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First Time For Everything!

May 1, 2019
By Word_Addict, Weston, Massachusetts
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Word_Addict, Weston, Massachusetts
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Favorite Quote:
Sarcasm (sahr-kaz-uhm)
1. The body’s natural defense against the less intelligent
2. A sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark
Ex: “Is your car stuck in the mud?”
“No. No, of course not. I’m just practicing how to spray mud using my tires.”

Author's note:

I wrote this piece for my final drama class assignment. It got much more positive feedback than I was expecting, so I decided to make revisions and upload it on here! 

The author's comments:

Please don’t flame me. Also, feel free to film this as I would love to see a film adaptation. Just remember to credit and ask me beforehand.

The scene opens to HAYES falling on the floor in panic, twitching and writhing in fear during the turbulence. AJAY stands up in his seat, craning his neck to get a closer look.


AJAY: What’s happening? What’s going on?


DR. MARIE: It looks like he’s hyperventilating. Probably never been on a plane before. 


AJAY: We have to help him somehow! No one else is doing anything except just watching, we must be the only medically experienced people on board.


DR. MARIE: (gruffly) You hardly have any experience; just a freshman. (To the passengers crowded around) Move along, let me through.


AJAY: (following her) Please? This is perfect practice for me. I won’t do the advanced stuff, just the calming procedures. Please?


DR. MARIE: Fine! Just begin the procedure and I’ll take over once you’ve got him a bit more calm.


They hurry down the aisle to HAYES. AJAY kneels beside him to check his pulse.


AJAY: His pulse is abnormally fast, and he’s sweating and shaking so much that I can hardly tell the heartbeat from his shaking.


HAYES: (to himself, panicking) We’re gonna die... we’re gonna die...


DR. MARIE: He’s definitely suffering symptoms of a panic attack. And a rather bad one too, I might add. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to take over, Ajay, you don’t have enough experience or knowledge to deal with this. 


AJAY, knowing it is pointless to argue, hurriedly makes room for her to kneel beside HAYES and stands up to watch.


DR. MARIE: Alright, son, I’m going to need you to take a few deep breaths. In, out, in, out, in, out. Yes, there you go. You’ll get through this. 


HAYES begins to start breathing slowly, but still is very panicked and scared.


DR. MARIE: Very good. Now, can you try to raise your arms over your head?


HAYES: (struggling to speak) Please... I need...


DR. MARIE: What? What is it?


HAYES: My... support parrot... Zane... could you get him?


DR. MARIE: Ajay, get the parrot.


AJAY: Right!


He hurries offstage.


DR. MARIE: Keep breathing, keep breathing.


HAYES: (mumbling) We’re going down... just like in the movies! I knew this was an awful idea to travel on a plane... and now I’m gonna die.


DR. MARIE: You’re not going to die. We’re just experiencing some bad weather. (Turns away to call a flight attendant) You have to land this plane as soon as you can; this man has untreated panic disorder.


The ATTENDANT nods and hurries off stage.

AJAY: (offstage) Found him!


AJAY comes hurrying onto the stage with a red parrot on his shoulder, who is flapping his wings and cawing.


AJAY: Sorry about the wait. There was another guy with a support parrot and I got confused.


HAYES: (weakly) Zane...


ZANE: (parrot imitation voice) Hello, hello.


Suddenly, turbulence increases again, and the plane starts to rattle, causing HAYES to immediately go back into his panicked state.


AJAY: Zane! Comfort him! You’re a support parrot!


ZANE: (squawking) We’re gonna die, we’re gonna die. Going down, going down.


AJAY: (dismayed) No! No! Not like that!


DR. MARIE: What are you doing, you bloody bird?! 


ZANE: Mayday, mayday! Mayday!


DR. MARIE: Shut him up! His heartbeat’s getting too fast! We’re losing him!


ZANE: Every man for himself!


AJAY struggles with the parrot, and the scuffle takes them offstage, leaving DR. MARIE and HAYES.

DR. MARIE: Ajay! Do you have your supplies with you?


AJAY: (offstage, struggling to speak as he is trying to wrestle a parrot) Yeah! Probably! 


DR. MARIE: Pop quiz time for you, Ajay. 


AJAY: (sounding dismayed) WHAT?! But I didn’t get to study or prepare at all!


DR. MARIE: Ajay! Now is not the time for that. Just tell me what some medications are used for panic disorders and attacks.


AJAY: (still offstage) That would be selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, benzodiazepines, and beta-blockers!


(He pronounces every word wrong, but DR. MARIE doesn’t comment.)


DR. MARIE: Do you have any of those with you?


AJAY: Yeah! Just give me a moment! C’mon you stupid parrot- get- in- there!


More sounds of struggling come from offstage before AJAY stumbles back into sight, his clothes torn and his hair messed up. He’s carrying a small brown bag in his hand.


AJAY: This should be it...


DR MARIE hurriedly takes one of the items from the bag and forces the pills down HAYES’s throat. He shudders and begins to calm down.


AJAY: Why a parrot anyways?





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