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The Moment You Entered

January 12, 2023
By lkrut, Hanover, Maryland
lkrut, Hanover, Maryland
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One night Gwenseld had a nightmare about a her parents reading her a bedtime story when she was young. The bedtime story was about a portal that opens every 5000 years to chosen people. Her mother begins to speak about all the imaginary creatures and beings living in this magical world. Later waking up she realizes she's in school and in class. Her teacher, Mrs Higgens wakes her up and they began to argue. Gwen was sent down to the principal's office whereas the teacher comments on her behavior. Adeline, Gwen's sister, picks her up from school. They talked and later on went home. Gwen starts cooking dinner and hears a large boom come from her room. She realizes it's a portal that could be the one her parents spoke about. Gwen walks through it finding out shes a fairy. But, an evil fairy. A dark fairy. 

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The Moment You Entered

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