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Sweet Silver Lining

February 27, 2012
By DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
DaniT GOLD, Mallard, Iowa
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Stuggle with a smile- Do whatever you have to do, but never let them see you cry.


In Harper County there is nothing more important than softball and for the past three years no one has been better at softball than the Silver Lake Silvers. They're even the favorite to win the Iowa High School Softball Championship for the third year in a row, or at least they were until almost the entire varsity team was suspended for underage drinking. Now the remainder of the season is up to Ashleigh Adkins, Brooke Collins, Carter Grace, Dakota Anderson, Harlee and Marlee Walker, Leah Hart, Rachel Lawson and Whitney Parker. Softballs not the only thing on the girls minds though, Someone is hooking up with Carter's ex and baby daddy, but it's not Carter, Dakota is trying to escape the pain of her mothers loss by anything she can think of, which much to the disappointment of Ashleigh, usually gets them in trouble. Leah has to replace the best pitcher in the state, Marlee isn't sure how she feels about her boyfriend while her twin sister Harlee isn't sure how she feels about boys. Whitney just wants to be apart of her nieces life, Brooke is using any means necessary to keep the team together, and Rachel... well Rachel's just a bitch. Can the Silver Girls hold it together long enough to defend their title or is their range as the best softball team in the state over for good?

Dani T.

Sweet Silver Lining

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