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Horror in the Basement

May 1, 2019
By 23ethrmil, Coal Valley, Illinois
23ethrmil, Coal Valley, Illinois
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A man is walking through the forest before he trips over a tree stump and gets knocked out by his fall. He wakes up fine a little later and keeps walking. It starts to storm and he starts to run until he finds a seemingly abandoned house. He gets inside the house and is greeted by the butler. The butler leads him to the living room and that is where the man encounters one of many horrors within the house. The butler leads the man to the guest bedroom and he goes to bed. The man is awoken by a bad dream during the night and starts to pace around his room. When he goes to lie back down, his mattress falls down through his frame and he lands in his basement. Now the man must make his way through the dark depths of the dead house. Will he make it out? Or will he succumb to the dark depths?

Miles E.

Horror in the Basement

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