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The Girl You Forgot

November 2, 2019
By RenaPoppins, Austin, Texas
RenaPoppins, Austin, Texas
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My story is told through a play and my story is told through a girl named Evy. Evy gets put into theatre instead of choir and once she finds out about this she is furious. She immediatley wants to get a schedule change but her best friend Reece convinces her to give it a try. She ends up enjoying theatre and through her theatre class she met some intresting people. She met a new amazing friend and a girl that has hated her for years. After they perform there last show of the musical they do she ends up realizing her true passion and realizes what she wants to do once she graduates. Even though she thought she would hate it she gave it a try and she hasn't ever been so happy.

Rena D.

The Girl You Forgot

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