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The Cure

February 27, 2012
By awensman95 SILVER, Alexandria, Minnesota
awensman95 SILVER, Alexandria, Minnesota
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"All dreams come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney


Emily and Josephine begin their journey in the longest line possible for their flight to France. Once boarded and seated, Chris, Emily's crush from Biology class, asks to sit next to her, only to back away instantly after he realizes who it is.
The pair fall asleep, only to get a rude awakening by threats and whispers (more like yells of fear) of the airplane falling victim to the sea.
Suddenly, the plane hits the wavy ocean in the dead of night. People everywhere scramble to the exit, and Emily loses Josephine in the middle of it all. She's thrust into the ocean and freezes on impact. Her only force is to find her best friend.
Emily fights back to the sinking plane and desperately tries to find Josephine. Just as all hope is lost, they find each other.
But will Emily be able to save her best friend? Or will she realize the truth about Josephine?

Tags: Friends

Adrianne W.

The Cure

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