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Love Turned Wrong

January 26, 2018
By rebelkitty03, SAN DIEGO, California
rebelkitty03, SAN DIEGO, California
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A dead girl who was living the dream, has her flaws. She smoked, drank, and had sex with almost her whole highschool, but one person.

Every year when her parents are gone, she has a halloween party. Every year she wears the same costume, but this time, now that they're out of highschool she changes it up. Talking to her totally distratced friends, they sugguest a game of spin the bottle. And Kelly our main protagonist invites the idea. 

They play the game, but it gets cut short. Kelly throws up in the toliet and her crush, Mikey, comes to "help". Without thinking Kelly confesses her attraction, and finds out Mikey actually feels the same way. Mikey offers her some water, but then Kelly starts to feel dizzy.

Waking up in her bedroom, she sees Mikey, to the side of her, taking off his pants. As he walked over, she found that she couldn't manage to scream or move. She slowly gains her mobilty back and runs far away into the woods. Mikey fastly following her. 

Then it was lights out. Finishing her story she was telling to a teenage girl who was just like her. 


Love Turned Wrong

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