes.

“You really didn't have to do anything for me. I promised you I would always be there for you no matter what the circumstances. All I did was keep my promise.” she didn't say anything in reply but instead just smiled, grabbed plates and forks and placed them on the table. I follow with the pancakes and take a seat as she goes to wake up Lily. While the two girls walk back I dish out the pancakes to our plates. With hands locked in one another's grasp I say prayer and we dig in to the scrumptious breakfast, not talking, just indulging and savoring every bite.

After breakfast I head out into the garage to unpack all their possessions from the back of the truck. Putting their stuff in place of mine, I do anything to make them feel at home. Now I need to find something to keep Lily occupied from day to day.

“Lace I'm going to the store to get stuff for Lily. What does she like to do or play with?”

“Get a bunch of art stuff and I'll teach her how to draw and paint. And I know you would like that too.”

“Okay, I'm heading out then. Call me on the radio if anything comes up.” And with that I grab my machete, my modified Beretta, and a 10 gauge and get into the truck. Parking in front of Hobbie Lobby, I cautiously walk into the store grabbing a cart and running it into a shelf of breakables making a grand racket. Out of the back 3 zombies scream and charge down the main isle; I scope in on one with my rifle and squeeze the trigger.

“Boom! Headshot!” And again I fire off another round at another zombie. “Boom! 'Nother headshot!” But then my gun jams, the beast barreling down at me. Frantically trying to unjam the gun, I have no choice to resort to close quarters combat I learned in the National Guard and hit the zombie with the but end of my gun. Thud! Contact was made and the thing falls. Pulling out my pistol, I finish the decrepid monster off with a single round to the skull. Grabbing my cart again I go back and put every single art supply – paint, pencils, markers, and plenty of paper – and load it all into the cart. Once back to the truck I don't wait to unload the cart but instead throw the whole cart into the back of the truck.

Running over the impeding hoard coming toward me from Pet Smart I get back on Westnage and head back to my garage. On the way back a distress call comes over the radio saying they are held up in a gas station with no more provisions and zombies closing in all around them. Once quickly unloading everything was done, I tell Lacie about the radio call.

“I heard it too. I want to help too.”

“I don't want you to get . . .”

“I'm coming with you.” She interupted. I knew I couldn't change her mind and make her stay and I knew I could use the help.

“Okay, go talk to Lily and I'll pack the truck.” With that she left and went over to talk to her sister and I got a wealthy supply of guns and loaded them up then I put all my gas cans in the back to refill them while I'm at the gas station.

While riding in the truck, guns ready, plow set low to crush them, machete at my side, katana on my back and pistol on my side, I'm ready for everything. I offer up a simple prayer for strength and safety. Looking over to Lacie I can easily see a worried expression on her face. Grabbing her hand and looking at her, see returns the gaze.

“Everything is going to be okay. God is in control sis.” All she did was smile keeping a firm grasp on my hand. “No matter what happens remember I do everything now to keep you safe. Everything I do is to protect you.”

“I know Davis, that's why I called you. You're always there when I need you. But thats what a big brother is for isn't it?” She asked with a smile. Without answering her retorical question I pulled into the gas station crushing zombies with the snow plow and crushing them beneath my tires. We both jump out guns blazing, blasting away any zombie coming into veiw. Left and right their bodies drop to the ground. I glance over at Lacie and fear shot through me. The cool calm girl I knew was gone and instead I saw a ferocious angry woman. Her mouth clenched and facial muscles tightened, brow dropped in anger, even I was scared of her at that moment. She was the master of pumping shotgun shells into the torsos or the walking dead. One after another after another, sometimes even two kills with one shot. I stare amazed at how her anger and hatred for these things was coming out at them. She was like the giver of death to the already dead. Turing around for just a second to blast a couple zombies coming up behind me, a blood curling scream rang through the station and my worst fear came true.

“Lacie!” Horror stricken I run to find her laying on the cool concrete ground with a bloody bite mark on her arm. Instantly enraged I ditch the gun and brutally cut down every other monster with my razor shark machete. 5 down, now 10, just one more slow one left. With one slice its head falls to the ground followed by it's body. Then I rush back to
Lacie, she doesn't have much more time.

“Davis you have to finish me off before I turn.” She said as a tear rolls down her face.

Seeing the angwish in her face, “I can't do that Lace.”

“You have to.” she interrupted. “It's my final request. Please honor that.” unable to hold back the tears I begin to cry.

Trying to be strong for her I say, tears still on my face, “I love you Lacie. Nobody can replace you. Your the best sister anyone can ask for.”

“I love you too Davis, but you still have to do this. If I turn then I know where you and Lily are hiding. I have to protect her with everything I do. Please look over her after I'm gone, please Davis.”

“You have my word, I promise I will guard your little sister with my life.”

“No Davis, not my little sister, our little sister. Now please I already feel it happening.” Giving her a gentle kiss on her forehead, I pull out my pistol and put it up to her heart. Closing my eyes tight I slowly pull the trigger and afterward all was quiet. I look at her and her eyes were closed, she looks peaceful and happy again. Forgetting about the people because I already saved them, I just leave, tears welling up even more in my eyes. The hardest part is yet to come though. How am I going to break the news to little Lily? She is going to be crushed. Praying for the will to do it I pull into the garage ready to break the news. I walk into the door and Lily ran to hug me. I didn't want the moment to stop, I didn't want to crush her spirits.

Breaking away from my embrace she looked up at me with her sweet innocent eyes and asked, “Where's Lacie?” My tears started flowing and my lip started to quiver. This was truly the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life.

“Sit down Lil.” I said motioning over to the couch. Crouching in front of her and looking her in the eyes as a tear rolls down my cheek. “Lacie didn't make it. A zombie got her.” Trying to refrain from crying and letting the flood gates loose, I had to stay strong for Lily. And I knew that's what Lacie would have wanted. “She died Lil. She is in heaven with God now.” And with that Lily began to cry, longing for just one last goodbye. Reaching out she grabs me around the neck and I hold her close to me, her sobbing face buried deep in my chest.

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes to hours. Now done crying she still holds on tight to me while I sit now on the couch with her still clung to my chest. Now nightfall and yet I'm still awake. Lily on the other hand lays sleeping in my arms. Slowly I start drifting to sleep, peaceful dark slumber. When morning hits and I awake Lily is still curled up in a ball in my arms. Beautiful and loving, she is just like her sister. She is just like our sister and I love her just the same.

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