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Loosing It All

December 13, 2019
By Jalenm, High Point, North Carolina
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Jalenm, High Point, North Carolina
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Author's note:

I'm an 8th grader who loves to write and I also love the truth where in this stroy the world doesn't believe in it. I am a sports person so I like to include it in all my stories.

    Once there was a man name Charles who was a very wealthy man with a wife, and two kids. He was the manager of the Cleveland Browns football team. He’s been so for 7 years. He has won 3 back-to-back Super Bowls years ago but since then, the team has only gotten worse. Lots of people around the country loved him, but there were people that hated him so much because of how bad the Browns have done the past 3 years. These haters would do anything to get him fired and it just so happens that some of those haters worked on the Browns staff.

    One day Charles was having meeting with one of the female trainers named Beatty who has been very inconsistent in her attendance. She was one of those people who truly dislike Charles. Charles told her that he’s had enough of her not showing up to work so then and there, he fired her.

    She was so mad and wanted to get back at him so much, that the next day she tweeted, “not only was I fired for no reason, but he sexually assaulted me in the process”. Her tweet got many views and got others thinking if it was true for not. When Charles found out about this, he was furious, and he tweeted, “I can’t believe someone would make up such a lie just because they were mad that they got fired”.

    Some people would really want to believe Charles, but it just seemed like Beatty was the victim in this situation. The word got around quick and just in a week after the tweet, it got notice from the NFL. Charles had to have a meeting with the NFL about the situation. Charles told them the truth that he had fired a because of her in consistency of coming to work and then she lied on twitter because she was mad, but they weren’t convinced. They also had a meeting with Beatty. Her claim was more convincing even though she lied and had to fake cry.

    2 weeks later, Charles was fired from his job because the NFL didn’t want to take any chances with this    situation. He was mad and wanted to go to court with it because he knew it wasn’t true. “Too bad there was no one else in that room to tell the truth” he says because of there was, he would have a witness.

    Charles packs up his stuff from the hotel he stayed at when in football season, and he got in his car and headed home. He hasn’t been home since thanksgiving and they were already 20 days into December. Charles pulls up to the drive way and opens the door ready to greet his wife and kids, only to see that they were all at the door with suitcases. Charles says, “what is this, where are y’all going?” His wife Wendy responded, “I can’t be with a man who sexually assaults people. I’m done with you Charles!”

“You mean…. You mean you’re breaking up with me. How could you” Charles says. Wendy ignores him and heads to her car and says, “Come on kids we have to go”. Both of Charles’s kids look at him with tears in their eyes, and then they go off in to the car.

    Poor Charles has now lost his job, and his family. Charles went to the mailbox to see what mail he’s gotten, and one of the things that was in there, was the house bill. Charles didn’t get his last paycheck because he got fired. He didn’t have the money to pay it and he realized at this rate, he wouldn’t be able to afford the house anymore. He put the house up for sale and surprisingly; it took less than a month for someone to buy it. He moved in with his parents who they didn’t truly believe him about the situation. They were going to let him stay but not for free so Charles payed them the money he got from selling the house.

     Charles went out and searched to find a job to get him back up on his feet, but everywhere he went, they knew who he was and what he did and they wouldn’t hire him because of it.

It’s been 3 months and Charles was still not able to get a job, and he wasn’t able to pay his parents any more money so they kicked him out. Now Charles has no job, no family that wants him, and now he has no home. Charles went out the house, with his clothes in a trash bag in his hand.

    Charles was depressed. He was once one of the best coaches in the league and now he’s living on the streets. He started getting suicidal thoughts in his head. He tried to ignore the thoughts but then one day, he’d had enough of it.

    On the next day, it was very cold and windy, but it didn’t stop Charles from going where he was going. Charles had no coat or hat but he kept walking to his destination. When he arrived, he was standing on a bridge that was 100 meters high that went over Lake Erie. He was walking on the side of the bridge to its highest point. He then put his bag of clothes down, took his shoes off, and then pulled himself up on the edge. He then stood there on edge where he could barely keep his balance from falling into the huge lake. Cars that were going by started to stop. Some stared while others got out the car to try to stop him. Charles took a deep breath and before any of the people could reach him, he jumped.

Charles family saw that he really was innocent and they tried to find him to let him back in the house but they couldn’t find him. Charles wife Wendy and his kids saw he was innocent too and they too tried to find where he was but they never found him.

    3 days later search parties found Charles’s body washed up on the shore of Lake Erie. His family found out and they cried and they cried. They knew Charles died thinking everyone thought he was guilty when he really wasn’t. He tried to tell everyone but no one believed him including his family. They now feel the guilt on themselves as Charles’s blood just might be on their hands.

     Charles lost his job, family, home, and now he lost his life. I know people like to read happy endings but in this case, Charles never lived to see it.


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