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Lonely Days

January 13, 2023
By Star_nerd120 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
Star_nerd120 BRONZE, Franklin, Wisconsin
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¨The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.¨ - Captain Jack Sparrow


A family is what makes a child going. You make sure to feed them, comfort them, help them when they are going through difficult times, and have enjoyable family dinners. Everything is great.

But what if it was the opposite?

What if you have a father who is barely home because he is always working? If you have a mother who is cruel and doesn't give a whiff about how you feel?

That is Marlie Prosude, and she only has one best friend. She's fifteen, a lesbian, and plans to come out to her parents once and for all.


Lonely Days

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