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The Promotion

December 16, 2019
By jeseni23, Barrington Rhode Island, Rhode Island
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jeseni23, Barrington Rhode Island, Rhode Island
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Author's note:

This piece is meant to show people will better their own lifes at the expense of anthers

The author's comments:


The Promotion

Rays of sunlight leaked into the bedroom through the cracks in the shades. Mason slowly opened his eyes to look at the clock. It was 7:27, three minutes before his alarm clock would go off. He hoisted himself out of bed and into the bathroom. He was eager to get the day started, because today he was going to get a promotion, which would lead to a new and better chapter of his life. 

He twisted the shower knob on and turned the fan on. The hot water ran in a stream like motion down his body. The room began to fill up with steam. He looked towards the fan which seemed to be of no help. 

“Just another broken thing in this dreadful apartment,” Mason said as he stepped out of the shower.

Mason went to brush his teeth. Steam suffocated the bathroom. He rubbed his hand across the clouded mirror so he could see a blurred image of his face. He glanced down at his phone to check the time. 8:15, work started at 8:30. Mason worked at a small accounting firm named BOA. It was a short drive but driving through the crowded Boston streets added an extra 10 minutes.

Mason took the elevator down to the parking garage. He drove a small pale green toyata that was in need of a repair. He was in need of an upgrade. As he left the parking garage he was immediately caught in traffic. It was a constant go, stop, go, stop until finally the building came into sight. He parked his car in the parking lot and headed towards the building.

As he walked in he was greeted by the receptionist, Jane.

“Hello Mason,” Jane said.

“Hi Jane,” Mason responded.

“Are you excited for today,” she said.

“Yes,” I said, “I’ll finally be able to move up in this job.”

“I’m rooting for you,” Jane said.

“Thanks!” he proclaimed as he walked towards his desk.

Mason settled in at his desk and glanced over at his boss, Mike. He was a tall man with short black hair. More importantly, he was the man who would give Mason the promotion at some point today.

The day trudged on and no announcement was made. Mason was fidgety in his chair, ready to be called into the office. He constantly looked at Mike and the office he would get once he gets the promotion.

Then finally he looked over into Mike’s office and noticed he was walking towards the door. Mason was practically ready to leap out of his chair.

“Phil,” Mike said loudly as he stepped outside.

Phil looked up from his desk. He was tall with short brown hair. He had worked there for around 4 years, Mason had been there for 16.

“Could I see you in my office,” Mike said.

Phil stood up and followed Mike into his office.

Mason continued to work, certain that Mike was just doing a daily check in with Phil. But every so often, he peeked into the office to try and see what they were talking about. Phil finally came out of Mike’s office about 10 minutes later and immediately went to his desk and began to pack it up. Mason wondered if he had been fired, but he didn’t look upset, in fact he was smiling. 

People from around the office walked up to Phil and asked him what had happened. Mason followed behind them, eager to know what Mike had just told him.

“What was that about,” Jane said.

“I uh, got the promotion,” Phil said as he took a box of his stuff and moved it into the office.

Mason stood still while the rest of the office followed Phil into his office congratulating him.

“Are you ok,” Jane said.

Mason didn’t respond.

“Another chance will come along,” she said.

He ignored her once again, and walked back to his desk.

“How,” Mason said to himself as he ran his hands through his hair.

“This isn’t fair, it should be me.”

The rest of Mason’s co-workers were still in Phils office.

“Mason,” Mike said.

“Yes?” Mason replied.

“Join me in my office.”

Mason followed Mike into his office.

“Have a seat,” Mike said.

He sat down in the seat across the desk.

“Look,” Mike said, “I know you were expecting a promotion today, and you have to understand that Phil better fits the guidelines for the future of our company.”

Mason didn’t respond. He zoned out for the rest of the conversation while Mike continued to speak gibberish.

“So you see,” Mike said, “we think you fit better in the position you have right now, that's where we plan to keep you.

Mason, sensing it was the end of the conversation, stood up and walked out the door, without saying anything. 

He stepped out and noticed Phil was in the lounge cutting his sandwich. 

“Hey Phil,” Mason said as he walked in.

“Oh hey Mason,” Phil said.

“Congrats on your promotion,” Mason said, “that’s a big deal.”

“Yeah,” Phil said, “can’t wait to go tell Claire.”

“How is Claire,” Mason responded.

“She’s doing good,” Phil said, “she’s at home on maternity leave.

Mason went silent and stood still as if he had thought of something.

Mason looked down at the knife Phil had just used to cut his sandwich. 

“Time to get back to work,” Phil said as he left the lounge.

Mason quickly grabbed a paper towel and used it to pick the knife up. Making sure not to touch it. He ran back to his desk where he placed the knife in his suitcase, still wrapped in paper towels. He hurried to the door, where he was stopped by Jane.

“Your off to a hurry,” Jane said

“I don’t feel good, gonna head home.” Mason responded.

“Ok well, feel better,” Jane said.

Mason didn’t hear her, he was already out the door and running to his car. He checked the time in his car, 3:35, work ended at 5. Mason raced through his phone, until he stopped at an invite from Phil, inviting him to a barbecue. Mason put the address he saw on the invite into his GPS, and then quickly left the parking lot.

It took Mason half an hour to reach his destination. Phil lived all the way in Wrenthham.The sunset colored the sky a bright orange. He parked his car a few houses down slowly walked towards the house, with the knife in his hand, still wrapped in paper towel. He came up to the window and peered inside. A figure with long brown hair was moving around in the kitchen, Claire. Slowly, he approached the door and twisted the door knob using his shirt. It was unlocked.

Mason leisurely pushed the door open, making sure it wouldn’t make any noise. The hall light was off, allowing him to hide in the darkness as he approached the kitchen. Mason slowly stepped into light, Claire was facing the other direction, washing dishes. Mason watched her carefully, trying his best to remain quiet. She looked up and outside the window in front of her. Mason realized his reflection could be seen. She turned and stared right at him. Everything was still for a moment, then quickly, Claire turned and ran.

She made it to the tv room but Mason cut her off before she could reach the stairs. Quickly, he stabbed her in the stomach, and then one more time about an inch away from the first stab. Mason left the knife in her this time, but took the paper towel off. Claire fell back on the wall and began to cough up blood. It was only a few seconds before she laid there lifeless, blood drizzled down her face and from her stab wounds. Staining the floor a dark red. Mason then walked towards the door until he heard a sound coming from upstairs. It was the cries, the cries off of a baby longing for her mother. He stood there for a moment, then shut the door behind him.

The next day, Mason walked into work, nobody was at their desk. He looked around until he found everyone huddled in the lounge watching the tv. Mason looked at the screen, it was Phil, he was crying while being escorted into a cop car for something he hadn’t done. Mason looked over at Mike.

“Its Phil,” Mike said, “ he murdererd his wife, his fingerprints were found on the murder weapon.”

“I guess this means you've got the promotion you wanted,” Mike said.

Mason had no reaction, besides a single smile that emerged across his face.

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